What is Marriage? By Roberto Grao, Independent Forum of Opinion


Ordinarily, men and women throughout his life and especially in their youth, feel a strong impulse to share his life with another person, usually of the opposite sex. Thus, both seek companionship, affection, complementary psychological, help with their projects and dreams and also to the difficulties that life presents us all, and through the satisfaction of sexual union, bring children into the world. It is what is known as trend to the union marital that becomes more intense as they reach adulthood and grow in maturity and sense of responsibility.
From the earliest civilizations of antiquity, has been a tradition that this trend is reflected in the marriage between a man and a woman, through marriage between them as an act which constitutes the basis of a family that is the acceptance of shared life together long after birth with or without children. Western Christian civilization has based its social and cultural development in that figure of monogamous marriage, formed by one woman and one man. In this as in other aspects of human natural life, we act like animals, they also seek a partner to breed, feed and rear their offspring, because we, corporately speaking, we are mammals that follow the guidelines of many other animals alive.
This form of natural and traditional marital union between a man and a woman, involves multiple and innumerable benefits to the couple and to society, such as the incorporation of new citizens to society, the maintenance and development of the human species, training and education of children in a stable and lasting, mutual aid between spouses, etc. From this perspective, one can say without doubt that marriage is: "The sexual and emotional connection made between a man and a woman who agree to a draft common life agree to a draft common life which is, to love one another, to have the possibility offspring and help each other with all the vicissitudes and adversities of life, keeping both a wish to stay indefinitely through the time”. Any other form of emotional-sexual marital union, can not be called marriage, if does not meet any of the fundamental conditions just said.
But lo and behold, in the late twentieth century in Europe and in other civilized countries, began developing a libertarian ideology so called "of gender", which, with the emphasis on freedom of human beings to self-realization, that tends to change Sex which was received at birth. Indeed, under this ideology, the individual claims that he is entitled to choose the sex with which you live, are entitled to choose the sexual orientation they see fit with complete freedom, without any conditions, having the right to have children or not having them to have the right to be unfaithful to a partner, right to divorce a spouse for any selfish motive, etc. to name just a few of the rights advocates this ideology, which unfortunately are now common currency in many of the decadent West countries.
These ideas tend to undermine one of the real foundations of the individual and the social order that is marriage and family, to give free rein to arbitrariness and caprice born under libertarian selfishness. Never mind just the feelings of the person with whom one lives, or the suffering of children suffering the marital breakdown which is the divorce, or the social disorder that promotes or incivility and crime is encouraged in them, it matters particularly the personal self the most important over all is the personal selfishness
It is destroying the natural foundations of the individual and society in regard to affection, sexuality and marriage that is their natural environment, family and education in general, to light a new human being untrammelled not accepted or assumed, but curiously, the individual subtly imposing an ideology divorced from reality and transcendence, to provide some sense of security and happiness, even if they are false.
People with common sense and society in general, have the obligation and the right to reject these false and libertarian ideas, because they are highly harmful both individually and socially, because they reject the common good, and because they cause unstoppable increase delinquency and social disorder.

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