Marilyn Hickey Healed by Bishop Nasir


It was 26th June 2005 when Bishop Timotheus Nasir announced that he will ensure that Marilyn Hickey does not hold a “Crusade” in Pakistan from 28th September to 1st October 2005.

Her "Coordinators" and Marilyn Hickey herself became worried and angry on the "announcement" of Bishop Nasir who is currently running champagne to expose "False Prophets" who come to Pakistan with so called "Healing Crusade" and mislead the Christians in Pakistan with their "Miracles". He published this news in his Monthly Urdu magazine "The Monthly Kalam-E-Haq" in July, August and September 2005. Marilyn Hickey's hosts in Pakistan tried to put pressure on Bishop Nasir through a former member of Punjab Provincial Assembly, not to oppose the "Crusade". On 26th August the leaders of "Lamp Fellowship" (the hosts of Marilyn Hickey) requested a meeting on the issue while he was in Rawalpindi. He met one of their main leaders and told and explained the "False Doctrine" of Marilyn Hickey. He agreed but there answer was strange. He told Bishop Nasir that Marilyn Hickey does not talk on her "False Doctrine" in Pakistan. The representative of "Lamp Fellowship" assured Bishop Nasir that he will arrange a meeting of Bishop Nasir with Marilyn Hickey on 27th September 2005 the day she was to arrive. (They never meant it any way) In September issue of the Monthly Kalam-E-Haq, Bishop Nasir once again announced the he will not let Marilyn Hickey hold the "Crusade". On 25th September 2005 the "Lamp Fellowship" offered "three options" to Bishop Nasir. One; To be the "Chief Guest" at a "feast" and sit with Marilyn Hickey and discuss the "Doctrinal Issue" with her. (Marilyn Hickey" invites notable Christians, high ranking government officials, Federal or Provincial Ministers and high ranking Muslim Clerics) Two; To go to United States along with Marilyn Hickey and discuss her "Doctrinal Errors". Three; Meet Marilyn Hickey on 30th of September 2005 during her so called "Pastor Training" program at the "Islamabad Convention Center" in Islamabad. Bishop Nasir declined the first two options but accepted the third. On 26th of September the permission to hold "Crusade" in "Rawalpindi Cricket Club Stadium" was canceled by the government for security reasons. On 27th Marilyn Hickey arrived in Pakistan, the "Lamp Fellowship" and Marilyn Hickey were shaken and Bishop Nasir was informed on 28th September that Marilyn Hickey is very "disappointed and depressed". Bishop Nasir offered to go to Islamabad to "Pray" for Marilyn Hickey so that she can come out of her "Depression and Disappointment". Marilyn Hickey has prayed for hundred and thousands of people, yet when she was told that the "Crusade" will not be held, she forgot to pray for herself and the "Crusade". On 29th October 2005, Bishop Nasir went to Islamabad and having nothing to do that evening, he went to visit a friend. That night, the whole team of Marilyn Hickey was sitting very sad and disappointed in a "Five Star Hotel" in the atmosphere of uncertainty, they were somehow informed that Bishop Nasir is in Islamabad. At 10:00 PM Bishop Nasir received a telephone call on his mobile phone, and was asked to come to the hotel. They needed his help to hold the "Crusade". The wanted him to speak very senior officials get the permission for the "Crusade" as one day of "Crusade" was lost. Half an hour latter Bishop Nasir was informed that the leadership of "Lamp Fellowship" would wait for him in "Convention Center" along with Marilyn Hickey, so that he could accompany them in the last bid to seek the permission from the "District Coordinating Officer" of Rawalpindi. On 30th September at 8:00 AM the District Coordinating Officer and that Bishop Nasir should make a telephone call to the DCO. Bishop Nasir arrived at the Convention Center Islamabad at 11:30 AM and was received and led to the "Convention Hall" where Marilyn Hickey was "healing" the sick people. He was offered to sit on stage but he declined and he was seated in "Front Raw". The "Fairy God Mother" had lost her confidence, she looked "pale" and according to Bishop Nasir, he enjoyed the "Drama". She was narrating her story of her "Crusade" in Sudan, where so many people saw Jesus Christ in glairing "Sun", yet the "movie" she projected did not show Jesus Christ. Some "healed" people were shown. Then she shouted like "African Tribes" (I must admit, she shouted well) Then she announced that she is going to "heal" sick people. She announced, "Every one with some kind of Tumor should stand up". A good number of men and women stood up. She asked them to put their hands on the Tumor and pray with me. After the prayer she declared "Your Tumor" is "gone". A pre arranged witness stood up and gave her "testimony". Then people with other diseases that could not be seen, were healed and more pre arranged "testimonies". And finally those "married couples" who did not have a child. Some couples stood up and she told then that after "nine months" they will be blessed with "babies". After giving this "Good News" the healing was over. In the end after lengthy introduction of Late Dr K. L. Nasir and Bishop T. Nasir, the "Stage Secretary" invited Bishop Nasir to say a word of prayer. Before the prayer Bishop Nasir gave his personal testimony. He asked the translator to translate his testimony so that Marilyn Hickey and her team could also understand as they did not understand Urdu the common language of Pakistan. He