Birth and Death of Jesus-Proved: By Ch. Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc


Many people know that Jesus was born of a Virgin in the manger of an Inn situated in Bethlehem, the birth place of King David, the lion of Judah tribe, and He died a very humiliating death on the cross at a place much haunted and feared by people. But why it happened so?
Why the Virgin Birth? - The answer is very simple for the twice-born people of "spirit", who are capable of "perceiving" and “intuition” based upon logical reasoning. At the same time it is well beyond the apprehension of the once-born people of "flesh", who are capable of "seeing" only and they believe what they could see or prove in material terms or scientifically. Thus, they take the Holy Books by the "letters". No wonder such people are also called the “People of the Book” and they address Super Servant Christ Jesus as Lord Jesus Christ so that they too could Lord over the others in His name.
Prophet Jesus, the First anointed Christ (Satguru) of God was to appear among the people of Judah tribe who at the times of king David were highly religious people and had a good knowledge of the Holy Books such as Torahs. They used to obey the moral laws of Moses to the very "letters" and for their religious devotions; they were called the "angelic people" or DEVTAS. But the act of "adultery" by king David was a "sin" that put the people of Judah tribe to a great "shame".
However, in this Dark Age, things happened just the "opposite" to the past "enlightened" Ages. Thus, the most religious people of Judah tribe become the "highly" satanic people (exploiters of the religious knowledge) of the tribes of Isaac and they turned the shameful act of "adultery" by their king David into an act of great pride to be boasted off publicly with such an "arrogance" that if our king David did it, so why couldn’t we do it in the "steps" of our great king David. In short, the people of the Judah tribe were too clever for the rest of the tribes of Isaac.
The nature of these satanic people of Judah tribe was well illustrated in Judas Iscariot, the only disciple of Judah tribe who, like his forefathers, was well versed in the “letters” and accounts. It is also true of the people of Khatri tribe in India, who became administrators of the kings. It was he who begged Jesus to take him on for his literary skills, especially to handle the "purse". The Omniscient Jesus knew his love of Mammon and his smartness culminated in taking a bribe of 30 Shackles to deceive Jesus. By the time of Last Supper, every Trained Worker (People call them Disciples) knew the character of Judas Iscariot too well to be told and so, at the Last Supper Jesus rebuked Judas Iscariot and turned him away for his smartness and dirty heart before He started to baptised the rest of His eleven Workers in the Last Supper rites of sacrifice known as the Eucharist of Sacrifice.
Further, people knew that Jesus has come in the line of David among these satanic people of Judah tribe, who had become the bad characters. But when a woman saw Jesus doing good “deeds” worthy of the qualities (salt) of old king David, then she remarked, “You are a real son of David” in qualities but not in quantity or in flesh. Remember that Jesus healed many Jewish people but hardly any one of them thanked him whilst a Gentile, when he was healed not only thanked Jesus but he also followed him or went for Light.
Whilst the Gentile who were considered by the smart people of the BOOK, the so called Jews, to be the "simpletons", the “stones”, become the great religious people of "spirit", the Saints and earned the fame that organisations like the present "Good Samaritan" openly speak of. St.Philip in His Gospel Says, “A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die”. Thus, the Gentiles are more spiritual than the Jews dead in Letters.
Now, the tribal "identity" of "flesh" establishes one's link or "covenant" with our ancestors or Adam and by doing so one becomes a "son of Man", which Jesus termed as the "wheat" plants, that our heavenly father, the demiurge "creator" Yahweh, planted in this field of world - Matt. 13.24-30. But if you hide or severe your tribal link with your ancestors as the people at present are doing so by becoming the so-called Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, etc. of the "flesh" and not remaining of their "hearts" or "spirit", then such people become the "tares", the "sons of Satan" or the fanatics and such fanatics perform "bastardly" deeds befitting Satan that create "hell" as it is being done in the Panjab, Lebanon, Israel, Bosnia, N. Ireland, etc. Adam and his seeds are Noble men.
This distinction between the "flesh" and the "spirit" St.Paul clarified in His Saying, "A Jew is one who is inwardly (of the heart or spirit) and not outwardly (of the flesh or tribe)". About these "tares" Jesus, said, "Every plant (person), which (who) my heavenly father, the creator, did not Plant (has lost his tribal identity of flesh or has severed his link or covenant with Adam, ancestors, or Abraham) shall be uprooted (killed) along with the "roots", the fanatic supporters”. Christ Nanak Dev Ji stressed this in His Saying, “BEEO BEEJ (those who keep covenant with their tribal elders) PATT LAE GAYAE (would have their family honour intact)……………….
