55 year Christian mother Hanifan Bibi abducted, stripped and tortured in front of husband and sons by Muslim influential gangsters PCP Report.


Lahore. The agony of Hanifan Bibi family is not the first incident but thousands of Christian families in every street and colony of Pakistan face same situation by surrounding Muslim majority population. Any one by fear of Muslim influential persons

The Story of Hanifan Bibi starts when on evening of 12th Jan 2005 Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan (SLMP) come to know through Mr. Joseph Francis, Coordinator CLAAS, that some Christian were taken to the General Hospital being seriously injured. The Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan team reached General Hospital and met Pervaiz Kala Masih 25, Kala Surjan Masih 58, Hanifan Bibi W/O Kala Masih 55 and Kashif Aslam Masih 17, who were seriously injured, sobbing and crying. Hanifan Bibi was very seriously injured. Her face was swollen and dark blue, red spots on her face were visible. Her back, buttock and ribs were seriously injured and swollen. She was weeping bitterly and heaving sighs. She was beaten brutally with bats and iron pipes. Aslam Masih told “Hanifan bibi had been working in Saeedan Batni’s house in Iqbal town as a maid servant. On 10th Jan. 2005, Saeedan Batni with Mohammad Baber, Mohammad Amjaad, Mohammad Rashid in car # LRB-5259 and other car was without # plate came to Hanifan’s house. They broke the door of Hanifan Bibi’s house and took Hanifan Bibi, Pervaiz Masih, Kashif Masih and Kala Masih to an unknown place. Moreover, Aslam said, “ After two days we saw the car # LRB 5259 in the police station in which Kashif Masih, Hanifan Bibi, Kala Masih and Pervaiz Masih were kidnapped.” He said, “ When we went to the police station Factory Area, Cantt. Lahore, we saw gangsters who kidnapped their dear ones were sitting with Mohammad Shahid Iqbad (Member Provincial Assembly) taking tea with SHO. Kashif Aslam Masih told Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan team “ When we were taken to some unknown place, our eyes were kept closed with a piece of cloth, we were kept closed in an unknown place. There were empty wine bottles in a large number. Some heavy physique gangsters were present there. Moreover, 16,17 young girls were also sitting over there. I came to know later that four/five girls were Christians”. Kashif told that “ my clothes were taken off, they hanged me by tying my feet with cord and turned my body upside down on the ceiling. Those cruel people started beating me with hot iron pipe. While Pervaiz and Kala were beaten with sticks, pipe and bats. They kicked us very brutally and cruelly.” Kashif told SLMP team “when they were beating Hanifan bibi, they were continuously saying that she did not bring Christian girls so this was her punishment. We would implicate you in the case of stealing and you would be sent to jail. Sometimes, they said, “If you would ask your family members to arrange for 4 hundred thousand rupees, then you would get rid of this torture”. Kashif told (weeping bitterly) “they put red chilies on the wooden stick and inserted in the anus.” “I got severe injuries on my sex organs.” Kashif Masih told SLMP team that “kidnappers burnt my body with hot iron.” Hanifan Bibi Hanifan Bibi told Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan’s team that those cruel people took off my clothes in front of my husband, son and nephew. They put bottle of wine on my lips and said “ take this wine” they took off my clothes and made movie and took photographs”. “They beat me with wooden stick and rods very cruelly; they kept us hungry and thirsty for two days.” “They took us to police station to implicate us in the case of stealing”

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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