A question of Pakistani Minorities. By Professor Anjum James Paul


Mr. Ram Singh Sadhu a member of the Sindh Assembly has resigned from the membership of the asembly on January 24, 2011. His seat has been declared vacant by Mr. Nisar Khoro, speaker of the assembly on January 29, 2011. He belonged to Pakistan Muslim League (Q). There were threats to his life so for the security of his life he has shifted in India. Minorities are insecure and persecuted in Pakistan since March 12, 1949 when the controversial Objectives Resolution was passed by Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan the first Prime Minister of Pakistan who buried the enlightened vision of the father of the nation that he presented on August 11, 1947 in the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan. The Objectives Resolution was opposed by the Pakistan National Congress and the liberal Muslims who wanted to see Pakistan as a modern and enlightened country that is why most of the members of the Pakistan National Congress who were the members of the Constituent Assembly left Pakistan and migrated to India.
Shifting of Mr. Ram Singh to India is a clear cut indication that Pakistani minorities are under threat even after 64 years in this country as they are forcibly converted, abducted, killed, raped, forcibly married and offered menial jobs. There is no sanctity of their marriages. They have to face discriminatory laws in their own land for which they have sacrificed and equally participated in the Pakistan Movement. They are treated as a slave in their own country. There is the concept of master and slave merely on the basis of religion. There are biases in the Constitution of Pakistan which does not provide them equal rights. They are not treated as equal citizens of Pakistan.
The minorities of Pakistan have the right to ask whether they must convert to Islam to enjoy equal rights or to leave this country like Mr. Ram Singh Sadho and many others to have their own identity.

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