Terrorism in FATA and especially in Kurram Agency; what will be the future of tribal students? By Naseer Hussain


All parts of the life of FATA especially in Kurram Agency have been affected by the terrorists. But educational system has been affected completely. The educational ratio of Kurram Agency had been considered equal to Islamabad and Peshawar. But during the last five years the students of Kurram Agency tortured as much as they had become mentally disturbed. Tribal students had been affected too much in 2007 when Talibans blocked the roads on tribes and made them besieged in Kurram Agency. The doors of higher educational institutes had been also kept closed on the tribal students due to the road blockade. Education in Peshawar and Islamabad had been became a dream of tribal students of Parachinar. If any student tried to go to Peshawar or Islamabad had been kidnapped or killed. Dozens of students had been kidnapped during these five years coming from Peshawar to Parachinar or going to Peshawar from Parachinar.
Who paid for ransom had been set free, but who could not managed to pay the ransom had been burnt alive or slaughtered into pieces. Even some parents did not gain the last sight of their sons due to the misidentification of the dead bodies. Some kidnapped students are still in the custody of Talibans from many months. And tribes are facing difficulties for the freedom of those students due to the non payment of ransom. In which Qaiser Hussain student of M.Sc is the live example, who has been in the custody of Talibans from previously some months and Talibans are demanding 12Lakh rupees for the freedom of Qaiser Hussain.
Non local teaching staff is not present in the educational institutes of Kurram Agency from last five years and has been receiving salaries at home. No enough teaching staff is present in the educational institutes of Kurram Agency who have more than the thousands of students. Email and post services are also abandoned. Supply of Newspapers is also stopped. The educated young men are unable to apply for any job. Kurram Agency was at top in whole FATA in the field of education. People are the enemies of female's education in other areas of FATA. And educational institutes of FATA have not as much female students as they would have. But Kurram Agency is the only place in whole FATA who has more female and male students as it would have. But shortage of facilities and teaching staff caused the educational system to be fall day by day. Kurram Agency has been pulled many years back in the field of education due to the terrorism, blockade of roads and wrong policies of Government.
Tribes of Kurram Agency especially the students were too happy that the operation which has been established against the Talibans in Central Kurram from 4th July 2011 will bring peace in Kurram Agency, and roads will be opened. But on 18th August 2011 Government claimed that they had achieved their targets and they have finished the operational activities. But so sorrowful that Thall-Parachinar road is still blocked for traffic. Talibans are present in Lower Kurram Agency. Their check posts are also present in Lower Kurram Agency. Arrival and departure of passengers between the Parachinar and Peshawar is practically abandoned. Still the tribes and students of Parachinar are using the dangerous road of Afghanistan for the arrival and departure to Peshawar. Sadiqa Bibi who is a tribal student says that; roads are blocked in Kurram Agency since five years. And students are not getting the education in proper manner and not only that, students are also facing the shortage of books. Schools have not the enough teaching staff as they would have. Thousands of students are compelled to get education on outdoor grounds even in winters due to the fewer classrooms. He says; that children are the builders of nation's bright future. But educational doors had been set locked on these builders in FATA and especially in Kurram Agency.
I want to mention an incident of tribal student here importantly, who had been kidnapped by the Talibans and set free after the payment of heavy ransom. His name was Imtiaz Ali. He says that conspiracies are in progress to destruct the future of tribal students in tribal areas. Destroying of schools by the explosive material is pulling FATA towards the misery situations.
The students who might have had book and pen have been forcing to hold on the explosive material and gun.
Students have been compelling for training by the Talibans for suicides. Talibans are killing and kidnapping the tribal students. Tribal student says; that I got the early education from Parachinar Kurram Agency. Then admitted in a higher educational institute for higher education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. My higher education's main target was to serve for country and nation and to prove that tribes are not the terrorists; they are patriotic and have respect for the all humanity.
Student Imtiaz Ali said; that Government and Grand Tribal Girga announced the peace agreement in February 2011 and then ordered to open the Thall Parachinar road for traffic from 8th February 2011. After the announcement of peace agreement Thall Parachinar road had been opened for traffic. I was happy to know that Thall Parachinar road has been opened.
Student said; that he had been kidnapped at Lower Kurram Agency along with other passengers when he was coming to Parachinar from Peshawar to prepare some important documents during vacations in March 2011. And delivered to Talibans stronghold. Where Talibans were telling me again and again that there is no benefit of education. If you want the goodness of your parents and yourself and to serve for Islam then you can achieve your religious purposes and heaven by training you for suicide attack.
Student said; that Talibans had been telling him again and again that you people the "Turi Bangash Tribes" are fighting against them and are not obeying their orders and are not giving them the road of Afghanistan to continue their activities; therefore Talibans will not let the Turi Bangash Tribes. Roads will not be opened. And kidnapping and killing will not be stopped.
Student says; that those days were just like the punishment of hell. Talibans had been showing a sharp knife to afraid him that they will slaughter him. Talibans had been telling him that they will slaughter him into pieces if his parents do not pay the ransom.
Student said; that he had been set free after the payment of heavy ransom. And he got a new life. Student said; for God sack, the Government of Pakistan and rulers should stop the educational killing of tribal students. And Government should finish the bloody game which is still continued in the name of terrorism and should change their policy and should accept the FATA instead of ignorance.
Student said; that the educational future of tribal students will be destroyed if the bloody game remains continued in the name of terrorism.
Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Barrister Masood Kawsar has said correctly, that FATA had accepted the Pakistan, but Pakistan had not accepted the FATA. We should think seriously about the bright future of Pakistan. Because the future of Pakistan is also related with FATA. Governor said these words during an address in Islamabad, which are an invitation of attention and think for the supporters and followers of Pakistan.

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