Politics of Concerns, By Fateh Ullah Khan Kundi


Politics is a legal mafia, as quoted by the schizophrenic Nana Patekar in one of his movies. I didn’t believe that in the start and instead always associated politics to the service of mankind but now after watching to the disastrous wash out of country’s possessions by the PPP government has impelled me to alter my stance in this regard.
The current PPP regime has failed from all directions and simply speaking, didn’t deliver to the nation. More devastatingly the government is vis-a-vis the Supreme Court on multiple of corruption and even treason cases ranging from NRO cases to the memo gate scandal and not to mention the current drug scandal cases.
The way the populace delivered their verdict in 2008 elections towards PPP and bestowed a solid majority upon them with hope that this party will put an end to the egoistic policies of Musharraf. But the PPP led government thwarted all the hopes and instead continued with the dictator’s drafted foreign policy of promulgating US interests in the region despite of safeguarding their state interests with an additional curse of also indulging in immeasurable corruption, depravity and gigantic nepotism. No improvement on any ground was clued throughout the four years of PPP’s tenure.
A common Pakistani is in deep frustration now and wants to get rid of these visionless, corrupt and incompetent rulers as soon as possible but no one among the political hierarchy is here to lead them in true means.
Upon that Half of the Pakistan was burning and poor was dying because of one or the other wrong policy of the government but despite the fact all the political parties were watching to all this like a bystander and merely the political point scoring from all the parties on each issue was seen and no party paid serious heed to the concerns of poor or shown any serious sympathy with the nation.
Pakistan Muslim League (N), the major opposition force in the National Assembly played an infamous role of friendly opposition and failed in representing the factual aspirations of nation only because to save Punjab government of Shehbaz Sharif and to avoid any military intervention of toppling the government and hence is responsible for the present day wretched situation to the same extent Pakistan People Party is.
Pakistan Muslim League (Q), MQM and ANP are sitting on treasury benches with the government and are enjoying enormous privileges in the wake of saving the so called democracy and Gilani led coalition government despite the fact the government being totally failed in delivering to the nation, lost his grace and even in front with Supreme Court on multiple of shameful corruption charges.
This is what we call the politics of concerns, to keep the political interests on top of your party’s priorities list no matter what happens to the nation.
Supreme Court which the nation tied many hopes to has also disappointed the masses of the country because of the fact to have not delivered any decision on some major case and for keeping all the big wig cases in pending and hence have provided indirect incentive to the corrugated profile of current regime to go ahead.
Now when the Supreme Court has convicted the Prime Minister guilty in contempt of court for not obeying SC order to write a letter to Swiss government, despite desisting PM from holding his office the same politics of concerns is going on once again. All the parties are busy only in political point scoring and are committed not to take any concrete step to kick the PM out of the office as it wouldn’t serve their interest rather they are scared because PPP will get a fair chance to label their selves as political martyrs or in the other case will either motivate military to intervene.
So called Tsunami of PTI has also ceased for the time being and is in long wait for what decision comes out of the SC after PM’s appeal. It’s somewhat nonsensical excuse and mishandling of momentum if meant in the day to day warming political atmosphere.
It’s high time for all the mainstream political parties to come ahead against the government and put an end to the widespread public frustration being caused by the ravishing conduct of the government.
They must note it, the one who played their cards well and to the hopes of the nation while detaining their party concerns in pocket will be definitely the Sikandar of coming elections.

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