“It is Time to Wake Up” a call from New York and Pennsylvania States Pakistani Christian Leaders on Sangla Hill Churches attacks by Muslims.


New York. November 18, 2005. Nazir S Bhatti President PCC from Philadelphia, E.Nisar Khan from Long Island, William Shahzard President PCA, New York City, Stephen Jaleel, a Lawyer, New York City, Shahid Bhatti, Javed Mall, Zahid Bhatti and Eqeel Bhatti from Albany, Pastor John Farooq, Pastor Incharge of New Revival Church, New York City and Sohail John of New York City in joint press release have said that "We the people of the Greater New York Metropolitan, and the Capital (Albany), are in the quake of a morning demised, by the new age atrocities, in the motherland of our origins in Pakistan. It is quite benign to report that a Group of radical Muslims tugs abrupted the life's of simple non violent Pakistanis Christians in the region of Punjab, in a small town of Sangla Hill. It is also sad to report that, again the heinous Law (295-C), under the Pakistan penal laws was abused in its best format, as the radical claims that the non-violent minority has burnt the Quran (Holy Book) of the Muslim Faith. The word is that a dispute between a few young Christian boys and a few Muslim boys erected the incident on the hip of the approaching Christmas season. And from the dispute arose the sectarian idea of the blasphemy law in the present State of the country. We send our regrets to all the radicals in this Faith, may they be residing in Pakistan or in the entire world, that the New World post 911, has changed, it is a time to set aside the aisle of, illiterate behavior and wake up to the new age, in which freedom has to prevail, laws of the world, are on the verge of a caios, and the temperament of the international world has changed. It is time to change and come out of the loom of radical theory and face the new challenges of the time, it is quite ironic to meet and greet, the same people that you have lived with, and have a thought to Kill them the next day, this kind of abrupt theory represents the savage nature of the human animal violent and destructive within the world community" It is time to wake up. The Christian Leaders has further added "Following these stories, the Red tape of the mechanical arm, is on the front line to ask the few and many on both sides of the aisle, to reconcile the differences as we will find the culprits. It is also quiet ironic as the Pakistan itself is going through the tragedy of the most recent Earth quake, and the recovery is an issue itself for the government, as they seek the much needed help for the International donors, which happens to be from the organizations that have the Christian spirit somewhere attached to them directly or indirectly, may this be an eye opener to the many that seek this as an opportunity of achievement at such a hard time within the community and the country itself. We appalled some of the issues carried out by the local leaders and ground politicians of the area, and ask that the process of reconciliation should go on, and all the lost property should be refabricated. And ask that the constitution of Pakistan should take an amendment immediately as this is not only costing life, but history being lost. And in reality , most importantly the mechanics of the Government body should start a program where the lesson of tolerance is administrated to each and every child in Pakistan, to move forward in complete unity of the country, just as the founding father of Pakistan ( Quaid-e-Azam) had unity and justice for all. May these words serve the purpose, as we stand in aue,of seeing better tolerance and justice to all the Pakistanis around the country itself and around the Global in general"

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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