Pakistan: Violation of Minority human rights and Akram Gill:


I am Akram Gill. I was Assistant Director in Solid Waste Management Department of Pakistan. In Holy fasting month of Christian I demanded to give one hour earlier leave then the regular duty hours for Christians for offering their daily prayers as it is also given to all Muslim brothers in Holy Ramadan. On very early morning I get to the duty. My few friends informed to me that M.D Wasim Ajmal of Lahore waste management company not only refused to do according to application but also said that. “Christians are Kafir (refusal of God) and their prophet is big liar as They are. They should be punished for being in Pakistan. Increase Their duty hours and put them in to gutters to lift the waste generation after generation. Are they humans?”
I immediately leave my official seat and along with my friends get to police station Kila Gujar Singh and passed a application Lahore number 185-5B to DSP Ahmad Cheema on 24-03-2011, against him (M.D) and demanded that he should be treated with section 295-C (protecting honour of minority prophet) as 295-A 0r 295-B for protecting the Honour of beloved Holy Quran and Last Holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). But police refused to do require action against M.D Wasim Ajmal as he is Muslim and M.D and powerful.
After this helplessness and desperation I announced that I will burn myself alive in front of Punjab Assembly Hall Pakistan on 30th, 2011. But police arrest me on 28th , 2011 at 3 o’clock am. The policemen tortured my sons inhumanly. They put me in prison in Kot Lakhpat jail for 30 days with any lawful notification. In jail they don’t allowed my any family members to meet me, even not a sweeper of the jail. After 05 days policemen took me out at 1:30 am and tried their best to kill me in a police encounter. I was in fasting and prayers. I asked policemen let me allow 5 minute before killing me in police encounter. They allow me to prayer. I prayer and empower myself to give sacrifice. By the grace of God they get a phone call and they again put me in dark jail. In the meanwhile my friends and Christian community block Lahore Mall Road for 11 hours in a strike and asked Punjab Chief Minister for my freedom. Parliament took a meeting with them and promise to do require action against M.D Wasim Ajmal and free me from jail. But later they refused to do so. After every 4 hours they used to changed my guard in jail and mostly don’t allow to sleep me.
I was in fasting and after fasting 3 days when I disclose my fast. They give me only one glass of water and a little piece of bread roughly four days old, full of flies and mosquitoes. After 29 days they give me freedom because they have no legal notice against me.
1- I have been dismissed from job.
2- My sons are being dismissed from jobs.
3- I am unable to fight my case in court as of financial crises.
4- I am passing through hunger and pain
5- I got phone calls which threatened me to killing.
6- One of the friend of M.D Wasim Ajmal named Usama often threatened me that your result will be same as that of federal minister Shahbaz Bhatti.
7- When my sons walk out looking for job some suspicious persons follow them.
8- I am protesting. Help me by your emails, phone calls, prayers, by publishing my news as Pakistani media is not showing me and sending my message to your friends.

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