The naked sword of blasphemy law in Pakistan. By Moazzam Salamat


The U.N.O, Justice and Peace Commission, Human Right Watch, Women Organization, South Asian Institute of Human Rights Affairs, Y.M.C.A, Y.W.C.A, Civil Society of Pakistan and many other Human Rights Organizations of Global Level are of the view that the Non-Muslims and especially the Christians of Pakistan are confronted with tedious and complicated Constitutional, Judicial, Administrative, Military, Educational, Religious, Social, Economic , Agricultural ,Cultural, Journalistic and Labor Problems. The most dangerous, terrible and killing problem is The Blasphemy Laws. In this Article I shall not discuss the above mentioned problems .I shall throw some light only on the vital issue of The Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan.
History of these terrible Laws in the Sub-Continent is well known to the people of almost all the countries of the Globe because volumes have been written on this issue in the past. That is why I have made up my mind not to waste my time in writing history of The Blasphemy Laws. I shall discuss only the perils, pains and pangs of these Laws in Pakistan. Since the inception or introduction of these Laws during the Zia Regime, They have mercilessly and ruthlessly killed hundreds of innocent Pakistani’s irr-respective of caste, color, and creed. “Justice and Peace Commission” is an authoritative Organization on The Blasphemy and other discriminatory Laws. According to its record to this day round about 1000 people including Muslims , Christians, Hindu’s and Ahmedi’s have been falsely accused and arrested under The Blasphemy Laws and dozens of innocent people belonging to various communities have been murdered on the bases of False frivolous and fabricated cases. More than one hundred Christians are even today suffering in the prisons on falsified charges. The Blasphemy Laws are hanging on their heads like a naked sword or a loaded pistol. We don’t know when they are killed or hanged in the cells by the guards. Like a Christian boy of Sambrial in Sialkot Jail or Mr Salam Taseer , The Governor of the Punjab in Islamabad.
I personally feel that some of the potent causes of The Blasphemy Laws are jealousy of business, promotion of a Christian in a Job, petty quarrel over a piece of land,
Some personal grudge, change of hot words at a tap of water, not to honor ones request, forced rape and conversation of a Christian girl, the misuse of loudspeaker in a Mosque, the political rivalry of a Muslim Landlord, the wave of religious fanaticism in Pakistan, the revenge of the atrocities of the English, Hindu’s and Sikh’s on the Muslims before partition and reaction of the extremists in Pakistan against the Christians considering them black Americans and European for the faults and sins of the west.
The Non- Muslims of Pakistan are passing through a very critical period of their history. No Government, not even Zardari Regime are Provincial Governments are prepared to protect the lives of the poor Christians and other Minorities from The Blasphemy Laws. On the other hand the people at the helm of affairs use these laws as tools and weapons to materialize their vested interests. They patronize the religious fanatics that misuse The Blasphemy Laws. For Example, The PPP is silent on the horrible murder of its Governor The Salman Taseer and the Federal Minister Shahbaz Bhatti murdered in the day broad light. Mian brothers cannot do Justice to Asiya Bibi of Sheikhupura .After the Death of Mr Arif Iqbal Bhatti, A Judge of Lahore High Court, no Judge is there to do Justice to the people falsely involve in these cases. No Advocate is ready to take our cases for the fear of death. Christian N.G.O’ s are doing nothing but making a lot of money .The Bishops, Priests and Christian Political leaders are silent, deaf and dumb on this issue.
The Holy Bible has taught me that “SPEAK FOR THE DUMB AND FIGHT FOR THE SLAVES” My own father Professor Salamat Akhtar an advocate of Justice and Peace and a prominent Historian of Pakistan has advised me to fight for my rights and the rights of my community without damaging the rights of other communities in Pakistan. That is why I am here to unite the Christian Youth at One platform, Infuse a new spirit in the dead body of The Christian Youth and strike hard on The Blasphemy Laws. If David can kill the Goliath with the help with help of God why can’t we shatter The Blasphemy Laws into pieces by the Grace of Jesus Christ?
Most humbly and respectfully I submit the following suggestions to get rid of these horrible Blasphemy Laws in Pakistan.
A:- The Present Regime with the help of new amendment in the Constitution should repeal 295 B/C because the founder of Islam, called Mercy of the Two Worlds cannot generate death but only mercy. Moreover if in any Christian country the capital punishment is in The Constitution it should also be repealed.
B:-The false and frivolous cases against Asiya Bibi and others should be immediately withdrawn to make Pakistan a land of love and peace.
C:-If it is impossible for The Government to repeal 295B/C, the same capital punishment should be introduced for the man registering a false case of The Blasphemy.
D:- We are convinced that all the lower and high officials of the police are religiously fanatic and prejudiced hence the investigation of every case of Blasphemy Law should be entrusted to the Judge of a High Court.
E:-The members of Parliament and Supreme Court of Pakistan should dive deep into The Blasphemy Laws and if any short comings they should rectify them.
F:- The Scholars of Various religions should sit together in Interfaith Conferences and find a solution of this issue to create harmony in the Pakistani society.
G:-All the Political Parties of Pakistan are struggling to bring back Quaid’s Pakistan where love, peace, and justice prevailed in society.
I humbly appeal to The Government, Political Parties, Religious Heads, The Journalist’s, The Media and The Civil Society to make Pakistan a land of Peace, love and Justice.
(The author is Media Coordinator of All Pakistan Christian League Punjab)

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