UK Muslims threat to freedom of expression with hate mails to A Pakistani Christian TV Presenter.


Birmingham; October 16, 2008. (PCP) Its time for Bishop of Canterbury to reconsider his views to implement Sharia law in UK for Muslims and formation of five Sharia Courts by UK Administration.

Now, UK Muslim are great threat to centuries old cultural and social values of English society when they are threatening media to impose their own Islamic teaching. The teaching of Islam are for Muslims and they preach and sermon it in every day prayers and Friday special prayers in thousands of mosques all around UK with freedom. The clerics is sermons in these mosques preach and try to prove that Islam is only true religion while are other religions are fake but not any one turns it blasphemy. Here is E-Mail sent to Pakistani Christian TV anchor by Muslims: The Mail subjects: Discussing Islam, peoples who make fun of Islam. VERY DISAPPOINTING To: programme Director /compliance officer and owner Venus TV sky channel 805 London Sir/Madam We watch Venus TV because you produce programms for all communities, As our religious month of Ramadan just passed and we are celebrating Eid festival, Unfortunately this morning we saw a Live show between 8:00 -9:00 am, where Christians discussing Islam, and producing wrong information about our deen (religion). This is very disappointing and extremely un-acceptable, today is Juma (Friday), we will discuss this matter after juma prayer in our Birmingham central mosque, and will take this matter further. Venus TV normally produces programmes on all religions like Hindu, Sikh, Christian, and Muslims, but never criticize to someone else religion. Every body has right to promote their faith and believe, as well as they are not spreading and discussing wrong information about other religion. We would like Venus TV to apologies for this heart breaking programme and stop if any repeat transmission of this programme is in schedule. Their compliance officer should perform their duty and check the recording of this programme and contents discussed in this programme, and stop this anti Islam propaganda. Hope to hear from you soon before we take this matter to ofcom and decide further for Venus TV Nasir Mumtaz on behalf of Dr. Mohammed Naseem, Chairman of Birmingham's central Mosque Birmingham The Pakistani Christian Ashar Mall hosts a regular daily live programme on 'Venus TV', which is available throughout UK & Europe on Sky Digital Channel number 805. His live Christian show can be watched from Monday to Friday during 8A.M - 9:00 A.M. UK time. On Friday the 3rd of October, he invited Daniel Scott (Australia based Pakistani evangelist) to his show to clarify some of the Muslim misconceptions about the biblical concepts of atonement, redemption & salvation, and why Muslims find it difficult to understand Christian teachings on these issues. Daniel Scott very academically dealt with the subject without being aggressive or insulting to the religion of Islam, but some leaders within Muslim community have started to threaten Venus TV and Mr. Ashar Mall. This incident has the resonance of something similar in Glasgow a few weeks ago, when two Christian hosts were removed by the Muslim dominant management board of a Community Radio station for clarifying Muslim misconceptions about the Biblical teaching. FYI Daniel Scott is the same gentleman who was taken to court by some Australian Muslims on the charges of 'vilification of Islam', and was later found not guilty by the highest court in Australia. The case became international news, and had deep implications on the future legislations regarding religious vilification in the state of Victoria and by the national assembly of Australia. After Sharia Courts, it is feared that Muslim shall take such cases in these Islamic courts to issue blasphemy verdicts against Ashar Mall.

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