Muslim Kashmiri in UK discuss “Independent Kashmir”: KNP


Birmingham: November 12, 2008. Kashmir National Party held a meeting of its Executive Council in Birmingham, England, to discuss the on - going situation on both sides of the divided Jammu and Kashmir. KNP leaders said,

'We strongly condemn human rights abuse on both sides of the divide; and that our struggle is against all those who have occupied our homeland'. KNP leaders said, 'Jammu and Kashmir State is one political entity and must remain so whatever the future outcome of the State'. They said, 'The dispute is a political in nature and those who are trying to communalise it are making its resolution more difficult, and they are paving the way for division on religious line'. KNP leaders said, 'Scars of communal division of India in 1947 are still visible and haunting people of South Asia'. They said, 'We must oppose division of the State, and fight forces of communalism, extremism and hatred'. KNP leaders said our struggle is for united and independent Jammu and Kashmir; a Kashmir where all citizens of the State are treated equally and no one is persecuted because of religion, colour, region or ethnic back ground. They said unlike some parties our struggle is not for rights of Muslims, rather we want human rights of all citizens respected. We want all people of the State to enjoy fruits of democracy and live without fear and intimidation. To achieve above ideals the KNP can work with like minded parties, but will not cooperate with those who are promoting either Indian or Pakistani agenda on Kashmir. They said people of Jammu and Kashmir need to be more careful of those who are wearing hat of independent Kashmir, but in actual fact are advancing agenda of our occupiers. KNP leaders said it is hypocrisy of leaders to actively take part or support electoral process in Pakistani Administered Kashmir, but oppose the same electoral process on the other side of the divide, especially when the UN Security Council has made it clear that no election can substitute plebiscite. Elections are not held to decide the future status of the State; they are held to run local administration that the elected leaders could help to resolve everyday problems of local people. Those who oppose elections are against democratic process and are frightened that they will lose them, hence be exposed before the people. KNP leaders said they are seriously considering fielding a candidate in bye election taking place for the Azad Kashmir Assembly. They said we strongly oppose the Act 74 which bars those candidates who oppose accession to Pakistan ideology, but have agreed to take part in elections in support of the democratic process. The following was present in the meeting: Abbas Butt, Nazam Bhatti, Masoom Ansari, Zubbair Ansari, Ehsan Ansari, Nawaz Majid, Asim Mirza, Isahaq Mughal, Mumtaz Mirza and Dr Shabir Choudhry.

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