killers of Christians are never arrested and punished in Pakistan. S P Singha vote created Pakistan but now Christian are slaves. Nazir Bhatti


Full contents of speech of Nazir S Bhatti, at National Press Club, Washington DC, on August 15, 2008.

Its privilege for me to speak at forum of great Americans who are friends of Baluchistan and great Baluch nation which is famous for friendship, peace,harmony and hospitality nor in Pakistan but in South East Asia. Baluch not belong to Baluchistan only buthave sizeable population in Punjab, Sindh and NWFP apart from Iran and Afghanistan. So, we can call it a greater Baluchistan. I must witness religious tolerance of Baluch nation with gratitude and shall recall one event at “Idrara Siqafat Baluchistan” means “Cultural Center o Baluchistan” in Quetta, capital city of Baluchistan in 1997. Pakistan Christian Congress, a political party led in Pakistan, decided to hold open “Christian-Muslim Dialogue” after failed drawing room dialogues funded by Vatican by Bishops Conference of Pakistan. PCC organized first event at Avari Tower Hotel Karachi where leading Muslim and Christian religious and political leaders were invited to discuss blasphemy laws. The second venue was Holiday Inn Hotel Islamabad where chief of Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan, JUI Secretary General, Chief of Shia Muslim TNFJ and Christian leaders were present but controversy remained to repeal blasphemy laws. In Quetta, Baluchistan where Muslim religious leaders were also present, A Baluch leader Habib Jalib said “There is no Christian jailed in Baluc- histan under neither blasphemy law nor any Christian is accused under blasphemy since it was legislated in 1985, because it is formulated by Punjabi Muslim religious extremists and they are victimizing Christians”. The statement of Baluch leader was true picture of religious freedom in province where Baluch lives and inherits centuries old rich cultural values. You can read detailed report of Christian-Muslim Dialogues on Pakistan Christian Congress website: I will also comment on military operation in Baluchistan in which innocent Baluch are being martyred because establishment plans to keep total control over natural resources of Baluchistan by force and aggression. It is not a first operation in Baluchistan but such operations are being conducted whenever Baluch nation raised voice for their rights.As Baluch is rich in culture, their land is also rich in mineral resources, which was used to explode atom bomb instead of any development project or modern infrastructure. The federation keeps on hatching conspiracies to use wealth of Baluchistan on people of Punjab because federation is a puppet in hands of Punjab, which is most populated province in Pakistan. The armed forces of Pakistan represent Punjab and used in killings of Baluch and other ethnic and religious minorities. Is it not a mockery? That there is Baluch Regiment in armed forces of Pakistan but no Baluch is in that regiment from a rank of a soldier to commission officers and commanding officers. Gentlemen, The situation of ethnic and religious minorities in Pakistan is very alarming and needs support of international community. The Christians are a leading community among religious minorities in Islamic Republic of Pakistan and 18% of total population. The Muslim dominated Pakistan always conspired to block Christian’s due representation in democratic institution. It will be interesting to note on this Independence Day of Pakistan that Sikhs were in majority in province of Punjab in united India while Christians were balancing power to divide Punjab. The founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Junnah approached All India Christian Association leader S P Singha who was based in Lahore and appealed him to vote for division of Punjab is favor of Pakistan. The Christian leaders S P Singha and Raliram voted before “Boundary Commission” and a part of Punjab fell in lot of Pakistan. If Christians of India have not voted in favor o f formation of Pakistan in Round-Table Conferences called by colonial rulers in London in 1930-32, and voted before Boundary Commission, there were no celebrations of 61st anniversary in present Punjab of Pakistan. But what Christians were rewarded? After independence of Pakistan, the Punjabi Muslim historians wiped out contribution of Christians in Pakistan movement and, now, no one speaks even few words to pay homage to Christians on this occasion. The leaders of All India Muslim League blackmailed religious and ethnic minorities in name of Islamic brotherhood and being people of holy books for formation of Pakistan but after independence forgot all promises and commitments. The Muslim of Punjab took control of natural resources of Pakistan and planned to turn religious and ethnic minorities to be their slaves for which they legislated discriminatory laws on basis of their population majority. For instance, there were five elected members in Pakistan Assembly of 1948, in house of 48 and which are decreased to four seats when house constitutes with 342 members in 2008. The transparent census is very important issue in solution to due share in democratic institutions for Christians. Apart from promises and commitments with religious and ethnic minorities, the administration of Islamic Republic of Pakistan has no respect for International Treaties and Pacts. The Universal Declaration for Human Rights of UN, of which Pakistan is a signatory but Pakistan never, hesitates to violate human rights. I must mention “Liaquat-Nehro Pact” which was signed by Pakistani Premier Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and Indian Premier Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehro in 1950, to protect rights of minorities in respective states. The highlight of Liaquat-Nehro pact was the establishment of an independent “Minority Commission” under Supreme Court Justice to record presentations of Muslims in India and Christians in Pakistan for recommendation for their election system and personal law. India constituted Minority Commission under a Justice but Pakistan never formed independent Commission. The Prime Minister, President