PCC challenge Shahbaz Bhatti to call for referendum on SE or JE. Pakistani Christians demand SE.


Philadelphia: June 17, 2007. PCC Chief Nazir S Bhatti mailed a memorandum to Holy Father Pope, US President George Bush, EU chief and German Chancellor to press upon government of Pakistan to restore Separate Electorate with dual voting rights in nex

He also challenged Shahbaz Bhatti to join PCC call on government to hold referendum on Separate Electorate SE or Joint Electorate JE, that Christian may select election system for them. Nazir Bhatti said" I will visit Pope to inform His Excellency about escalation of Christian persecution in Pakistan after imposition of Joint Electorate in 2002, and presence of Bishops in press conferences of Shahbaz Bhatti in five star hotels and funding him" He affirmed that Separate Electorates do not turn Christians to be second class citizen but articles in constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan, which demand only Muslim to be President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and enforcement of Objective Resolution as preamble. Mr. Bhatti said" Shahbaz Bhatti never dared to speak against such articles of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, which declare Christians to be second class citizen because he speaks only His Masters Voice" It is for our readers to know that Indian Muslims were divided in different groups during British Colonial rule in sub-continent of India but demand of Separate Electorate united them under All India Muslim League. It was Separate Electorate's power to enable Indian Muslim to launch Pakistan Movement and achieve independent homeland of Pakistan. All India Christian Association President S P Singha decided to favor Pakistan Movement and voted for existence of Pakistan after written assurance from M A Jinnah to allocate Separate Electorate. The word Separate Electorate is very easy to spread disinformation in Western countries and pronounce it a root cause of discrimination in Pakistan and same was duty of Shahbaz Bhatti in his expensive tours of West. Shahbaz Bhatti is such an imposter that he was spreading propaganda in West against SE, while he was supporting his uncle for reserved seat in National Assembly of Pakistan under Separate Electorate on ticket of his so-called Pakistan Christian Liberation Front. Shahbaz Bhatti failed to liberate poor Christian from victimization of Muslims majority but Separate Electorate was only prey of his liberation front guns. Nazir Bhatti said "Let there be referendum on SE or JE before next elections and Pakistani Christians shall reject imposed JE and shall vote in favor of Separate Electorate because SE is only their voice" Nazir Bhatti added "If honorable Bishops don't join and fund his press conferences, he is no more in political arena" Nazir Bhatti said" I never propagated against personal life of Shahbaz Bhatti when PCP was duly informed in written by his so-called Liberation Front partners that how he received hundreds of thousands of Rupees for his Liberation Front from late Bishop John Joseph and lavishly drained church money in hotels in Islamabad and bankrupted Bishop Joseph" "I am only against policies of Shahbaz Bhatti which are dictated to him by government and Muslim political parties because Muslims are against unity of Christians in Pakistan as Muslims know the power of Separate Electorate and are against to equip Christians with power of SE before they demand separate due share in resources and power of state" Nazir Bhatti said "I received knowledgeable only two mails from Lahore, one from honorable Pastor Barkat and other from Mr. Khan to advocate Shahbaz Bhatti and PCP is posting same without any editing but I will appeal all such valuable Christians in Pakistan to demand referendum on election system' Bhatti said

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"Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" By Nazir S Bhatti

On demand of our readers, I have decided to release E-Book version of "Trial of Pakistani Christian Nation" on website of PCP which can also be viewed on website of Pakistan Christian Congress www.pakistanchristiancongress.org . You can read chapter wise by clicking tab on left handside of PDF format of E-Book.

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