Shahbaz Bhatti is not Christian leader but agent of Pakistan government agencies and spreading false propaganda against me and PCP. Nazir Bhatti


Philadelphia: June 14, 2007. Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress and Editor of Pakistan Christian Post, Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said that now it is confirmed that Shahbaz Bhatti who claims to be Chairman of All Pakistan Minority Alliance APMA, is agents

government agencies and working to damage Christian cause for vested interests. He said that there is no Hindu, Parsi or any other Pakistani minority community in this so-called APMA but it was formed after his meeting with military regime to sabotage popular election system of Christians " Separate Electorate" and conspiracy to impose" Joint Electorate" which was openly opposed by PCC. Mr. Bhatti said that false news item has been posted through his relatives in Canada who were never persecuted in Pakistan but one was Member of Parliament and enjoying government privileges. All his relatives migrated to Canada on false pretexts when Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti is getting funds from government agencies and also taking millions from foreign funding agencies in name of poor Christians. Dr. Bhatti said that those who posted news item were so misinformed that they have stated Pakistan Christian Post as NGO while PCP holds corporate status. " As PCP is very popular among Pakistani Christians and voice of millions of poor, the government of Pakistan, some Muslim political parties and Shahbaz Bhatti as their agent has launched false propaganda and has fabricated a story" Bhatti added Bhatti said" I have contacted Canadian based net which is free hoisting net of that website to remove that abusive website from their net with immediate effect and forward me the profile and contacts of managing individuals of that website for legal action" He said, "I will file deformation suit with damages against concerned individuals and institutions if that news item is not removed and open apology is not rendered" "I am not afraid of any one as I have clean background and I have not any sort of contact with any one mentioned in that news item" Nazir Said I am for poor Christians of Pakistan and shall keep on raising voice for their rights and their due share in power and resources of Pakistan" He added that when PCP printed facts about imposter Shahbaz Bhatti and proved that he is working for Government agencies, his masters became furious and to save their agent Shahbaz Bhatti government hatched a drama of "Exit Control List" when there was no case registered against him in any Police Station of Pakistan. Bhatti said that ECL drama was to keep Shahbaz Bhatti imposing on Christians that he may keep Christian divided to fail their movements of their basic rights. He said government's successes to impose Joint Elections was due to traitor of poor Pakistani Christian Nation on demand of Shahbaz Bhatti who was provided with funds to travel abroad and hold press conferences in five star hotels to propagate against Separate Electorate. Nazir Bhatti Said that he is contacting legal experts to take action against Shahbaz Bhatt, his brother in Canada, his uncle in Canada, his tools who posted false story, the hoisting net and all concerned for damages.

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book. ,