Wake up UNO wake up. By Ata Us Salam


When I started to write this article, it was right that time when terrorists were killing innocent Ahmadis almost one year ago in two mosques of Lahore. In these attacks almost whole Ahmdiyya leadership of Lahore was killed. Among higher political leadership of Pakistan only interior minister of Pakistan, Mr Rehman Malik is yet alive while Governor of Punjab Mr Salman Tasser and state minister of monitories Mr Shebaz bhatti both had been killed after raising voice against this barbarianism. Neither have we known about the penalties to those terrorist who were captured alive by Ahmadis during this terrorism.
At the moment a page of “Hamari web” is opened before my eyes. This is a renowned website of Pakistan. On this website, articles of different Pakistani writers are published as well as a large number of many other items. Portion of articles is sub divided into Politics, Sports, Religion, Health etc. Qari Muhammad Hanif Jalandhri is one of the regular writers of this website’s religion section. A large number of his articles can be seen at this website. This man belongs to khatm-e-Nabooat organization. Through this website, this person is spreading his hateful propaganda against Ahmadis. In his article “ Qadiano K Bare Main Das Qabil e Ghor Amoor” he requests government of Pakistan that penalty of death should be awarded to all of those who converts from Muslims to any other faith.
No state department of Pakistan has ever taken any kind of notice of such kind of such kind of hateful articles. He is not the single fundamentalist writer who is writing in different newspaper and websites but also there are many other famous columnists following the same path like Dr Safdar Mehmood, Javed Chaudhry, Hamid Mir, Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi and Haroon ur Rasheed etc but no action has ever been taken by any state department.
Pakistan’s Judiciary, Law enforcing agencies, Parliament and Bureaucracy all support fundamentalism directly or indirectly. Resultantly a large part of nation have been become supporter of fundamentalists. Syllabus of school books is designed in such a way that hate with different ideologies penetrates in the young minds of the students which grow with their age. This hateful education particularly of Seminaries is one of the main reasons of terrorism in Pakistan. This country’s media also back fundamentalism.
Nobody is allowed to remain alive after raising voice against those kinds of Laws which are used particularly to humiliate minorities in Pakistan. These laws were approved by the Parliament of Pakistan but during the last many years we never listened that United Nations Organization has raised any voice against these laws. A large number of innocent people have been killed and imprisoned only because of these laws but silence of UNO is not coming to an end. I don’t know why human made laws can’t be discussed at any forum. Sometimes USA and UK raise their minimal voice against these laws and the hateful education of Pakistan’s schools but we listened to name of UNO only during its formal annual conferences where people come and make their speeches and return to their homelands.
I think it is the best time for UNO to be alive and to play an active role in the World’s politics. It should make some strict laws for the protection of different global communities of troubled areas and to enforce them because its Human Rights laws are not useful particularly in some areas. It should ban all hateful and biased material from syllabus books of any country against any person, community, sect or religion. It should ban all of those state laws which are used against anyone. It should direct to block all of those websites in which fundamentalist groups convey their messages. It should monitor the judicial proceedings of all of those terrorists who captured during different terrorist activities so that judicial systems of many countries could be exposed.
In the end I want to tell my readers a true story of the apex court of a South Asian country. Chief justice of its supreme court was very popular in that country due to his taking of Suo Moto notices. This chief justice was also renowned in the whole world for his struggle against army ruler. That country’s minorities were being humiliated very badly under the state protection. One day some members of a depressed minority of that country approached the Chief Justice and put up their application before his lordship to take notice of those inhuman laws which mainly used to target them. After seeing that application, he, the Chief Justice threw that file on the floor of his court by saying that he had no time for such kind of rubbish applications.

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