Baloch Need World Unity to fight Terrorism. By Ahmar Mustikhan


WASHINGTON DC: November 30, 2008. (PCP) A Baluch group in the United States has condemned the terror attacks that have claimed nearly 120 lives in the commercial capital of India and has said it suspects that terror don Dawood Ebrahim and Pakistan's

"If there was an intelligence agency whose fingerprints can be spotted all over the crime scene, it appears to be Islamic rogue elements from the Pakistan ISI, hell-bent on disrupting a marked improvement in India's relations with neighboring Pakistan. For two decades, the Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) has been the de facto government in Pakistan, toppling regimes, aiding the Taliban, giving cover to al-Qaida fugitives and running a business empire worth billions of dollars," A Pakistani intellectual Tarek Fateh wrote in the Ottawa Citizen. Pakistan and India were always one country but were separated under the British divide-and-rule policy that started with the administrative division of Bengal in 1905. Interestingly, the only child and daughter of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah named Dina (Deenabai) Wadia is an Indian national to this day and lives in Mumbai. She had married and divorced a Parsi industrialist named Neville Wadia, according to Kuwait Zorastrian Association--an organization representing the Parsis in Kuwait. The association recently published a picture of Jinnah's great grandson Ness Wadia with actress Preity Zinta, his wife. Pakistan's establishment, including the powerful I.S.I. tries to hide such common roots. Twice premier Benazir Bhutto was assassinated last year and though the American C.I.A. blamed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan of the shadowy Baitullah Mehsud for her slaying, many Pakistanis suspect the I.S.I. was involved. Her spouse Asif Ali Zardari, who was himself tortured by the I.S.I. and his tongue was slit while he was in jail, is now the most powerful civilian in the country as president of Pakistan and chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party. Zardari has been trying to reach out to arch-foe India and has publicly condemned the mujahideen in Kashmir. According to Fateh, speaking to an Indian TV audience via a satellite link Tuesday Zardari borrowed a quote from his late wife, who once said there's a "little bit of India in every Pakistani and a little bit of Pakistan" in every Indian. "I do not know whether it is the Indian or the Pakistani in me that is talking to you today," Zardari said, amid applause from his high-profile audience, which included diplomats, politicians and industrialists. The I.S.I. terrorist attacks were an apparent hint to Zardari he does not call the shots when it comes to Pakistan's policy vis-a-vis India. Whatever the reasons, the Baluch who have been denied statehood for long believe the I.S.I. must be taken to task immediately before they wreak more havoc in the world. One of the main terrorists I.S.I. has used is Dawood Ebrahim, a street thug from Mumbai, who rose to become a multimillionaire gold smuggler in Dubai and was accused of being a key player in the 1993 serial bomb blasts in Mumbai that left 250 dead and more than 700 injured. Ebrahim found sanctuary in Pakistan and this writer saw him at a social event in Karachi in 1997 where the venue was cordoned off by plainclothesmen in a level of security that is provided only to foreign heads of government. In a message sent Thursday to Indian Sports and Culture Minister Mani Shankar Aiyer and leader of the Opposition, L. K. Advani, the American Friends of Baluchistan called for world unity to defeat, what it called. "the monster that is I.S.I."

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