Sara Adams Journey to Christ’s Arms. An exclusive report


My name is Sara Rebekah Adams and I was born in England to Muslim parents. I traveled to Pakistan many times and studied there as my parents wanted to familiarize me with the culture. However, I was very unhappy there and wanted to continue my educat

I could not bear the injustices that students were facing and devoted my time to highlighting their cause. Then I was approached by a Jewish organization known as the Maimonides Foundation and asked to work in partnership to promote dialogue between Muslims and Jews on campus. At the time I had no idea that this peacemaking was the very essence of Christ’s glorious message. As a liberal Muslim I found it extremely difficult to cope with hatred towards another people and was engaged in interviews, conferences and a BBC documentary promoting peaceful talks between both parties. But as time went on I found myself to be questioning my religious background. In the year 2000, after my divorce I found myself alone at home questioning the very existence of God and challenged Him asking Him to prove that He really existed. Then half an hour later, I logged onto the Internet and found myself talking to a financial advisor to get some guidance on my finances. During the discussion this gentleman asked me if he could pray for me which I thought was rather odd since I didn’t think it was professional! Whilst he was praying online my entire body was overcome with a strange sensation and I began to cry and laugh at the same time and felt a great release. He explained that he was a Christian and I was experiencing the Holy Spirit. I did not even know what this meant at the time! I remembered my challenge to God and fell on my knees in gratitude. God had spoken to me! My next few months were filled with a journey of discovery where I learned about the sweet love of Jesus and His precious love for His lambs. My journey was filled with problems; I was told by my employers (at this time I was working for a women’s refuge highlighting the plight of abuse in Asian homes and the problems with arranged marriages) that I no longer had a contract with them. I had no job left, and I had lost contact with the people who I used to be friends with. So I began living by Faith, putting my complete trust in Him. Then I was faced with the biggest challenge of all, I was arrested whilst standing in the street and accused of a crime that I had not done. All my life passed me by and I wondered how I had gone from living a prestigious life to standing in a dock pleading for my innocence. So I put my Faith in Jesus and told Him that if it was His will I would serve Him in prison by preaching His gospel message. My old university where I had been president wrote a character reference in my favor and a friend stood by me vouching for my character and I was acquitted of all charges. This also brought to light the plight of Asians in Britain and the racism they face by some of the police. My life began again but I was totally broken by the experiences and began to live a quiet life getting to know Jesus. And to my joy I discovered that Jesus comes to those who are broken. I remember a beautiful praise song " Broken I come to ~you for I know you satisfy. I am empty but I know your well will never dry..." I am now living a quieter life and am studying for my Masters in psychology as well as taking an active interest in highlighting the plight of the persecuted church. With Jesus in my life, I feel it necessary to work for those Christians who are persecuted because of their Faith, let them know they have a sister in me! God bless you and may we all do His will. Amen

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