Who is enemy of Christians? CNI Report


Peshawar. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, the Amir, (President) of “Jamat-e-Islami” and the Chairman Muthida Majlas Amal (MMA) while speaking in a “Christmas” gathering of Christians at the Church of Pakistan Cathedral in Peshawar reportedly uttered thes

"Why you Essais (Christians) favor Americans and British governments? What have they given you? All they gave you (Christians) was "Broom". The Christmas program arranged by local Christian Member of National Assembly Mr. Pervaiz Masih who was nominated by the MMA general elections on reserved minority seat. The program in which the MNA gave help to Christian widows was first planned at a Roman Catholic Church. But the church authorities refused the church to be used by "political leaders". The Church of Pakistan readily offered their church premises to be used for this program in which Qazi Hussain Ahmad was the "Chief Guest". There was a big protest from poor Christian community and the widows refused the Provincial government's help. One Christian leader present at the "Ceremony of Insult to Christians" informed the CNI on 2nd January 2005. It is so unfortunate that the leadership of Church of Pakistan allows people like "Qazi Hussain Ahmad" who have not learnt to respect any one. We do admit that the British rulers did not give Christian community any thing. No estate, no land and no status. On contrary in North West Frontier Province, people like Qazi Hussain Ahmad were "Broom Holders" under Sikh Regime. The British Colonial rulers were no friends to those locals who accepted Lord Jesus Christ. To please the Muslim majority of that area and for expansion of their Colonial territory, the Colonial rulers took "Broom" from the ancestors of Qazi Hussain Ahmad and gave it to newly converted Christians. And as we were only taught to "turn the other cheek" we joyfully took the "Broom" from Qazi Sahib. Had the British and American missionaries also taught that, we are also commanded to sell our "Cloaks" and buy "swords", and that Lord Jesus Christ picked up "whip" to clean the House of God, we would have taken up the sword. Had this happened people like Qazi Hussain Ahmad would have been doing the same job that was chosen for them by the Sikhs. How ever it is unfortunate that third rate and third class people who were adopted children of America, hate Americans today. It is well known fact that the "Jamat-e-Islami" was funded by the Americans against the communist threat in cold war era. It is a shame that the Church of Pakistan has gone that far to bring insult to the poor Christians to hide their "illegal church property sales" and to muster support of those who would one day destroy the church. This happened in Karachi when the help of Mr. Altaf Hussain, the "Run Away Chief" of MQM was sought to strengthen an illegal Bishop. We wonder! Who is the enemy of Christians, the Islamic fundamentalists, the MQM or the "Property Mafia" of Church of Pakistan? I wish the Church of Pakistan has an answer to this question of the Pakistani Christians.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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