or any religious affair Minister became head of Minority Commission in every regime and no presentations were ever sought by Christians to recommend their election system and religious freedom issues. On recommendation of Minority Commission, the Indian Muslim have their own Muslim Law Board to protect their personal law while a Muslim judge is issuing divorce decrees on Christian marriages in Pakistan. Indian Muslim is enjoying Quota or reservations in government services and opportunities in professional academic institutions but Christian youth in Pakistan is jobless and without admissions quota in educational institutions. The Articles 9 to 29, protect human rights of ethnic and religious minorities in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1973, but endorsement of Objective Resolution as preamble in 1985, have damaged the spirit of these articles. The Objective Resolutions claims Pakistan to be a state of Muslims only where Islamic laws shall be supreme law. Under Objective Resolution, Hadood Ordinance, Law of Evidence and Compensation and blasphemy laws were legislated in parliament where Christian representation was also 4 in house of 235 in 1985. The process of Islamization set under Objective Resolution made Pakistan to be breeding grounds for Islamic extremists and terror organizations. Such religious extremist’s organizations spread hate towards religious minorities and targeted Christians by implicating them in accusations of Blasphemy laws. In second round, they attacked Churches, Christian hospitals and schools. The worshipers were gunned down and pastors were shot dead in major cities and towns of Punjab but killers were never apprehended. These Armed Muslim religious groups were used in killing Christians and then sent to Kashmir for Jihad by establishment. It is on record that not a single killer in killing of hundred of Christians in incident in Bahawalpur, Lahore, Sialkot, Toba Tek, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Muree, Sangla Hill, Wahh, Sheikhopura, Sahewal and Texla were brought to justice. Under protection of Islamic laws, Muslims in Punjab are gang raping teenage, young adult and married Christian women and then forcibly converting them to Islam. There are hundreds of such reported cases but none of Muslim culprit is arrested and punished. You can view dateline from 1999-2007, of such killings on E-Book version of my book “Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation” on website of and I must present economic and social situation of Christians: please note that there is not any Christian Secretary, Deputy Secretary or Under Secretary in federal government or in four provincial governments. There is no Christian Station House Officer in any police station of Pakistan. There is no Christian Commissioner or Deputy Commissioner in any district of Pakistan. There is no Christian session judge in any court of Pakistan. There is no Christian justice in Supreme Court of Pakistan or any provincial High courts. There is no Christian commanding officer or general in Pakistan Army. There is no Christian Ambassador, Counsel General or Consulate Minister in any foreign mission of Pakistan. I must reveal that there is no Christian in civil services from pay scale grades of 16 to 22, because Christians are only employed in pay scale grade 4, which is lowest in wages. I must bring on record that Pakistani higher courts are not fair to ensure justice to ward Christians also. I was first Christian in Pakistan to file lawsuits in Lahore High court to repeal blasphemy laws in 1998, but division bench of judges issued verdict that “courts can not repeal laws but can only interpret laws’ and dismissed my lawsuit while it will be interesting to note that blasphemy laws were legislated on direction of one judgment of high court. Hundreds of Christians have been put behind bars under article 295 B & C of PPC and misused by Islamic extremist groups against Christians on business rivalry. I filed petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan against judgment of Lahore High Court but it was kept pending for year. It is fact that Pakistani Judiciary never seriously redeemed our miseries nor took notice on Suo-Motto on any arrest under blasphemy law, gang rape or forcible conversion of Christian women. (The copies of my lawsuits to repeal blasphemy laws and to illicit findings of Tribunal on incident of Shanti-Nagar and be viewed in my Book) On this 61st Independence anniversary of Pakistan, I will appeal to international community to press upon government of Pakistan to arrest killers of Christian worshipers and pastors and bring to justice. The Muslims involved in gang rape and forcible conversion of Christian women may also be arrested and punished. We demand formation of independent “Minority Commission” under Justice of Supreme Court according to Liaquat-Nehro Pact to record Christian presentations for their election system because they reject prevailing indirect elections imposed on them. We demand UNO presence in Population Planning Ministry of Pakistan to conduct fair and transparent census of Christians for allocation of due share in representation in Parliament and Senate of Pakistan. Moreover, PCC demands to repeal blasphemy laws and restore Separate Electorate with dual voting rights. 15 million Pakistani Christians have grave concerns on aggression of Pakistani Armed Forces and killing of thousands of innocent Bluchs and their leaders. We demand international community to launch campaign to arrest those military and civil services officials for trial in international court of justice for crime against humanity because Baluch are not radical or extremist Muslims but a peaceful nation. Again, I am grateful for American Friends of Baluchistan Forum to provide me with an opportunity to speak on issues of Pakistani Christians who are facing constitutional genocide in Pakistan and looking towards international forums to raise voice to stop their killings in Pakistan by Islamic extremists. Nazir S Bhatti, Editor, Pakistan Christian Post Founder President of Pakistan Christian Congress

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,