Terrorists can enter to target western interests under cover of Muslim apostates asylum seekers: an exclusive report in memory of 9/11: By Nazir S Bhatti


The socio-political landscape suddenly set a change when Muslim extremists killed 2,974 innocent people in an attack on September 11, 2001, in USA.

It was terror action of 19 Muslims who entered in USA like thousands of other foreign students after financial check up to support their academic expenditures. They learned to fly planes in private aeronautical institutions and highjacked four airliners to perform terrorist act of 9/11, by striking World Trade Center in New York City. The identity of terrorists surprised whole world because most of them were Saudi nationals and linked back to Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. The terror mastermind in Al-Qaeda recruited Saudi operatives for terrorist act of 9/11 because Kingdom inhabitants were considered to be students with strong financial background and easily admitted in Western institutions. It was noticed after 9/11 attacks that terrorists have enough knowledge of security and immigration flaws of Europe and North America to push terror groups to target innocent citizens. In response to 9/11 attacks, USA declared War on Terrorism and launched invasion of Afghanistan where Taliban regime was harboring Al-Qaeda terrorists which is still underway and not accomplished. The commanders of Al-Qaeda are freely operating from suspected tribal belt of Pakistan against NATO forces in Afghanistan and recruiting suicide bombers. After terror act of September 11, 2001, the USA administration enacted USA Patriot Act while many EU countries strengthened their anti-terrorism legislations but such measures to expand law enforcement powers are foolproof? We must seek answer to this question on anniversary of 9/11. The Telegraph published on August 16, 2004, that Muslim terrorists are getting into the US over Mexican border pointing a report of Patrol agents who told one Arizona newspaper that 77 males "of Middle Eastern descent" were apprehended in June in two separate incidents. The same news item reveals that one Pakistani woman named Farida Ahmed entered to USA from Mexican border. Law enforcement agents at McAllen airport, Texas, when heading towards New York on false South African passport, stopped her. There are many media reports of illegal immigrants entering Europe by boats and crossing borders from Turkey and Balkan states. Who are these people and why they are entering in Western Countries? Some may be trying to enter in Europe to enjoy economic benefits and better life style but Al-Qaeda terrorists can be among such illegal immigrants? Winston Peters, a New Zealand politician warned his government on July 28, 2005, that moderate Muslim groups are sheltering fundamentalists who may be plotting terror attacks on their soil. Such fears are among every citizens living in Western world when they witness London Subway bombing on 7/7 by home grown Muslim terrorists, Madrid train bombing by local Muslim immigrants, Killing of Dutch filmmaker by Muslim asylum seeker, riots by Muslims in France and actions against Danish Newspaper by Muslim settlers. Robert S Leiken comments in his article “Europe’s Angry Muslim” which was published in Foreign Affairs on August 2005 edition “Radical Islam is spreading across Europe among descendants of Muslim immigrants. Disenfranchised and disillusioned by the failure of integration, some European Muslims have taken up Jihad against West. They are dangerous and committed and can enter the USA without visa” The CanWest News of Canada points in a release of May 11, 2007, about two under trail terrorists Mohamed Harkat and Ahmed Ressam from Algeria to whom administration wants to deport but fails to comply under judicial judgments. The reports disclose that there were 2.5 million immigrants in Western countries in 1970, which increased to 80 million in 1990 and now crossed over one billion, which is an alarming data. The majority of immigrants are Muslims from Islamic countries but who shall judge among enlightened and extremist Muslims. The non-Muslims who have been born or stayed for long period in Islamic states shall acknowledge that there is no classification of moderate or extremist Muslim. Under Islamic teaching Muslim reserves right to benefit from any source whichever it may be and wherever it may be but he is bound to wage Jihad against infidels as religious duty. Let us discuss Asylum seeking process in Western countries? There are three issues here: 1. The asylum seeker will be punished for something the West does not consider punishable due to political situation of that country. 2. The asylum seeker will be punished in a way that the West does not view as fitting the crime, which may result in torture or execution of applicant. 3. The Asylum seeker will be killed in his country of origin being Apostate Muslim. These are three classifications to award Asylum to immigrants from Islamic Countries in Europe, Australia and North America. It is important to note that immigrant under number one category never left west when regimes changed or Muslim apostates when they converted back to Islam. There is constant fear of terrorist attacks by home grown sleeping cells of Muslim immigrants who are free to travel to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria and Middle Eastern Islamic States where Al-Qaeda can recruit and turn them in Human Bombs. If we have to stop any future terrorists attack, the Western Muslim immigrant youth shall be not permitted to join Islamic Schools in Muslim countries. The Islamic Seminaries shall be formed in West under state administration to provide religious education to Muslim youth if they desire so. They issuance of religious workers Visa shall be made limited and under special background checks to stop radical Muslim cleric’s entrance. On anniversary of 9/11, I shall appeal to Christian Missionaries and Evangelists who feel pride to convert Muslims to Christianity in Islamic countries but be very careful to do so because terrorist groups can use this channel to send their operatives in West very easily. We have observed that 80% of Apostate Muslim who were sponsored by religious organizations to settle in Western countries left Christianity and accepted Islam again after adjustment of their Status. They are freely traveling to their countries of origin and meeting their Muslim relatives and Islamic extremist organization. If, we wants to avoid future terrorist incident then we must revise visa processing and asylum criteria for illegal immigrants from Islamic countries to stop Al-Qaeda terrorists. Nazir S Bhatti Editor, Pakistan Christian Post PCP

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