5 Christians charged under blasphemy and furious Muslims attack Christian colony


Toba Tek; April 4, 2007. Salamat Masih was arrested under blasphemy allegations on April 1, 2007, in Toba Tek Singh, a remote district of Punjab province and police is raiding Christian residential localities in search of four other accused Christian

nominated in FIR under section 295 A&C PPC, on complaint of one Muslim named Abdul Ghaffar. According to SLPM fact-finding team visiting Toba Tek Singh city " It was an incident of minor dispute among Christian and Muslim teens in a playground where 11 years son of Salamat Masih refused to play with two Muslim youth who became enraged and attacked him" It's known that mother of Christian teen named Danyal went to parents of Muslim youth to lodge complain but they cursed her instead. Nadeem Masih told Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan that Muslim family reported local police with fabricated story that one Mohammad Faisal son of Mohammad Gulzar was going to join march of Eid Melaad-al-Nabi (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad) while Bao Masih and Sabi Masih both sons of Yousaf Masih stopped Mohammad Faisal in the way for joining the march of Eid Melaad-al-Nabi. A quarreled took place and during scuffle both Christian boys snatched a sticker of Eid Melaad-al-Nabi containing sentence "Yaah Rasool Allah", (Prophet Mohammad) and they insulted sticker by beating it with shoes and passing filthy remarks for Prophet Mohammad and committed blasphemy. Translation of First Information Report First Information Report No: 126/07 Dated: 01-04-2007 Offence under Section: 295-A, 295-C, 452/ 148, 149 of Pakistan Penal Code Police Station: City Toba District: Toba Tak Singh Date & Time of Occurrence: 01-04-2007 at about 2:00 A.M Name & Resident of Complainant of the case: Abdul Ghafar son of Mohammad Shareef cast Chohan Bakhshi Park Street # 1 Toba Tak Singh. FIR Lodged By: Zahid Iqbal Assistant Sub-Inspector To, The Station House Officer (SHO) Police Station City Toba Tak Singh Respected Sir, It is requested that complainant is resident of Bakhshi Park Street number 1. That today on 01-04-2007; on Sunday at 2:00 PM, my nephew Faisal son of Gulzar was going to Madrasa (Muslims institute) Fizaan from his house to join the procession of Eid Millad-al-Nabi. He was just a few steps away from his house meanwhile Bao Masih, Salamat Masih son of Sadeeq Masih came there and shouted, "Where are you going?" He said, "To join procession of Eid Millad-Al-Nabi." They shouted, "Let we give you taste to conduct the procession. So they snatched sticker from my pocket on which Roza-a-Rasool, Naksh Pa Rasool (Foot Print of Prophet Mohmmad PBUH) and Lafz Yah Rasool Allah (Mohammad Prophet of God) were printed and threw in the ground and then started beating it with shoes. On his shouting witnesses Mohammad Sadeeq son of Gulam Mohammad and Mohammad Ramzan son of Mohammad Shafi Mohallah Bakhshi Park came, they hardly set him free and my nephew Mohammad Faisal came back to home. After a while Rashid Masih son of Salamat Masih, Salamat Masih son of Sadeeq Masih. Sahibah Masih Mota son of Yousaf Masih, Shehla Masih, Bao Masih armed with pistol came there and armed with wooden rods forcibly entered my house by breaking door of the house and at once started passing derogatory remarks against prophet Mohammad along with abusing my family, Faisal and me. 15 (emergency Police) were informed by telephonic message. Local Police rushed at the place shortly. Accused Salamat Masih was handed over to police. Faisal's torn shirt and sticker has been produced to you. Ms. Saira and Mr. Zafar Iqbal those are injured by accused persons are being under medical examination. Rest of the accused persons are succeeded to fled away. It is hereby requested that aforesaid accused persons hurt the feelings of Muslims of locality by passing derogatory remarks against Mohammad Prophet (PBUH) on which situation became very tense in all city. So that it is requested that case be registered against the culprits under section 295-A & 295-C and 452 P.P.C and appropriate action would be made. Complainant Abdul Ghafar Son of Mohammad Shareef After spreading news that Christians have committed blasphemy, about 2000 Muslim extremists & Clergymen attacked on Christian Colony, they threw stones on the houses of Christians, tortured Christian men, women and Children. Some Statements Nadeem told Sharing Life Ministry Pakistan that situation is very tense for Christians of the locality as Muslims are in power. He said, "This area is well known for Muslim militant groups. It is very much possible that Muslim extremists can attack on Churches any time. Another activist from locality Irum Gilll reported in her release "Christians ran to save their lives and some of them hide themselves in their houses but even then the Muslim extremists kept on stoning' she further reportedly said in her release Dozens of Christians have been badly injured. Christians are terrified and Children are very much disturb" Christian schools were closed. There is a Muslim Collage named as Degree Collage T.T.S. Boy of Degree Collage intended for procession but local police stopped them. Police is appointed in front of entire churches for security because Muslims are very much annoyed. About 5 percent Christian have left their houses due to danger. Police is there to secure the rest of Christians but Christians do not have trust in local police. They are feeling very insecure. They are frightened because Muslim of Muslim majority in city surrounding Christian residential areas.

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