It was this tribal covenant with Abraham that St. Stephen, the first Bishop of the Church of God was trying to explain and establish before the high priest or the chief Rabbi in the Temple, the Master Viper, that the Satan ordered his mountain of "fanatics" to stone him to death but he prayed for them to become sensible.
So, when Jesus was born most of the Jews, especially of the Judah tribe, were the Jews of "flesh", the "tares", which, the creator, our heavenly father, did not plant and he does not want to know them. Such "tares" were not worthy of the "baptism" of John in water and He stressed that by branding them a "brood" of vipers. These "vipers", the spiritually sick people especially of the Judah tribe needed Jesus, the Great Spiritual Doctor, most and, therefore, Jesus took birth among them, the “tares”, not in a normal way but of a "Virgin". As the Samaritans were not so spiritually sick, they did not care for Jesus and Samaritan village where a Samaritan woman met Jesus at the well, John 4, demonstrated the spiritual heights they were enjoying. She had overpowered all the Five spiritual temptations of heart to be a Perfect Virgin for the Bridal Chamber with enough Oil in her Lamp.
Remember that the Light, Christ Jesus, came among his own and they rejected the Light in favour of the Darkness of Satan. That is why Jesus spent more time in the hostile Judea region and it were the Churches in the Judea region who not only expelled the Apostles from their region as they loved Darkness but they also persecuted the Apostles by putting them alive before the animals.
Why in the manger of the Inn? - Now, "Inn" is symbolic of the "Church of God" in that as an "inn" is open to general public for the physical rest, so is the "Universal Church of God", open to the people of all nationalities and colours for the "spiritual" rest or regeneration. Further, in the Church of God, unlike the Church of England, where the king/queen of Mammon is the head, the lowest or the greatest Servant, and not a Lord, is the Head of the Church. So Jesus, our Royal High Priest being the Head of our universal Church of God could not be born anywhere else than the lowest place, the manger of the inn and that too among the stable animals, which "serve" people as the beast of “burden”. Jesus is our Elder anointed Brother and not a Lord.
As people are born in the tribal homes of their fathers, so, this humble Birth of Jesus in the manger of an Inn is an "implicit" proof that the Father of Jesus was not a normal father in flesh but God in Whose Universal House the Church of God He took His Birth. The stress laid by St.Paul that Jesus was second Adam also confirms His Virgin Birth and Jesus always addressed Mary as a Woman and not as a mother. The Mother of Jesus was Holy Spirit with God as Father. If Mary were His mother, then there would have been a father too of similar nature i.e. of flesh. In other words, Mary was a Medium through which Jesus appeared in flesh and lived among us. Thus, Christ Jesus was a floating Medium to convey us the Gospel of the Royal Kingdom of God. People in Adam inherit earth and have houses to rest their heads but our Jesus had none – foxes have holes to rest their heads but not the Son of Man.
Here it is worth explaining the Parable that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than a rich man. Now, camel serves people and is humble and obedient to his master but a rich man does not serve people but he rather rules or lords over people. So, it is easier for a camel to enter into the Royal Kingdom of God than for a rich haughty man. That is in God, it is the service and humbleness that counts and not the riches of the person.
Now, if Queen, who is the head of Mammon in Great Britain and she is also the head of the Church of England and the so-called defender of faith, then if she herself cannot pass through the “eye” of the needle, how could the others whose faith she is defending do so? She is rather the defender of faith in Mammon as her soldiers glorified God by defending and expanding her Empire; whilst the humble soldiers of God like the Brother William Booth was cast out of the Churches of England.
Further, Jesus when He was twelve years old, the age at which a boy is certain to know who his father is, stayed behind in Jerusalem in His Father’s House whilst Joseph and Mary came looking for him, is also a proof that His Father was God and not a human one. Remember that the Hajj rites of Abraham used to be for the boys aged 12 to 16 to establish their covenants with their tribal elders called Ilah and it is not for the grown up men or women as it is presently happening that also reflects the degree of religious Darkness. Further, when he became adult to look after His Father’s Home, He turned the tables of the traders telling them that His Father’s House is for spiritual business of prayer and meditation and not for the secular businesses of making money through trading.