told the people that he is suffering from "Heart Ailment" since 1979. He told that had two major heart attacks and many minor attacks. He said he has never gone to a "Faith Healer" he only prayed to THE HEALER" our Lord Jesus Christ. His average travel is 200 kilometers a day. He preaches without any problem and when ever he has time, he goes to his doctor for routine checkup. He openly stated that he does not need Marilyn Hickey, he and every one needs Jesus Christ who listens every prayer and gives answer at an appropriate time. He told the audients not to be misled by such people. Then he prayed that the Christian people must have faith in Lord Jesus Christ and their safety from false teachers. He also briefly prayed for Marilyn Hickey that may the Lord show her the right path and help her correct her Doctrine. He also announced that his church will cooperate with "Lamp Fellowship" to "Correct" them. After the prayer, Bishop T. Nasir was taken to "Minister's Chambers" with Marilyn Hickey, where he questioned her Doctrines and their credibility. Marilyn Hickey did not say a word. Then he told her not to give false information on her web site. (By the evening the sentence, "Thousands of Muslims Saved" was deleted on my advice and was replaced by "Hundreds of Christians and Muslims were healed") Then Bishop Nasir advised Marilyn Hickey to reconsider her Doctrines and correct them. She did promise. After that Bishop Nasir asked her to cover her head and I am going to pray for her. She did. Bishop Nasir put his hand on her head and prayed for her depression and disappointment. He also prayed that the Lord may show her right path, her safety in Pakistan for her travel back to United States and to restore her power of hearing. Marilyn Hickey has problem with her hearing) He also prayed that the demons and evil spirits should leave this place in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. It was a short but complete prayer and after the prayer she looked "satisfied and refreshed". (This is the first time ever that a "Charismatic" preacher and healer needed prayer from a Presbyterian) Bishop Nasir latter told Marilyn Hickey that she needed to study the Holy Bible very seriously and carefully. He also informed Marilyn Hickey that she can not hold a "Big Crusade" but will be able to get some place, a church or a Christian school to hold her evening meetings on 30th September and 1st October. Immediately a telephone call came with the information that an alternative but a very small place in Rawalpindi has been arranged. She was astonished and she and her American and Pakistani team asked him how did he know that while his Mobile phone was off? He told them that his "source" will take care of her depression and disappointment and now it has been take care of. She was very much satisfied when the meeting ended and offered her special thanks to Bishop Nasir. Marilyn Hickey went her way and Bishop Nasir drove back to Gujranwala. But before he left the "Lamp Fellowship" leader reached and met Bishop Nasir and thanked him for his help in getting the permission. He also wanted to know the "Source" of Bishop Nasir, but he declined to disclose the "Source". Bishop Nasir had to attend a function in Lahore on 1st October (36th Anniversary of his commission in army along with his Course Mates. The news by that time had reached Lahore that a Presbyterian prayed and healed Marilyn Hickey. One of the Course Mates of Bishop Nasir works for Presbyterian Church USA Lahore office) Marilyn Hickey held meetings on 30th September and 1st October in a small place and has gone back to United States without holding a "Crusade" that was to be attended by at least One Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand people. Yet before leaving for United States she lied on her web site that reads "She had a meeting with a local bishop who originally opposed her coming to Pakistan, but at the end of the session he prayed for God to move powerfully through her ministry". Bishop T. Nasir did not pray for "God to move powerfully through her ministry". He prayed for her "Depression and Disappointment". He is still opposed to Marilyn Hickey and her ministry and many more Charismatic ministries that are misleading the Christians in Pakistan and world over. He openly preaches and teaches against "False Prophets". He has never claimed any special gift of healing. He has never preached that he can speak in "tongs" but he claims that he has an "edge" over American Charismatic. He says when they come to Pakistan they can't speak or understand Urdu, Punjabi and other languages in Pakistan but he can speak in English in America fluently. When asked by the CNI team he replied, soon Lord will show her the right way. I said that the "Crusade" will not be held, it is not held according to high expectations of Dr. Marilyn Hickey. Bishop Timotheus Nasir has direct access to the all important people. Seven Generals are his "Course Mates". Many Federal Ministers know him, and once Governor of Punjab Lt. Gen Kalid Maqbool was his personal friend. He does not need to go any where, he just makes a telephone call and the job is done. Yet he declined to disclose his "Source". Some how Bishop Timotheus Nasir hardly makes such public statements like he made on 6th October 1999 to get canceled a "Crusade" and on 26th June 2005. But when he does make a statement, it is fulfilled.

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