AFB deplores pro-Al Qaeda rally by Pakistanis in NY during wake of 9/11 anniversary: Ahmar Mustikhan


Washington DC; September 14, 2008. A Baluch group has deplored a pro-Al Qaeda rally staged by Pakistanis in New York at a time when Americans remembered the victims of 911 attacks seven years ago and questioned where the loyalties of these Pakistanis

In a letter to New York Senators Hillary R. Clinton and Charles E. Schumer, and New York Mayor R. Bloomberg, American Friends of Baluchistan raised a question where were these protesters when Pakistan army burned alive the Baluch recently. Following is the full text of his letter: I am deeply concerned over a protest in support of Al Qaeda staged at the Times Square in New York on Saturday afternoon by a group called Pak nationalists. These Pakistanis are opposing the U.S. action against terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan, where at least 10,000 Arab and international jihadists and thrice that number of Pakistan's warrior sans frontier are based, conduct training and receive arms with the full blessings of Islamabad. As a renegade Baluch, I must condemn the activities of these Pakistanis in New York who had earlier staged demonstrations in favor of alleged female member of Al Qaeda, Aafia Siddiqi. Where are these Pakistanis when the Al Qaeda and Taliban attack people from 41 nations in Afghanistan? Why don't these Pakistanis protest against their country harboring Osama bin Laden, Ayman Zwahiri and when Islamabad refuses to hand over nuclear terrorist A.Q. Khan for international interrogation? Where are these Pakistanis when their army burns alive Baluch people in Baluchistan, the area-wise largest state? Where were these Pakistanis when Pakistan army extra judicially killed Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, former governor and chief minister of Baluchistan? Even the last remains of Bugti, who was the chief of the Bugti tribe and president of the Jamhoori Watan Party, were not returned to his family. Where were these Pakistanis when their army conducted nuclear tests in Baluchistan against the wishes of Baluch people? Those tests in May 1998 left a significant portion of Baluch land and water destroyed. Where were these Pakistanis when Dr. Shazia Khalid was raped on the wintry night of January 2, 2005 by army Captain Hammad, who was never brought to justice? Where are these Pakistanis when the shrieks and cries of Baluch women and children echo in the mountains and valleys of Baluchistan? Pakistan's jihadist army uses U.S. weaponry, including F-16 jets and Cobra gunship helicopters, against the secular Baluch people. I am all the more concerned that the entire Pakistani state machinery spurred into action in defence of Aafia Siddiqi, who press reports said had maps of key installations of New York at the time of her arrest. This clearly shows Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism. There has been a huge cover up about Pakistan Army's role in 911. The then chief of the dreaded Inter Services Intelligence, General Mehmud Ahmed, had to quit his post within a month of the 911 attacks after proof of his role in bankrolling the money to the 911 hijackers was exposed in the media. General Ahmed was in Washington D.C. on the day of the attack seven years ago The person who wire transferred the money to the lead hijacker Mohammad Atta on General Ahmed's instruction was Omar Sheikh, a Briton of Pakistani origin. He was later sentenced to death for the killing of Daniel Pearl. I take this opportunity to draw your attention to certain facts of history concerning Baluchistan. My ancestral Baluchistan never wanted to become a part of Pakistan and was granted independence separately from India and Pakistan. It was an independent nation until March 1948 when it was annexed at gun point. The De Jure Ruler of Baluchistan, the Khan of Kalat [Beglar Begi] Suleman Daud Ahmedzai, who is now in exile in the U.K., is leading the charge to get international justice for Baluchistan at the International Court of Justice at the Hague. Ahmedzai's grand uncle Prince Agha Abdul Karim Khan led the firt Baluch uprising against the Pakistani occupation of Baluchistan in 1948. He was arrested and jailed for 16 years. I urge you to please initiate direct talks with Ahmedzai to find out the best way to balkanize Pakistan in the interests of world peace. Unless this is done, neither the U.S. nor the rest of the world will ever be safe. Unlike the Pakistanis, as much as 93 percent of the Baluch want the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan to replace the Pakistan army in Baluchistan, a recent poll showed. I urge you to have the ISI role in the 911 attacks and killing of Daniel Pearl reinvestigated. I also urge you to please work towards forming a Congressional Fact Finding mission to visit Baluchistan, where at least 1100 people are still missing, presumed to be either dead or still languishing in Gestapo-style torture cells of Pakistan's Military Inteliigence. Last but not the least, I urge you to have the background of these Pakistanis demonstrators in New York thoroughly checked. The decision of these Pakistanis to openly side with Al Qaeda against the U.S. at a time when America was remembering the victims of 911 should be a wake-up call for all Americans.

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