Indian leader writes An Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan


New Delhi: March 5, 2019. NPP Chief Bhim Sing have sent an Open Letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for solution of Kashmir issue.

Jenab Imran Khan

Hon’ble Prime Minister

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Islamabad (Pakistan)

Hon’ble Imran Khan Sahib,

This is my privilege to address you a very urgent letter in 2019 with a hope and trust that Your Excellency will take my words as a captain of the team, so that the rivers of peace shall flow from New Delhi to Islamabad and vice versa. So that the two brotherly nations India & Pakistan shall live in peace with mutual trust in each other so that 70 decades old hatred generated by the colonial forces shall sink in the depth of the Indian Ocean. So that India & Pakistan would not purchase arms and ammunition from the colonial powers who sowed the seeds of conflicts which led to the division of Indian sub-continent n 1947.

There are sensitive issues which have been fomenting trouble and tension between the two brotherly nations since 1947 when India was divided.

1.    There is an issue relating to the Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails and Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails. I myself with Pakistani lawyer friends (Lawyers Congress-Lahore) have tried to take up their cases before the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Unfortunately,  the names of the Indian prisoners and their whereabouts/jails have not been revealed. Your Excellency may seek the information from the Pakistani jails about the situation of Indian prisoners in Pakistani jails. I am sure Your Excellency may intervene and ensure the return of all Indian prisoners from Pakistan to India the way you returned Indian Air Foce Pilot, Mr. Abhinandan Varathaman after 60 hours of detention last week.

    I would like to inform you that I being a Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India, heading State Legal Aid Committee, J&K have filed several petitions in the India’s highest court, the Supreme Court of India for the release of Pakistani prisoners in the Indian jails since 1995--onward. One major writ petition is still pending in the Supreme Court, seeking release and return of Pakistani prisoners is numbered (Bhim Singh Vs. Union of India & Ors. W.P. (Crl.) No.310/2005). Nearly 1000 Pakistani prisoners, majority of them were residents of POK what Pakistan calls an ‘Azad Kashmir’ were released by the Supreme Court of India and sent back to Pakistan with safety and security. Some of them were also paid damages where authorities had failed to perform their duties according to the rule of law. I am still persuing this case in the Supreme Court of India.

    Unfortunately, the authorities of Pakistan have not owned several Pak prisoners who were released by the Supreme Court of India from the Indian jails. Several such prisoners are kept under protective custody by the Indian Govt. I strongly plead this case by urging the Prime Minister of Pakistan that he should immediately direct the appropriate authority to persue this case and seek the return of the Pakistani citizens who are in protective custody of India because Pakistan has not answered whether they are Pakistani citizens. Your intervention in this regard shall give relief to hundreds of Pakistani prisoners who are in protective custody.

2.    I would like to plead with the Prime Minister of Pakistan to show your courage also in dealing with Pak illegal occupation of Gilgit-Baltistan which was forcibly occupied by Pakistan in 1948. This area comprising nearly 32,000 sq. miles of territory has been under the illegal occupation of Pakistan since 1948. This is very important to note that this Gilgit-Baltistan which formed integral part of J&K was not united by Pakistan with POK what Pakistan has been calling an ‘Azad Kashmir’ comprising of 5500 sq. miles of territory.  Pakistan has integrated this territory of J&K in contravention of its commitment before the Security Council of the United Nations in 1948. When Pakistan & India both signed the agreement/UN Proposal in 1948.    

3.    I would like to urge Pak Prime Minister that Pakistan should withdraw all its armies and illegally settled persons from Gilgit-Baltistan to follow the Security Council Resolution and further withdraw its armies from entire territory of POK. This is the way to restore peace between two brotherly nations. This act of the Prime Minister of Pakistan shall give him an opportunity to seek Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 and citizens of India & Pakistan shall live in peace and harmony for all the times.   

4.    I convey to the Hon’ble Mr. Imran Khan Sahib, the Prime Minister of Pakistan that India & Pakistan are two brotherly nations and this is an opportunity to resolve any past or existing conflict between India & Pakistan. India & Pakistan do not need bombs or borrowed guns or swords. War is no solution to resolve any conflict in the modern era which is under the control of nuclear arsenals. India & Pakistan may lead the world peace movement with a mission for disarmament so that peace shall rule the world. They can stop jointly the race of armament only when both shall take up the world peace movement together. Because, the ancient & the oldest history of Bharata/India when the people of present India & Pakistan were one nation, one people and had fought many odds together against British Empire, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Mughals and several other foreign invaders, so India & Pakistan can demonstrate a new movement for creating a new era with peace initiative for the entire world.

    I appreciate your gesture to hold talks with India to seek peaceful settlement of all issues. Keep it up. Keep firm on your resolution to resolve all issues through talks by sitting a round table.  Let them (Big Powers) dump the nuclear arsenals in the depth of the Arabian Ocean and join the peace movement so that the entire world shall live in peace and harmony.. This is what I feel today after watching your courageous stand vis-à-vis an Indian Pilot’s safe return.

 With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

Bhim Singh

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