Mustikhan urges L K Advani to press upon Indian government to hold talks on Iran-Pakistan-India Gas Pipeline until Baluch get right of self-determination in Baluchistan.


WASHINGTON DC: June 28, 2008. A Baluch journalist and founder of the American Friends of Baluchistan,

whose family had known the Advanis in Karachi prior to partition, has urged former Indian deputy prime minister Sree L.K. Advani to stop the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline until such time the Baluch get their right to self determination. Ahmar Mustikhan sent the copies of his Open Letter to the N.A.T.O leadership in Brussels and also to the Indian Ambassador to the United States, Ronen Sen. In his letter, Mustikhan warned the pipeline means more bloodshed in Baluchistan where an army operation is still going on. Pakistan has promised foolproof security measures to protect the gas pipeline, but the Baluch say this will be built only on their dead bodies. He urged Advani to open direct talks with the Baluch leaders, including the De Jure ruler of Baluchistan Khan of Kalat His Highness Suleman Daud Ahmedzai. Following is the full text of Mustikhan's letter to Advani. I want to draw your attention to the rank opportunism once again being shown by the present government of India. The Baluch people never expected this from India. The Baluch in Baluchistan and the Baluch Diaspora are victims of the worst oppression of the Punjabi-Mohajir army generals in Pakistan and the mullahs in Iran, about which you know quite well as you are an ardent student of politics yourself. At this time in Baluch history, a strange gift is being offered by New Delhi to the people of Baluchistan-- I mean the signing of the Iran-Pakistan-India (I.P.I.) accord with Pakistan under the so-called “Look East” policy. The cruel gift came at a time when the Baluch and Sindhis join their Bengali brothers in mourning the passing away of General Sam Manekshaw, the liberator of Dhaka who helped stop the killing of Bengalis and ended the rape of their women at the hands of the butcher army of Pakistan. Neither Iran nor Pakistan has any authority to sign an accord what passes through Baluch territories. The Baluch are resolved this gas pipeline will be built on their dead bodies. I assure you at least five million of the 20 or so million Baluch will sacrifice their lives to ensure that the occupying powers of Islamabad and Teheran are duly defeated in Baluchistan. With the help of the world, they will uphold the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Baluchistan. Pakistan’s minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was quoted by the Press Trust of India news agency as saying Pakistan will “provide fool-proof security” for the planned 2,600-kilometre pipeline, expected to pass through the volatile Baluchistan region. The Pakistani authorities have already handed over Ghulam Haider Raisani to be hanged by the mullahs in Iran as a gift. What Qureshi is promising is more Baluch bodies. Enough is enough. You are one of the finest sons of Sindh, notwithstanding the total idiosyncrasy of raiding the Babri Mosque which was a rude slap on the Hindu philosophy of tolerance. That action was more akin to what Muslims do and the late Sain G.M. Syed of Sindh had clearly warned you against it. Forgive me for saying that but sometimes the feet of saints are also made of clay and I am sure history will not judge you kindly for that action. That said, you command my respect for your principled stand against Islamic extremism. My family elders had known and respected some of the Advani family members in Karachi. Your relatives still live in a beautiful house near the Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi. As you may recall, Karachi was once mostly a Baluch city. The ethnic Baluch numbered nearly 250,000 out of the roughly 400,000 people in Karachi at the time of the 1947 partition holocaust. The rest were Sindhis, both Muslims and Hindus. Karachi was then called the Paris of the East, before the marauding Muslim mohajirs came as freeloaders and bounty hunters from India to destroy Sindh as part of the ill-conceived partition plan. Sindh and Sindhis were one of the first to suffer because of Pakistan's creation. My late father used to own rental apartments near Jubilee Cinema in old Karachi and recalled that prior to partition when Sindhi Hindus were his tenants they always paid their rent on time and were very polite and courteous. But after August 1947 when my father went to collect rents from the Muslim delinquents, they not only refused to pay the rent but cussed my dad, telling him the peaceful grass eating Hindus--some Muslims call Hindus grass eaters as they are mostly vegetarian--have left for India and that they will "show" him. "That was the day when I realized what a monster (Pakistan), Jinnah has created," my father told me. The case of Baluchistan was totally different from Sindh: it never opted for Pakistan and was an independent state under the Khan of Kalat, Mir Ahmadyar Khan. It remained independent for more than seven months until it was