Egypt’s Referendum a “FARCE” By Assad Elepty


Media reports saying, “Egyptian voters overwhelmingly turned out to vote in the constitutional referendum”, are some what absurd if not ridiculous. The reality is, “Elections commission chief Ahmed Attiya has confirmed, “only 41 percent of 45 million eligible voters cast ballots in Saturday's referendum.”
This means that “overwhelmingly” 59% of eligible voters stayed away and did not participate. Thus the referendum was decided by 18.45 million people out of an eligible 45 million voices, WHY????
The Muslim Brotherhood is the only force that campaigned heavily for a "yes" vote in the referendum. The brave youth once again took to the internet, face book and twitter to utterly reject the changes and promoted a “NO” Vote. The MB easily rose to the challenge, Amr Adib the renowned and popular TV presenter, publicly revealed the perversion that was conveyed in 1000’s of emails and SMS messages. Every mosque in Egypt was used to propagate the MB message, Clerics used the Friday prayer sessions to “demand” every Muslim vote “YES” or abstain from voting.
Critics, youth, and educated say that MB the best and only organized political forces in the country, hijacked the referendum. The amended constitution was presented to the nation exactly as the MB had approved, they managed and controlled the amendments, protected Article 2 and fearful of western style constitution that promotes genuine democracy.
The MB is the only force that stands to gain the most, the amended constitution guarantees Egypt will remain an Islamic state, ensuring the Mb have a role to play in the future destiny of the country. Secondly, a “NO” vote would have delayed an early election, necessitating the constitution goes back to the drawing board and providing extra time for new parties to gather momentum and develop policies. An Early election will guarantee the MB is the only political force to be reckoned with, and virtually no formidable opposition. Opponents are now crying foul, “the swift timetable safe guards the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood and members of the former ruling party.”
Shady Ghazali, one of the organizers of the protests that forced Mubarak out after 18 days, said the youth coalition that led the demonstrations is devastated their efforts have been stolen from under their feet, “they pulled the rug out from under us.” Those who led the wave of popular protests that ousted Mubarak on Feb. 11 and our martyred brothers “want a radically new document that would break the total hold that the presidency held over government during Mubarak's rule, now the Brotherhood are dominating the process.”
“The result is not what we expected, 77.2 percent — voted “YES” & 22.8 percent voted “NO, we have been deceived, that is not what we agreed too during the weeks of protests.”
“The majority of participants were drawn to the polls in a massive, last-minute effort by the Muslim Brotherhood during Friday prayers, we did not plan for this, and it was too late to respond, the vote was the next day.”
“Look at what they did to Mohamed ElBaradei and a group of his supporters; they were pelted with rocks, bottles and cans outside a polling centre at Cairo's Mokattam district in an attack by followers of the MB and other Islamist groups. ElBaradei met with us on Thursday, we agreed the changes did not go far enough and agreed with the “NO” vote.”
We now the Brotherhood, which has strongly campaigned for the adoption of the changes, advocates the instalment of an Islamic government in Egypt, we did not expect the mosques would “insist” on a ‘YES’ vote, people were afraid to defy the call and most voters were afraid to come and vote ‘NO’. The military decreed when casting ballots we must produce our national ID cards and dip the index finger in ink and print the ballot paper, they could then trace every vote”.
We reject proposed constitutional amendments in the referendum because hasty elections open the door for Islamist groups to rise to power, we have been betrayed our aspirations is the creation of a civil state where religion is not a basis for legislation.
"I see we should say 'no', because such amendments are not valid to build a modern civil state. That isn't our opinion alone but also that of any moderate Egyptian who wants a civil state,"
"Anyone is free in one's opinion, but our role as those responsible for enlightenment is to tell people that these amendments serve the Brotherhood's ideology," he said.
Egyptians took pride in the Christian-Muslim solidarity displayed during the revolution that toppled Mubarak on February 11 and hoped the uprising had buried tensions that have flared up with increasing regularity in recent years. But these feelings were dampened in March after an interfaith romance sparked the torching of a church by Islamists, which led to sectarian clashes leaving 13 people killed.

"I voted 'no' because, as an Egyptian, I want a new complete's not based on the 'yes' of Islamist groups," said Ramy Kamel, a Coptic lawyer.
Al Masry alyoum newspaper confirms wrote about the Muslim Brotherhood bribing voters with food and money. These violations are tarnishing the fact that this is a free and fair election. These are fairly serious occurrences.
Egypt is a “long, long way from democracy”, and as predicted the Muslim Brotherhood (that Kevin Rudd said “we must engage”), have stolen the referendum, and ensured the outcome would be as they wanted.
With hind side there is no doubt that the MB are more corrupt, devious and cunning than the Mubarak Regime ever was, the Use of the mosques was a devious ploy the provided a voice for the MB in every town village and city of the country. This was not a prayer session; it was pro islamisation propaganda in places of worship invoked in the name of religion and ALLAH.
The results of the referendum are deflating and have robbed the very brave and courageous youth (Copts and Muslims) of the very thing they fought so hard for, “DEMOCRACY”. If the referendum is a yard stick, there is no doubt the MB will also unduly influence the outcome of the general elections scheduled for September. The MB controlled the amendments to the constitution, the referendum outcome, and used the opportunity as a trial run for the upcoming election. The signs of disturbing, and Kevin Rudd may get his wish and have Egypt run by the Muslim Brotherhood, one day “maybe” he will look back and regret he ever opened his trap!!! Does the Federal ALP support the statement of Rudd???????

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