Now, the death of Jesus became a controversial issue among the people of the BOOK, the so-called Christians. This issue is best tackled by knowing that whatsoever applies to "flesh", the opposite applies to the matters of "spirit". Thus, in flesh every one of us has his own parents whilst in spirit all of us have God as our single Parent, both Mother and Father. Kings rest their heads in the comforts of their palaces, whereas our Royal King had no place even to rest His head. This is because Jesus was not born in a tribal home but in His Father's Home devoted to spreading Gospel, He had no tribal home to rest his head or return to. That is why He like John, the Baptist who became Euchnic for the King of Heaven, they both took to wilderness, the land that does not belong to any tribe or they do not want to own any. Both John and Jesus remained celibate and they never married any one.
Kings normally die a natural death in the comforts of their palaces well attended by their courtiers and nobles whilst our Royal King Jesus was to face an un-natural death of a very humiliating nature at a place much haunted and feared by the general public and that too among the company of two criminals; one of "flesh" who asked Jesus to set him free through His miraculous Powers whilst the other of "spirit" of the Robin Hood type acknowledged his fate but at the same time he proclaimed that Jesus is dying for no wrong doing i.e. even the criminals of "spirit" knew Jesus better than the lawyers of "letters", the Rabbis. Kings put on happily very expensive and comfortable crowns made of the artificial materials whilst our Royal King Jesus was forcibly put upon a very uncomfortable befitting crown made of the natural living thorny bush against His Will. In fact, the death by stoning is not as humiliating and none of the Apostles met such a humiliating death as Jesus did.
BURIAL CHAMBER: - Finally, people have their family burial chambers and they bury their generations in the same chamber until full. So, the burial of Jesus was in a newly built chamber also confirms that he had no family ties and being the second Adam, He was laid in a Virgin Burial Chamber that was never used even after his burial. No one was buried in this Chamber after Jesus also confirms that He had no family and this D’Vinchi code is a fake.
Here, it is worthwhile to mention the birth of the Second anointed Christ in the name of Nanak, Who appeared in India among the people of Khatri tribe, who, like the people of Judah tribe, were angelic or DEVTA people in the past enlightened Age (TRETA) but they had become the most satanic people in this Dark Age. But the birth of the Second anointed Christ, called "SATGURU" in Panjabi, was not of a Virgin, as the people of the Khatri tribe had not severed their covenant with their tribal ancestors by becoming the Hindus of flesh or tribe. That is, they remained Khatri tribal people. Thus, the spiritually sick people of Khatri tribe, especially those who became Mullahs, were the sworn enemies of the Satgurus and the Royal Kings. In short, the people of Judah tribe in the Middle East, the Baby Princes of Darkness and of the Khatri tribe in India, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness, are great opportunists and they have a great love for Mammon or "GREED" and, therefore, they exploited the religious people to their utmost for their selfish motives. Remember that all the people of a certain tribe cannot be good or bad but in general a certain trait is dominant among the people of a particular tribe.
Further, in general, people of the West are seeking God more sincerely than the people of the East but they are mostly blind to the matters of “spirit”. This is well illustrated in the Parable of the Samaritan woman at the well – John 4, who had Five husbands, KAAM (immorality), KARODHH (anger), LOBH (greed), MOH (material love) and the Last one HANKAAR (pride of her religious knowledge as she proclaimed Jesus to be a Prophet), a husband living with her but she had overpowered it too for she engaged Jesus in deep discussion. But the Book people take the literal sense and call this most knowledgeable and pious woman Jesus ever met in His ministry as a “prostitute” marrying one husband after the other.
Unfortunately, the so-called Sikhs of beards and turbans are familiar with these five husbands but they are incapable of explaining them to the Christians either. Remember that the word “Sikh” stands for a student of spiritual knowledge and he is known by what comes out of his own mouth rather than what the Books say. Funny costumes as put on by the clerics do not make a person religious but a hypocrite, that Jesus condemned the most – Cups white-washed from the outside that are full of filth.
So, both in Satguru Jesus and Christ Nanak, it is the “quality” of speech that counts and not the reciting of the holy verses from the Books or the dog-collars/robes of hypocrisy in which case they proclaim to be working for God but they get paid for their labour in the currency of Mammon. Workers of Jesus do not handle money. Freely they receive, freely they give.
In Kal Yug or the Dark Age, every one has to give his own account to God and those who follow the so-called Sants or holy men blindly are wasting their invaluable life as such false hypocrite Sants cannot give your account to God. Therefore, go by your own christ/satguru, the “innerman” or “ANTAR SATGURU” and experience “Philo”, “ANAND” in the company of the twice-born people of spirit/SURTI.
Rom. 14.12: - Live by your own christ, the “innerman”.
No christ (spirit), no Gospel and no salvation but Hell.

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