Was the Operation only a drama against the terrorists in Central Kurram Agency? By Naseer Hussain


The tribes who were besieged from last five years got a hope that they will get freedom from terrorists bedevils and all the roads will be opened for traffic along with Thall Parachinar road when Security Forces established an operation against the terrorists from 4th of July 2011. But the dramatically separation of Fazal Saeed Haqqani from Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (T.T.P) few days before the Koh-e-Safaide operation brought doubts towards the tribes. And people have been calling that operation only a drama.
Kurram Taliban Leader Fazal Saeed announced his separation from T.T.P and created a new party naming Tehrik-e-Taliban-e-Islami and also condemned the blasting and kidnapping acts of T.T.P. The announcement made by the Fazal Saeed’s separation from T.T.P put the Kurramis in very doubts because in near past all the sabotage activities like suicidal attacks and kidnapping were headed by Fazal Saeed.
How an evil became the angel of peace? And how does he change his strategy in a few days?
Fazal Saeed S/O Hajji Saeed was the resident of “Ochaat” located in Lower Kurram Agency. His one brother named Gul Saeed is a T.T teacher in a High School at Lower Kurram Agency while another is a private school teacher named Adil Saeed. Fazal Saeed was also a peon in a “Governmental Tube-Well.”
Fazal Saeed joined the T.T.P by announcing his sincerity with Bait Ullah Mahsood when Taliban marched towards the Kurram Agency from North and South Wazirstan in 2007. He completely helped them for the settlement of training centers and strongholds. T.T.P kidnapped people for ransom by the support of Fazal Saeed. In result of nonpayment dozen’s of innocent people were slaughtered into pieces in front of Fazal Saeed. Suiciders were trained in the presence of Fazal Saeed.
Hakim Ullah Mahsood was the Taliban commander in Kurram Agency when Bait Ullah Mahsood was alive. Hakim Ullah Mahsood determined the Fazal Saeed as the commander of T.T.P Kurram Agency after the death of Bait Ullah Mahsood in a drone attack. As the Taliban’s commander Fazal Saeed augmented his cruel activities against those tribes of Kurram Agency, who were disagreed to him or Taliban. People were targeted with heavy weapons, while roads were keeping blocked on Turi Bangash tribes. Supply of goods had been stopped and thousands of tribes were set practically abandon.
The government already announced a reward of five million rupees for producing the Fazal Saeed dead or alive when his extremes enhanced in the mentioned areas and he continued to send the terrorists for terrorism in different areas of the country from Kurram Agency. Haqqani Network was also in motion besides the T.T.P. During this Fazal Saeed’s relations had been also produced with Haqqani Network. And he gave them full surety of loyalty. He edited his name by Haqqani after the deep relations with Haqqani Network to play the double game. He gained profits and meditating from both the T.T.P and Haqqani Network. Thus he got superiority and royalty in Kurram Agency. He started to receive the toll tax from the trucks and carriages that had been traveling to Parachinar from Peshawar. And he also got the millions of toll tax from those fully loaded carriages that had been coming from Afghanistan. So he became a millionaire. The grudges came with other Taliban Leaders. Therefore Fazal Saeed removed from the leadership of T.T.P Kurram Agency. And “Taliban Leadership” made the Jalal-ul-Din the commander in Kurram Agency, who was also a terrorist. Government invited the media representatives to Kurram Agency from Peshawar and Islamabad for the coverage of running operation against the terrorists after the sudden separation of Fazal Saeed Haqqani from T.T.P and announcing of operation by Security Forces from the first week of July. Media representatives were briefed about operation by the Government. They were whirled on the different strongholds and training centers of terrorists. While the local media of Kurram Agency kept rejected from that operation. Reports and training centers especially “Shashu Training Centers” have been shown on news channels. In which Security Forces claimed that they had occupied these centers.
When Writer watched the scenes of training centers he became surprised, because mentioned training centers had been occupied during the operation in November 2009. And occupancy of these training centers and areas has been under the control of Security Forces from November 2009.
Writer had also toured the training centers of terrorists in November 2009 along with other media colleagues and of Security Forces, which had been occupied in November 2009 by the Security Forces. Where the interviews of Security Officers had been recorded and footages were taken of training centers and mines. Now Writer still has those footages. And now after two years showing of mentioned training centers and claiming of occupancy and keeping rejection to local media has made the operation doubtful in Kurram Agency.
On 18th of August Security Forces claimed that they had been finished the operation in Central Kurram Agency and had been succeeded. But Thall Parachinar road and other roads for traffic are still blocked even Security Forces had claimed that they had finished the operation and got the success. Talibans are present in different areas of Lower Kurram Agency and in the border areas of Kurram Agency nearer to the Pak-Afghan border. They have check posts. They are receiving tax from coaches and carriages. More than the 0.7 million of population is besieged. Talibans have occupancy over the Thall Parachinar road. The leader of Tehrik-e-Taliban Islami Pakistan Fazal Saeed Haqqani and his hundreds of colleagues are present in Lower Kurram Agency.
Even many passengers kidnapped and killed from the passenger’s coaches on road after the completion of Koh-e-Safaide operation in Kurram Agency. And Fazal Saeed Haqqani’s group warned the Upper Kurram’s tribes that will attack the convoy.
But Government and Security Forces are abnegating to take any action or activity against the Fazal Saeed Haqqani and his group.
Hundreds of students protested against the blockade of roads and insensibility of the Government in Parachinar City. Students called the operation only a drama and demanded the Government to take immediately action against the Fazal Saeed Haqqani and his group. During the protest students said that the road blockade is improving the educational killing of tribal students. And students are compelling to hold on the weapon instead of book and pen. And the tribes of Parachinar are punishing for their patriotism and faithfulness with their country. Students said; that the Governmental and official convoys are also not to be saved. And hundreds of students and passengers had been kidnapped and killed in convoys by the attack of Talibans many times. But destined Security Officers for the safety of convoy had been abnegated to take any activity against those terrorist attackers. Because of which untrustworthy had been asserted in passengers and especially in students. Tribal students were protesting peacefully in Parachinar near to Political Agents Chowk (P.A Chowk) on 12th September 2011 and were demanding the Helicopter to convey them safely to the Peshawar. During which students also acclaimed against the Government. In the meantime Security Forces fired the students with guns and teargas shells. In result of that firing three students injured too much.
Political Administration and Force attacked the Press Club Parachinar and aggravated the students and journalists while on 13th September 2011 students were in press conference in Parchinar’s Press Club against the firing on protesting procession. Then students and journalists were arrested by the Political Administration and Forces and carried to the Sub-Jail Parachinar. Writer was also a part of arrested journalists.
Journalists were set free after some hours by the protesting of organizations of journalists.
All the tribes of the area, social and political people are so sad and angry on the arresting of journalists and students. The tribal social and political organizations say that Government and Security Forces are completely silent in the case of Talibans activities while the students who protested peacefully and journalists who wrote the truth have been arrested.

(The author of article is a Tribal Journalist from Chinar News Agency Parachinar Kurram Agency FATA Pakistan)

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