Ghazala shafique not confident on Enquiry Commission of Bishop Malik in Brenton Carey Hostel incidence. PCP Report


Karachi. The Christians of Karachi have expected an independent commission by Arch Bishop of Canterbury on very sad incident of Pakistani Christian history when power hungry clergy of Church of Pakistan to gain control of Brenton Carey Girls Hostel d

The Brenton Carey Girls Hostel is serving from decades to help educate poor Christian girls from far-flung areas of Sindh province and located in heart of Karachi metropolitan vicinity. Mrs. Ghazala Shafique has been serving as administrator of this institution from years and helping poor Christian girls to find foster parents to meet with their boarding and lodging expenditures and providing safety for her students. Mrs. Ghazala have not even dreamed of that she is not safe in this esteemed institution and she shall ever be rewarded by torture and disrespect on her services. On April 11, 2005, not some Muslim extremists or anti-social elements but high ups of church leadership entered in her institution and forced her to leave the Hostel. These church leaders never hesitated to beat her and barely made her naked before her students. This group of Christian clergy intruders wanted to gain control of Brenton Carey Girls Hostel under the eyes of Karachi administration like land mafia in presence of Karachi Police. The grouping in Karachi Dioceses of Church of Pakistan is long standing issue of disputed elections of Bishops of Karachi. One group after loosing elections have been trying to gain control of churches and other Christian institutions under Karachi dioceses of Church of Pakistan with support of Muslim political groups and administration. The incidents of firing have been witnessed to take over many churches in Karachi and now it has reached to its worst to disrespect and torture Christian women. It's on record that even Muslim extremists never dared to enter in any Christian institutions and naked a Christian teacher but it happened by the dirty hands of Christian clergy. The Christians have been demanding interference of Bishop of Canterbury from years to straighten the matters of Karachi Dioceses of Church of Pakistan according to wishes of congregation but not a step have been taken by his excellency as it was expected that his holiness shall wake up on this shameful incident of Ghazala Shafique by his representatives in Pakistan and an enquiry commission shall be constituted. Now Bishop Alexander John Malik who by himself is party in this incident has appointed a commission and cannot be termed as an independent commission. Mrs. Ghazla shafique is not confident that this commission shall be a true fact finding commission but a cover up to group who tortured and disrespected her. It is already feared that the oppressed Lady Administrator and the girls/students of the Hostel (the victims) will not be heard, nor the eyewitnesses be considered. Following is a letter of protest that Ghazala Shafiq tried to give to the members of the enquiry committee consisting of Col. (Rtd.) K. M. Roy from Lahore Diocese, Col. (Rtd.) Bashir Aziz from Raiwind Diocese, Mr. Humphrey Peters from Peshawar Diocese and (Bishop) Rev. Rafique Masih from Hyderabad Diocese. The delegation refused to take this letter and also refused to conduct the enquiry inside a Church building in front of the eyewitnesses. As feared they are relying on the statements prepared by Sadiq Daniel's team prior to the arrival of the delegation. It seems that all was previously agreed and the delegation's intention is to contradict the reports of the independent forums like the Human Rights International etc. To The members Enquiry Committee Appointed by: Bishop Alexander John Malik Dear Madam and Sirs, With due respect I Mrs. Ghazala Shafiq place before this committee that if at all an Enquiry Committee is to conduct an enquiry it should be done by neutral persons who have no connections with the political affairs of Karachi Diocese or Church of Pakistan. Since all the names on this Enquiry Committee are listed in one or another group and already homework has been done on preparation of false statements no fair result is expected. The girl students and the hostel staff are been visited and pressurized to give statements according to the convenience of Rev. Sadiq Daniel which is already on record. I would suggest that this issue is not politicized and be treated purely on moral, ethical, spiritual and legal grounds. If at all I was to be terminated they should have stopped me at the outer gate since they had a lot of Police force with them. Now if they want to hide behind different excuses, those who help them will also be standing in the same line. Best regards Truly yours Mrs. Ghazala Shafiq Holy Trinity Church Abdullah Haroon Road Karachi - 75350

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