Racism in America: Hilton is part of Nazis’ American love story. By Ahmar Mustikhan


A picture is truly worth a thousand words: Nazi criminal Dr. Wernher von Braun, director of the Marshall Space Flight Center at Huntsville, Alabama is seen in the above picture second from right.

To the extreme left is Conrad N. Hilton, chairman of the board of Hilton Hotels Corporation; while Barron Hilton, president of Hilton Hotels Corporation, is on the right. Former astronaut John Glenn is standing between Conrad Hilton and von Braun.

Nazism and racism iU.S. have gone hand in hand as Siamese twins and one reason for that was the European most inspired by white American racism was none else but Nazi leadr, Adolph Hitler.

In his article “Why the Nazis Loved America,” in TIME magazine James Whitman says In Mein Kampf, Hitler called America the “one state” making progress toward the creation of the kind of order he wanted for Germany.” Whitman is the Ford Foundation Professor of Comparative and Foreign Law at Yale Law School and the author most recently of Hitler's American Model. Hitler was pleased by both the European criminals’ ethnic cleansing of Native Americans and the Jim Crow laws which the Nazis plagiarized and used in Germany as the Nuremberg laws to target the Jews.

Nazis love for white America was a two-way street; the U.S. deep state loved Nazi scientists who could help Uncle Sam maintain global dominance by sending whites to the moon and manufacturing deadly biological and chemical weapons. That mutual love saw the launch of the top secret Operation Clipboard, which brought in 1600 dirty German scientists, mostly Nazis, to bolster U.S. white power.

If U.S. is a dirty place for people of color then Alabama is one of the dirtiest gutters of racism in the country. According to the Equal Justice Initiative, in Alabama “even those who never had slaves seemed to be more ardent in their pro-slavery feelings than the planters themselves.” So when the U.S. decided to bring in the topmost Nazi scientist, Wernher von Braun, who developed the deadly rockets that they rained on the U.K., they chose Huntsville, Alabama

The team led by von Braun was later lionized as they helped the U.S. land on the moon “and their descendants and history remain in small city of Huntsville,” the Times of Israel reported. But the blacks had nothing to do with the landing of the “whiteys” on the moon. Rev Ralph Abernathy, a comrade of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.— one of the best Americans to walk on the face of earth—, brought mules with him to protest the colossal loss of U.S. resources when extreme poverty was devouring black communities.

The progeny of the Nazis in Huntsville say their elders were just carrying out the orders of Nazi generals, the same excuse many cold blooded white supremacists use to justify the war crimes of U.S. troops, from Vietnam to Afghanistan.

The cruel Nazi scientist is revered among other places at the Smithsonian, perhaps one of the main citadels of white supremacism in the U.S. The Washington Post reported in August that the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History was currently in possession of at least 30,700 human body parts, including 255 brains, from people in countries such as the Philippines, Peru, Germany and the US. 

These remains were collected in the early 1900s under the direction of white supremacist anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka, who sought to advance his white supremacist theories that colored folks were by birth inferior to whites.

Just like Hitler admired America, Hilton founder Conrad N. Hilton and his successor son Baron Hilton idolized von Braun. Since they were close to Dwight D. Eisenhower—the president who would go down in ignominy in world history as the U.S. president who was not pleased over the end of segregation in U.S. schools— it is likely they knew von Braun was a deadly Nazi. Small wonder that the Hilton Foundation gave $10 million to the Smithsonian to help honor among others the villain of German history but a hero of the American republic, von Braun. The foundation has not given any such support to any black luminary. 

However, one of the sayings by the despicable Nazi scientist was removed earlier this year by the Smithsonian museum in Huntsville Alabama.  The quote — “The rocket will free man from his remaining chains, the chains of gravity which still tie him to this planet. It will open to him the gates of heaven” — had been prominently displayed on a large panel overlooking a hall in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center museum, Lev Golinkin reported in Forward.

Hilton Hotels once used to keep the book Be My Guest by Conrad N. Hilton along with the Gideon Bible. To make amends for the horror of promoting the KKK at The Tutwiler, I have requested the Hilton Worldwide to place Why We Cant Wait by Dr Martin Luther King Jr. or Great Speeches by African Americans not only in the 139 rooms at Hilton’s The Tutwiler but in all Hilton brand hotels in Deep South.

Learning about black experience in America is extremely important for the health of our democracy and to bring to an end the modern day lynchings of black folks. Killing of three blacks at a Family Dollar Store in a poor neighborhood in Jacksonville, just a little over seven hours drive away from the Tutwiler took place j18 days before I saw the horrific picture. It is clear the KKK lived not only on the walls of the Hilton Hotel, but is also stalking poor black folks in their hoods on a daily basis. What can be more criminal than the oppressor hating the oppressed to an extent that they would embark on their senseless to snatch from them even a chance to live.

Hilton Worldwide, stands to gain international prestige if at The Tutwiler it names the eighth floor breakfast area Four Little Girls Breakfast Area and displays the pictures of Addie Mae Collins (14), Cynthia Wesley (14), Carole Robertson (14), and Carol Denise McNair (11)  at the same site where their “historic picture” was terrorizing people of color like myself. The families of these girls and all families that were terrorized by the KKK nationwide need answers from Hilton Worldwide. Likewise, the descendants of Vermont-born Elinus Morrison, who was killed, and Collin Huntington, who was injured in St. Albans by Gen Bennett H. Young, head of the Vermont Yankee Scare Party, need answers from Hilton Worldwide. Gen Young was never jailed for taking an American life.

