Anwar Lal Dean files lawsuit against Bishop Azariah. PCP Report.


Karachi. September 30, 2004. The Church of Pakistan is being spoiled in the Courts of Law since last almost 10 (ten) years. Regrettably, the Church having it own Constitution, Rules, laid down Procedures and Bye-Laws seems unsuccessful to put into pr

All the disputes in the Church of Pakistan revolve around its Bishops, one way or another. It seems that the Bishops are the ones who have been playing with the Constitution, their diplomacy and extra-constitutional activities has paralyzed the Church, resultantly, the members are left with no other way then to seek remedy from the Court of Law. Recently in view of the claim of Moderator ship by Bishop Alexander John Malik, a letter was circulated all over Pakistan, which was addressed to Bishop Alexander John Malik, whereby he was requested to instigate constitutional as well as legal action against all those whose cases before the Synod Court are pending, unanswered and ignored by the Church leadership. The main emphasize was on the complaint of Mr. Anwar L. Dean against Bishop Samuel Robert Azraiah, which he lodged some 6 (six) years ago. The members of more the three Dioceses of the Church of Pakistan has jointly signed this letter and a copy of the complaint of Mr. Anwar L. Dean is attached with the letter for ready reference. However, Bishop Alexander John Malik has not answer back to this letter and it seems that his silence on this letter/issue will further weaken the Church of Pakistan as this might lead to another case and crises in another Diocese (i.e. Raiwind Diocese). The complaint is produced hereunder: Suit for Immediate Relief In the Synod Court of the Church of Pakistan Before: 1 - Moderator, Church of Pakistan 2 - Deputy Moderator, Church of Pakistan 2 - General Secretary, Church of Pakistan Suit for Permanent Injunction Anwar Lal Dean S/o Lal Dean R/o D/555, Shah Faisal Colony Natha Khan Goth, Karachi NIC no 518-91-224499, Age 41 years Parish Secretary of St. Peter's Church, Natha Khan Goth, Karachi and Diocesan Council Member of the Diocese of Karachi .........................Plaintiff Versus Samuel Robert Azraiah S/o J. B. Azraiah C/o Bishop's House, Karachi, Commissary Karachi Diocese and Bishop of Raiwind also functioning as the Moderator, Church of Pakistan .........................Defendant Brief Facts: That the plaintiff is a committed Christian, Secretary of St. Peter's Parish, Shah Faisal Colony, Karachi of the Diocese of Karachi and a member of the Karachi Diocesan Council. That plaintiff is very particular about the witness of a Christian believer and the Church and the leadership of the Church. During the past few months the Diocese of Karachi has been the focus of attention for the Church going Christians who have also been praying for the day to day affairs of Karachi Diocese and its development. In the last few weeks the Christian life of the Churches (Parishes) of Karachi has been bit hard as shame and sorrow has over shadowed the witness of the Church in Karachi and elsewhere. By observing closely the face of Sammy Azraiah has been high lighted with other shameful acts attached to his character. Under Christian ethics and rules laid-down by the Synod which do not permit a person with such illicit, immoral activities to hold on to a very sacred office of the Church i.e. Bishop and Moderator of the Church of Pakistan. The Plaintiff with all sincerity to God and the Church frame the following Charges against him which he wishes to prove in the Court of the Synod. 1 - Sammy Azraiah is a habitual lair. 2 - Sammy Azraiah is a habitual drinker. 3 - He sleeps with call girls. 4 - He has misappropriated Church Funds. 5 - He is at the back of present crises of the Karachi Diocese. The Plaintiff is prepared to furnish evidence for the above charges during the proceedings of the Synod Court. Prayer 1 - For impeachment of he title of Bishop from Sammy Azraiah. 2 - Stopping him from functioning as Moderator, Church of Pakistan. 3 - Declaring the seat of Raiwind Diocese vacant and holing fresh elections. 4 - Electing a new Moderator, however, it is further prayed that the Synod Court may please be constituted within 15 days of the receipt of this complaint or the Plaintiff reserves the right to approach Sindh High Court for remedy.

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