America Under Attack.<br>Terror will not win. Bush<br>Thousands of lives were suddenly ended' in strikes at Pentagon, World Trade Center.


Sept. 12 - Rescuers combed through smoking rubble Wednesday morning looking for victims a day after a devastating airborne attack that collapsed New York's World Trade Center twin towers, badly damaged the Pentagon and likely left thousands of peopl

September 11 - 'Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack.' President Bush addresses the nation. IN A BRIEF address televised from the White House Oval Office, Bush characterized the "despicable acts of terror" as "acts of mass murder." It was a stark acknowledgment of the likely toll of those killed in the coordinated attacks Tuesday morning, the worst terrorist strike in U.S. history. "Thousands of lives were suddenly ended," Bush said solemnly, when hijacked jetliners slammed into each of the trade center's towers and the Pentagon, an attack of breathtaking brazenness for which U.S. intelligence said Saudi terrorist Osama bin Laden was most likely responsible. NBC News reported Tuesday night that the FBI had obtained a warrant and was searching the South Florida home of a man listed on the manifest of one of the hijacked planes. Authorities also uncovered possible clues, including Arabic language flight-training manuals, in a rented car at Boston's Logan International Airport, where two of the deadly flights originated. TERRIBLE TOLL The gruesome task of counting the dead could take weeks. Airline officials said the four hijacked jetliners alone carried a total of 266 passengers and crew. In New York, firefighter Rudy Weindler spent nearly 12 hours trying to find survivors and only found four - a pregnant woman sitting on a curb and three others in the rubble of a building in the trade center complex."I lost count of all the dead people I saw," Weindler said. "It is absolutely worse than you could ever imagine."

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