Qazi Hussain Ahmed refused to comment on capital punishment on blasphemy and homosexuality during visit to Norway. PCP REPORT


Oslo. September 2, 2004. The Amir (Chief) of Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan Qazi Hussain Ahmed was warmly received by JI leaders and members along with hundreds of MMA activists in Pakistan on his successful tour of Europe with expressions of great achievem

Qazi Hussain Ahmed who is famous in Pakistan for his firm stand on implementation of Islamic laws and legislations in accordance with Quranic teaching to turn Pakistan in true Islamic state of Muslim refused to comment on many Quranic verdicts. He was on tour of Norway on invitation of Muslim students union of the university here. Qazi Hussain Ahmed speaking at Helga Eng.Buidlding auditorium on August 24, 2004 said” I am here with a message about peace Not everybody found his message that unambiguous when he was asked about death penalty of homosexuality in accordance with Quran teaching but he refused to comment but added “- I choose not to answer whether it is right or wrong to kill homosexuals. That is my right as a human being” He emphasized that a good Muslim is a peaceful Muslim, and that one should meet other people with a smile. “If you smile at your fellow human beings, you honor God, and if you kill innocent people with terror, you also kill humanity,” he said. In spite of this he refrained from answering the question about whether it would be right or wrong to kill a homosexual, and if punishing homosexuals would make you a better Muslim. Frightening reaction One of those who asked questions and felt cheated for answers was Ragnar Kværnes from the Labour Party. Rangar Said later “in fact that Qazi in his introduction fronts Humanism and human rights and then fails to answer these important questions, makes me offended. Neither did he answer the question about whether he was in favor of punishment for blasphemy. When Rangar was asked, “How do you interpret this? He added, “My interpretation of this is of course that he is in favor of the death penalty for both blasphemy and homosexuality. If he had been opposed to this, he would have expressed himself clearly” On question to his reaction on Qazi visit to Norway “Did his lecture surprise you? He said” Not really. What surprised me, and what I found more frightening, was the positive reaction he got from the audience (mainly Pakistanis living in Norway” “The Koran forbids homosexuality’ The leader of the Muslim Student Union (MSS), Mahmood Ahmad, thinks Qazi Hussein Ahmed very well could have answered. ‘He ought to have answered. The Koran says clearly that homosexuality can be punished. And it is how you interpret the Koran that determines how severe the punishment is going to be” Universitas a weekly magazine of university published on 1st September 2004 in a report on Religious tolerance writes” Mahmood Ahmad last week told Universitas that individual states should be allowed to set penalties for homosexuality at their own discretion. The comment has caused serious concerns among human rights groups. Dag Øistein Endsjø, the leader of the Human Rights Committee for Gay Rights, says that if states shall be free to outlaw homosexuality, it follows they shall also be free to outlaw Islam. Endsjø argues out that Ahmad’s comment undermines human rights. In this week’s Universitas there is also a witty comment saying that Qazi Hussein Ahmed is launching a new book entitled How to Disguise Extreme Political Viewpoints. Meanwhile PCP correspondent from Islamabad adds that local press in Pakistan is terming Qazi Hussain visit a very successful as it was his your to Europe after years. In particular Muslim community in Pakistan takes Norway as very important country for Islamic preaching. The Norway has already given fame to one Muslim religious leader Dr. Tahir Ul Qardi in Pakistan who spoke on Muslim Christian Dialogues with Norway church leaders.

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