Hilton Worldwide had assured this writer they would consider his request of putting up the picture of the Four Little Girls and that was the only reason he was not seeking legal redress for the trauma they inflicted on him during the last two nights of my three-night stay there in mid-September. But now they seem to be dragging their feet on the matter. The writer may seek legal redress if Hilton reneged on its promise.

To give the devil his due, Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Downtown Montgomery has conference rooms named after my prophet, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., and my Goddess, Rosa Parks.

Hilton Worldwide to place must also busts of civil rights leaders in the lobbies of all their hotels in the Deep South and in fact lobby of any Hilton Hotel located in a U.S. county, where a lynching of a black person took place. Books on civil rights movement in Hilton hotel rooms for the enjoyment of the guests may also help cure the virulent disease of American white supremacism, it is hoped.

Hilton Worldwide says it has no clue about the picture of the terrorists that was on its eighth floor until 9/18/2023; HRI Hospitality also says the same thing. I wish there was an answer to this mystery. In any case, the right thing for Hilton Hotel to do is to transfer that horrific picture to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute for educating people educate people about white supremacism, racial terror, lynchings and segregation. 

Hilton Worldwide should also open all their conference rooms for celebration of the Black History Month in 2024 for civil rights groups, Juneteenth and MLK day, if not free than at highly discounted rates. If the whites of the U.S. could use the free labor of black folks from 1619 to 1865, why can’t filthy rich owners of the Hilton Worldwide give some concessions to the blacks. The socio-economic disparity of ten to one, that is to a white person one dollar the black person only has 10 cents is not some God’s fault, but is the white man’s sin.

The Conrad Hilton Foundation says they separated from Hilton Worldwide, which is now owned by the Blackstone Group.

“The story you linked to is certainly not in alignment with the values of the family or the Hilton Foundation. However, the Hilton family sold the hotel brand 16 years ago in 2007, and the Hilton Foundation is and has always been an independent entity from the hotel brand,” Julia Friedman at the foundation told this writer. However just a day later, a sleazy member of the Hilton family, Paris Hilton, who also used the N-word for blacks — the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree— but blamed her boarding school for her sorry language, was seen rubbing shoulders with Christopher Nassetta, President and CEO of Hilton Worldwide and Mark Weinstein, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer of the McLean VA head office of the $40 billion hotel chain. She attempted to convey an impression she is no longer the same old, trashy white girl— an image she herself worked hard to cultivate. Paris Hillton younger brother, Conrad Hilton III, too was also caught on tape using sexual epithets after being arrested for car theft six years ago.

The Blackstone Group has $1 trillion Assets Under Management (as of June 30, 2023) and its billionaires include Kelly Loefler-loving  Stephen Schwarzman (50th richest man in the world) and Hillary Clinton-loving Jonathan Gray, who ranks 552nd among world billionaires. Gray also sits on the board of Hilton Worldwide. 

Hilton Worldwide appears unwilling to say sorry for glorifying the KKK leaders who were hailed for ridding the south of the “Negro menace” and Gen Bennett Young, who is most hated for terrorizing St. Albans on October 19, 1864 as head of the Vermont Yankee Scare Party.

In only one communication from the main McLean headquarters Mark Weinstein shifted the blame for the KKK picture on their local partner, without naming HRI Hospitality, but never said sorry to this writer.

The writer told Weinstein, “I really wished you had used the word sorry at least once because I paid you my hard earned dollars after cancelling my booking at the much cheaper Tourway Inn. Saying sorry doesn’t diminish anyone’s stature in civilized societies.

“But maybe I am not in a civilized society as the U.S. has yet to make a solid apology to the most beautiful black folks for its original sin of slavery and make reparations for the 256 years of slavery and 150 plus years of segregation and lynchings that continue to this day. 

“I urge you to tender an unconditional apology to the black people of Birmingham and to the white  people of Vermont to assuage the immense hurt and trauma you have caused them and caused me.” 

We can not let down Alabama’s Joi Brown and T. Marie King, descendants of lynching Jake McKenzie and Tom Redmond, who were labeled “black demons” by white newspapers. Like them I can feel the pain, the pain tgat  the two victims felt when they were being lynched in Jefferson county. The county stands eighth in the entire country for the number of lynchings, according to EJI.

In 1916, when those who took pride in slaying blacks— Hitler’s dream boys in gray— met at The Tutwiler’s lobby, as many as 54 people, including 50 blacks, were lynched in Alabama.

I fully endorse the call of Birmingham mayor Randall Wood in which he said, “They both (McKenzie and Redmond) were victims of unspeakable hate and we do them a great disservice by letting their stories be lost to time.”

For that to happen, we must all in one voice, from St.Albans Vermont to Birminghan, Alabama ask Hilton Eorlwide to say sorry.

One hopes Hilton Worldwide understands Birmingham is 72 percent black and it’s not wise to take undue advantage of their sweet softness for their own good. For if the fire that is raging in black hearts for four centuries since 1619, spills out at 2021 Park Place, in Downtown Birmingham, there won’t be any The Tutwiler left. Only ashes.

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