University Hospital of Wales and British Health Sector. By Ata Us Salam


.The central hospital of Wales is located in the area of Heath of Cardiff City. Heath hospital is commonly known as University Hospital of Wales. UHW is the combined research institute of University of Wales and Cardiff, in which a large number of teachers and students of these famous Universities especially of Cardiff University are working. High and beautiful building of this hospital is all over surrounded by green trees. It is located at almost five minutes drive from the beautiful and historical Cardiff Castle.
Staff of different units of this hospital wears different uniform. Data of patients is saved in computers as well as in their personal files and regularly updated during every appointment. Today I am going to tell you just about its Natal (birth) system that is why I will say that data of different pregnant women is kept both in computers and in their personal files. A large number of reports are prepared regularly during whole of their pregnancy by different departments. Scanning, Blood and Urine tests are mandatory during their regular checkups which are usually taken after every two weeks. In these tests health of both mother and baby is tested. Women’s are informed about their health and suggested some medicines if found necessary. These medicines can be purchased from any pharmacy free of cost. The department which deals with pregnant women is called Antenatal unit. This unit regularly checks the health of babies through scanning in the tummy of mother and inform them about their expected date of delivery. In case, they feel that baby is not growing properly then they refer the case to delivery section. There is one more hospital which has more advanced scanning machines and it also has affiliation with the UHW. This hospital is located in the ridges of Cardiff and is called Llandough Hospital. Like Heath, Llandough is also a Welsh name. Landough is just like a green valley and rich Welsh people prefer to live there because it is very peaceful area and free of noise pollution and foreigners. Sometimes patients of UHW are referred to Llandough hospital for further examination. Staff of both hospitals also works in both hospitals if required.
Uniform of those midwives who are working in delivery section of UHW is dark blue and without any doubt I can say that they are the best human beings on earth. Even a real mother cannot treat with her real daughter as nicely as these midwives behave with all admitted women. “My Love” and “My sweet heart” are those common words which are used regularly by these midwives for admitted women. They take samples of Urine of patients and wash them very happily. In Pakistan, pregnant women of even a little established family always prefer to go to private hospitals because in government hospitals they have to face highly substandard and vulgar language of Nurses. But in Wales, husbands and other family members always remain present with their women in hospitals. At here, family bonds are not in a bad condition and no patient seems alone in hospitals.
After birth of child, mothers and newly born babies are transferred to another unit which is called Neonatal. In this unit, Nurses wash everything of new mothers very happily and help them in taking bath and walking. They also wash newly born babies themselves and they teach new mothers how to feed their babies. They regularly advise mothers to breastfeed their babies but in the beginning they provide bottled milk to all babies. Like all other units, meals are also served here and everything is free of cost for everyone same as before. In these meals women’s are offered to eat Ice cream, Yogurt and Fruits just after giving birth of their babies while in Pakistan women are advised very strictly not to even see towards cold foods by old Mums and Grand mums. Just after birth, babies are worn digital bands in their legs like their Mums which show their names etc so that nobody could take them out of hospital without permission. According to law no one can hold babies in his or her arm during sitting in Car or Bus that’s why especially designed baby seats have to be purchased before taking babies home. Hospital administration does not allow taking babies to home until baby seat is not taken into Neonatal unit. After discharge from Hospital, Midwives and Health Visitors regularly start to visit the newly born babies’ homes and thoroughly examine the circumstances of their homes and babies health. They verify the presence of Baby Cot and Sterilizer in homes and they also teach new parents how to use them. They always advise parents to keep their babies in Cots for their safety. They physically confirm the working of Sterilizer themselves. They also examine the weight of baby after almost every week whether it is growing properly and whether parents are feeding their babies properly or not. Welsh Health department works very hardly for the rights and health of these newly born babies. They also write regular notes about the health of baby in a book which is commonly known as red book. In Welsh Health System, month is counted as of four weeks and according to their formulas, normal women give their babies birth in tenth month. I think state of Wales or at least its health department would increase the number of months of year from twelve to thirteen within some years and every month would be of 28 days except February.
Many superstores like ASDA, Boots and Sainsbury give discount while purchasing baby items. Sainsbury and Bounty provide small gift packs for newly born babies not only after their birth but also before their birth. Parents are given extra money to look after their babies and almost all departments like Housing, Tax, Job Centres etc provide extra benefits and grants to them. Green coloured comfortable public buses of Cardiff Council can be seen all over the day running towards hospitals without caring the number of passengers in them. National Health Service of Wales issues milk Coupons for pregnant women. The amount of this Coupon is almost 12 pounds for 4 weeks and this amount is doubled after birth of baby. These coupons can be used to purchase Milk, Vegetables and Fruits. It feels that babies are message of happiness at this land.
NHS provides facilities not only in natal sector but also in all other health sectors. All kind of check-ups including Dental and Eye Sight are free in this Kingdom. Eye glasses are also provided free of cost. All of these facilities are provided equally to every person whether they are British, Asian or African without any discrimination. Needy patients are also helped in their travelling expenditures if they cannot afford the costs of bus or taxi themselves. These health facilities are being provided only because their leaders are not corrupt and money is spent on people.
Ata Us Salam
3C Tudor Street, Riverside, Cardiff.

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