Pack of Pak lies, Baluch rejoinder to Haqqani interview


WASHINGTON DC: June 23, 2008. Founder member of the American Friends of Baluchsitan has taken umbrage to the utterances of Pakistan's new ambassador to the United States at a meeting with Associated Press editors and reporters.

“This is a clear attempt to mislead the U.S and world public,” Ahmar Mustikhan said in a rebuttal to Ambassador Husain Haqqani’s interview with AP newsmen on Friday. He said the world is fast losing patience with Pakistan’s military support of the Taliba’an. “It’s time for Pakistan to cough up A.Q. Khan, Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden,” Mustikhan said “The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is making peace with the Taliba’an at the expense of the world. This must be condemned,” Mustikhan thundered. “In trying to blame Pashtun tribes along the Pakistani-Afghan border, Mr. Haqqani is negating what he wrote in his book “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military.” Does anyone from Pakistan has the slightest intellectual honesty?” he asked. Mustikhan said the Pakistan generals are engaged in the business of blood and human bodies in in Baluchistan and Afghanistan and this must stop. “Pakistan’s so-called strategic and security interests nare not more sacrosanct than the interests of world peace,” he said. “Abdul Qadeer Khan, had publicly acknowledged in 2004 of being a member of a smuggling network that provided nuclear weapons technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya. Like the rest of the world, A.Q. Khan is looked upon as a terrorist by the people of Baluchistan but the establishment and mullahs in Pakistan project him as if he is a national hero. The U.S. and the world must insist this is unacceptable,” Mustikhan said. “The reason why A.Q. Khan's is not being handed over to the U.S. is that he will expose the role of the Pakistan army G.H.Q. in the underworld nuclear weapons bazaar,” Mustikhan said. Mustikhan said on May 28 on the 10th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests the Baluch registered protest in many cities in Baluchistan and Karachi, Washington DC, Toronto and Vancouver as they consider Pakistan’s nuclear bomb as the single most dangerous threat to humanity because it’s religion-specific. “One of the protesters, Abdul Wahab Baloch, was abducted by Pakistan’s secret services and tortured for five days. Mr. Haqqani knows very well about it,” Mustikhan said. “Pakistan conducted its nuclear tests in Occupied Baluchistan in spite of Baluch opposition. Baluchistan was annexed by Pakistan against the wishes of the Baluch people in March 1948 and a move is afoot to approach the International Court of Justice at the Hague,” Mustikhan said. Mustikhan said most of the arms that Pakistan got for the fight in the war on terror is being used against the secular nationalists in Baluchistan, a Texas-sized region divided among Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. A former governor and chief minister of Baluchistan, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, and provincial assembly member Nawabzada Bala’ach Marri were killed in military operation but no such operation was ever carried out against the Taliba’an, he said. "The only 'crime' of Bugti and Marri was that they said Baluch resources belong to Baluchistan,” Mustikhan said. He regretted Haqqani publicly admitted about the Taliba’an that, "These are our own people." Mustikhan said it was regrettable that against diplomatic protocol the intelligence services publicly embarrassed U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Anne Paterson when a small Punjabi boy refused to receive an award from her to protest the Afghan and International Security Assistance Force action against the Frontier Corps militia who were providing tactical support to the Taliba’an. “Do the army generals in Rawalpindi realize the Baluch, the Afghans and the soldiers of the I.S.A.F. who are trying to make this world safer, all have little boys and girls at their homes,” Mustikhan said. “Right to self-rule to the people of Baluchistan and direct Afghan and U.S action against terrorist bases in Pakistan are the only long-term solution to the unending violence in Afghanistan,” Mustikhan said. “If action against terrorists would infuriate the mullahs, so be it,” Mustikhan added, wondering if Haqqani still nurtured a soft corner for the Islamists as he launched his political career on the platform of the Islami Jamiat Tulaba, allied with Pakistan’s Islamic Brotherhood called Jama’at Islami. Mustikhan condemned the building of the $15 billion new GHQ in Islamabad from unpaid Baluch gas royalties and asked why Pakistan’s national assembly under the so-called fledgling democracy did not take up the issue.

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