Persecution of Christians in Saudi Arabia a Holy Land for Muslims. By Clarence Anthony


The behavior of the Saudi government with the Ethiopian Christians who were abused, beaten and jailed just for praying in a Christian way is inhuman. This act of Saudi police and government shows openly the hate and enmity they have for Christianity. We must strongly condemn the persecution of the Christians in Saudi Arabia and ask for urgent release of those who have been thrown in jails just for practicing there Christian religion and praying to God in a Christian way. God is one the creator of heaven and earth who is present everywhere whether it’s Saudi Arab or other part of world. Its written in Quran that Yahood and Christians are (AHAL AL KITAB) means have a holly book and believe in same one God. It also believes that Jesus Christ is one of the greatest prophets of God and it’s there believe that Jesus was born without father by the Holy spirit of God and was known as son of Merriam. He did great miracles and did not die but was ascended to heaven and will be back on the Day of Judgment to judge the good from bad… How is this possible that most of these peoples have hated for the followers of Jesus Christ stronger then there believe for Jesus Christ. Do they deny his prophecy? Let us not forget that there are lots of wicked things going on in all over the world and even in Saudi Arabia but no one goes in houses for a search behind them. The search goes only for those Christians who are just praying to the God in side there houses....And instead of condemning this inhuman act of Saudi government, there are people who feel proud of the system & law. Isn’t it shameful to stop other religions from worshiping specially the same one God which they worship? Saudi Arab may be a HOLY LAND for Muslims but not necessarily the LAND OF ANGELS where everyone is so holy that they don’t sin. I would like to ask what wrong these Christian people were doing in there. Just praying, to the same one God to whom Quran says he is the God of every nation. Were these Christians doing anything offensive or sinful that the state police had to search for them even when they have confined themselves from praying in the public places? I wonder what makes these people so proud of this attitude. I would like to ask the supporters of this behavior. Have you’ll ever been to the church or attended Christian prayer meetings? I think you should at least once. You will see the love and faithfulness the Christians have for the land they stay in and the prayers in the churches for the blessings of the countries, the rulers, the government and people of that country in which they stay. There are prayers for peace in the world and the nations of the world. Have you ever notice Christian behavior for non-Christians? And the love and rights the Muslims enjoy in Christian countries. Have any one ever stopped them from practicing their religious believe? Islam talks about equal rights, do they give the same equal right and freedom to the Christians whom they enjoy in Christian countries? Did anyone stopped them to make one of the world’s biggest mosque in Italy which was not required over there and was supposed to be in some Muslim country like Bangladesh, Pakistan or other part of Muslim population areas where there are people praying in open fields with even no roof on their heads. Hundreds of mosques could have been built in that budget for the poor Muslims in these countries and a small mosque in Italy could have been more than enough. But just because it was a home of Christians with a big church in it, a big mosque was built in front. Just to promote and show that they have a big mosque in front of the church. But with the Christians they cannot even bare to let them pray in their houses in Saudi Arabia. This is the example set by the Muslims for the Christian world? This is the equal right we talk about in Islam? When Muslims are enjoying all the religious freedom and human rights in Christian countries. It is there moral and religious duty to provide the Christians with the same equal human rights and religious freedom in Saudi Arab and other parts of the Muslim world.

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