unlawfully annexed by Pakistan. My uncle the late A. Sattar Mustikhan was named Baluchistan’s ambassador to Pakistan and the flag of Baluchistan flew over our house in Garden East, right across from Gandhi Zoological Garden which you might still remember. My uncle said Sindhi feudal lords never spoke in front of Jinnah as they were afraid of the British wrath and knew quite well that Jinnah was a British agent. Pakistan’s cruelty against Baluchistan has few parallels in modern world history. Just last month, three Bugti tribesmen were burnt alive by the Pakistani occupation forces. Almost every family in Baluchistan has lost a loved one and is grieving: Pakistan army killed former governor and chief minister Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, provincial assembly member Nawabzada Bala’ach Marri, Mir Asadullah Mengal, Nawab Nauroz Khan Zarakzai and his sons—after promising them safety on the Quran— Safar Khan, Hameed Shaheed, Dr Khalid Shaheed, the list is endless and thousands of unknown soldiers who sacrificed their life for the sake of Baluchistan. An army officer himself told me that during the military operations, the soldiers would cut off the genitals of rebel tribesmen and throw them from helicopters on their villages to extract information but the Baluch were so loyal to their cause that they would rather die than betray the resistance. One of the worst atrocities against Baluchistan was the illegal testing of Pakistan’s Islamic Bomb on May 28, 1998. Those tests have left a huge tract of Baluch lands unsafe and since then native tribesmen have complained of strange skin diseases and untimely death of their livestock. People from my tribe called Gorgej are among the many tribesmen who have also been displaced from the Chagai area. The game Pakistan’s I.S.I and Punjabi army generals are playing in neighboring Afghanistan is not hidden from anyone. The Afghan authorities have clearly blamed Pakistan for the bloodletting in Afghanistan, and we fully support President Hamid Karzai’s stand on the issue. The I.S.I. last April tried to assassinate President Karzai, according to Afghan officials. I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that just like the killing of Pakistani premiers Nawabzada Liauqat Ali Khan, Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani army generals and secret services were involved in the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Just as a matter of record, a few days prior to the assassination of Indira Gandhi the drawings of “head and skull” mysteriously appeared on the walls of Karachi University. There is no doubt in our minds that Pakistan is the epicenter of global terrorism as it is the headquarters of assorted terrorist organizations, ranging from Al Qaeda, and Taliba’an to the M.Q.M. We are of the considered opinion that one-eyed Mullah Omar, who was hell bent on keeping Afghanistan in the Stone Age was a poster boy of the Pakistan army, and is still being sheltered by Pakistani soldiers. To end the 60 years of blood, bodies and tears in Baluchistan, the de jure ruler of Baluchistan Khan of Kalat His Highness Suleman Daud Ahmedzai is knocking the doors of the International Court of Justice at the Hague. We urge you to prevail upon the Indian Government to call a stop to the project until such time the case is decided and the Baluch right to self-determination is recognized by the Punjabi-Mohajir army generals and the Iranian mullahs. We also urge you to initiate direct, official talks with the Khan of Kalat and other nationalist Baluch leaders including Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Sardar Attaullah Mengal, Nawabzada Brahamdagh Bugti, Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, Dr. Jumma Marri, Mir Hasil Bizenjo, Dr. Abdul Hayee Baluch, Ghulam Mohammed Baluch, Nasser Boladai, and leaders of the Baluch Students Organization for any construction of any pipeline that passes through Baluch soil. Former chief minister of Baluchistan Sardar Akhtar Mengal, who was recently released from prison, voiced the collective concern of the Baluch and has categorically stated in public that the Baluch will not allow the pipeline. Just to let you know one of the founders of Baluch nationalism former governor of Baluchistan, Baba-i-Baluchistan Mir Ghous Bakhsh Bizenjo, who was one of our closest family friends, told me the All India Radio duly broadcast the independence of Baluchistan. He said the Kalat State National Party had dispatched him with a team to meet Maulana Abul Kalam Azad to thwart any Pakistani misadventure in Baluchistan, but that Maulana told them not to make any trouble as it would give the British a pretext to delay their departure from India. Now it’s time for India to pay back to the Baluch. I again urge you not to let the secular people of Baluchistan plunge into blood. Please do the right thing and stop the project until such time the Baluch case at the I.C.J. is decided and the people of Occupied Baluchistan in Pakistan and Iran get their right to self determination.

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