PCC condemn Pakistan government decision to appoint Ayshia Riyaz as ambassador to Vatican. Nazir Bhatti


USA: June 2, 2007. Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress has condemn government of Pakistan on appointing Ayesha Riyaz as ambassador to Vatican, who is not fully aware of situation of religious freedom in Pakistan nor she has any activ

Mr. Bhatti said "Ms Riyaz is among four Muslim women serving as diplomat in army of thousand of Muslim employees in Foreign Services of Pakistan while there is non Christian in any missions of Pakistan around world" He added that relatives of Army Generals, Politicians, Bureaucrats and Businessmen are recruited in Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Pakistan and there is no Christian in this establishment as there is no Christian General in Armed Forces of Pakistan, no Christian on post of Secretary in administration, no Christian as leading national politician and no Christian as business tycoon. Dr. Bhatti said "it was opportunity for government of Pakistan to nominate any Pakistani Christian as ambassador in Vatican who may build a bridge for better coordination among religious communities in Pakistan but government failed' Nazir Bhatti expressed his concern on role of Catholic Church in Pakistan and Government of Pakistan on disinformation to Vatican regarding electoral system for Christians and situation of religious freedom in Pakistan. He added that Pakistani Christians never demanded Joint Electoral System and it was imposed on them by Musharraf regime on reports of agents of establishment who wanted to crush unity and progress achieved by Pakistani Christians under Separate Election System. Mr Nazir Bhatti said that he is submitting a memorandum to Holy Father Pope after his comments on presentation of credentials of Pakistani Ambassador in Vatican, expressing satisfaction on Joint Electorate System for Christians in Pakistan. "In that memorandum to Pope, it is brought in notice of Vatican that Separate Election was major demand of Christian leaders to vote in favor of formation of Pakistan during Pakistan Movement. The Separate Electorate meant to be a representation and due share in power for minorities in British Colonial rule in sub-continent of India where Muslim minority now living as Muslim majority in Pakistan was also fully satisfied with such system" Bhatti said in Mamorandum Memorandum further states that "Separate Elections not make Christians a second class citizen when they elect their representation by their own votes but Joint Election system make them second class citizen when Muslims parliamentarians select and impose leadership of their choice on Christians. The Joint Electorate has made Christians, a voiceless population in parliament when selected Christian leadership don't fell answerable to Christians" Nazir Bhatti has also expressed dissatisfaction on situation of religious freedom in Pakistan. He states that number of registration of cases under blasphemy laws, rapes of Christian women and attacks on Churches have been doubled after imposition of Joint Electorate since 2002. Nazir Bhatti appealed to Pope to press upon government of Pakistan to revive Quota System proportional to population for Christians in professional academic institutions and government jobs like neighboring India where poor classes has been allocated special reservations to enjoy mainstreams privileges. Pakistan Christian Congress chief also urged President Musharaf and Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahmood Kasuri to appoint Christian Ambassador to Vatican and to call Ms Riyaz back home as she is not competent to present Pakistan in Vatican.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

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