Salafi Leader Threatens Coptic Christians in Egypt. By Assad Elepty


Egyptian Islamic cleric and Salafi Leader Muhammad Mustafa, also known as "Abu Shadi", has used his position to incite vile hatred against the coptic community. He delivered a disgraceful speech, that contained direct threats aimed at the Coptic community.
It is truly hoped SCAF and the interim Government will arrest this individual and bring his taunts and threats to an end, sending a clear message that all Egyptians are equal irrespective of faith as stated in the constitution.
Incredibly the radical cleric commenced by alleging the Egyptian revolution was the direct result of the Salafi movement: He unambiguously stated:
“Nobody denies that the Salafi current has the greatest share in initiating the revolution, as it exposed to the people the loyalty of the Arab regimes to the West, their squandering of the resources of the Umma [Islamic Nation], and their failing to preserve its holy sites."
The leader of the Jihadi-Salafi movement continued by saying,
"the Salafis never stayed away from politics, but rather applied it in accordance to their understanding of Sharia, and that they also played the role of "enlightening before revolutionizing," recognizing that popular revolts are the greatest means for change."
Abu Shadi then made some shocking statements, that can only be viewed as divisive and direct threats aimed at the Coptic Community and those striving for secularism.
1. He alleged he was one of Tahrir Square’s preachers during the revolution,
2. That Jihadi Salafism is present in Egypt, and in large numbers, in the millions, according to him.
3. In his view (Abu Shadi), the street [i.e., the average Muslim Egyptian] is in complete agreement with Salafism, and the attack on the Salafis comes from the "enemies of Islam,” or as he describes them, "the forces of infidels and crusaders.”
4. Moreover, he asserts with confidence, that the Egyptian Islamic movements have the "mechanism to deal with the infidels"
5. Abu Shadi sees that it was only fear, and perhaps error [of judgment], which led some Salafi preachers to call against going out [to protest] against Mubarak.
6. He pointed out that Mubarak fought Islamists, and harmed Islam, because he helped the crusaders occupy Iraq and Afghanistan,
7. Adding that "there is no obedience to whoever does not govern according to Sharia."
8. For him, the conditions to be a ruler of a Muslim state are "to be Muslim, masculine, and possess [religious] knowledge—even to the degree of being an exegete".
9. He called upon the Islamic movements to carefully distinguish between believers and infidels.
10. He then said: The Nassara [or “Nazarenes,” the Quranic appellation for Christians],
- must either pay jizya [tribute, and assume inferior status], - or convert to Islam, - or war.
11. He adds: for the coming struggle is the clash of civilizations, and Islam will be victorious and rule the world with an "Islamic caliphate"...
12. Abu Shady belittles the symbols of secularism in the "lands of Muslims," describing them as few [in number], and points out that there is confusion among the people regarding "the fact that they are infidels.”
13. He threatened that a statement will be shortly published by the Salafis, revealing the truth about them [the secularists], which "will make the masses beat them with shoes, for we must fight them because they are in the trench of infidelity”.
The statements of the Salafi leader are of major concern to all Copts and civilised Muslims. There is a growing expectation the Government will quickly deal with individuals that make direct, indirect, or veiled threats that attack the heart of national unity and equality. Just as alarming is the fact the Brotherhood have made an alliance with the Salafi "El- Nour" (The Light) political party. It comes as no surprise the brotherhood does not condemn such divisive statements and tear up their alliance pact in protest.
Radical Islamists put their narrow vision ahead of National Unity and patriotism.
We ask all to pray for The Coptic community during this difficult period.
As the November 21 election nears, may God instill decency, tolerance and unity in the hearts of all Egyptians?

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