Challenge for Chinese Development Projects. By Asad Khan Betini


China a time-tested friend of Pakistan in the region for developing worth of 20$ billions projects in the country including Gawadar International Port, During the last visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, both sides signed agreements to undertake projects worth $15 to 20 billion and Pakistan would play its pivotal role in edifice of the country, which also includes erecting railway track, gas pipelines and electricity in Balochistan Province.
Chinese Ambassador Liu Jian during a seminar in Islamabad said that there were four major factors behind the exemplary bilateral ties: both countries' strict adherence to the five principles of peaceful co-existence; their wholehearted support for each other through thick and thin; high level of economic integration and consensus on regional and international issues. Close relations with China was the cornerstone of Pakistan's foreign policy. Chinese Ambassador Liu Jian, Director General Institute of Strategic Studies said while addressing journalists.
But recent attacks by insurgent groups and growing incident of terrorism activities in Balochistan fears on going Chinese development projects in Balochistan sources told this correspondent, at one side china funded for development projects, on the other hand insurgent groups were trying to disrupt Chinese continues support to Pakistan for Balochistan province.
In the light of Chinese agreement for erecting railway tracks, insurgents have been attaching explosive devices since agreement between the both countries, few days before railway track near Kotri Railway Station was damaged when an explosive device went off on Saturday morning, and there are many attacks as per record in past few months since bilateral agreement between Pak-China.
Nevertheless china agreed to install electricity plant for Balochistan, but insurgents have started blowing electricity polls in different areas of Balochistan, among the hopelessness of prolonged electricity outages that have hit the economy badly, China comes to Pakistan’s aid again. Whereas Beijing assured its support to provide Pakistan two much needed nuclear power plants, adding to the existing Chinese-built nuclear power capacity. Whereas Islamabad will produce at least an additional 8,000 megawatts by 2025. Pakistan is seeking foreign direct investment in power from all countries and sources but only Chinese have accepted Pakistan’s demand at first.
Yet On the hand when our neighboring country Iran accepted a deal for promotion of Gas supply to Balochistan and Punjab, Insurgents as usual have started blowing up gas pipelines, Following threats by the insurgent groups, major gas pipelines were blown up by rebels in the past few weeks through planting explosive material with gas pipelines in Jafferabad, Sui, Dera Bugti and other main areas where gas pipelines are laid.
Chinese Development projects plans have badly suffered due to continues attacks by the insurgent groups, these so called insurgent groups waging war for so called provincial autonomy are being funded in Afghanistan, but real Baloch ethnic people have been protesting legally and peacefully in the province for their rights.
Pakistan had been fortunate to have stuck an abiding, flourishing and mutually beneficial friendship with this great neighborhood “China”.
In such circumstances Pakistan and china must carefully analyze the geo-political and the maritime environment and devise a common strategy in pursuit of peace and prosperity in the region for sustainable support to each other in future.

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