Failure of Christian Politicians. BY Riaz Anjum Advocate


Economic progress and social dignity of nations and communities has always been conditional with political strength of such nations. Only such nations and communities are victorious of economic fields who are politically strong and fore sighted. Christians are very weak in politics.
For instance there is not even a single constituency in Pakistan from where a Christian can win election of provincial or national assembly. The biggest reason of this situation is that Christians have been living scattered in Pakistan and they are not in dominating majority even in a single constituency of Pakistan. such miserable situation of Pakistani Christians is the result of short sightedness of Christian politicians. our weak position in politics has confused Pakistani Christians. Some Christians demand separate electoral system and some of us demand joint electoral system with dual vote. Perhaps we do not know the consequences of dual vote. On one hand we raise slogans of equal citizen and demand equal rights while on other hand we demand special rights in form of dual vote. Does the demand of dual vote not negate the slogans and demand of equal rights?
Some of our people argue that Muslims of India were given right of dual vote in Minto Morley reforms in 1909 therefor we Christians should also be given such kind of special right of dual vote. The second biggest argument which they put in favor of dual vote is that untouchable and harijans have been given right of dual in India therefore Christians should be given dual vote in Pakistan. I am of the opinion that we are neither untouchable nor harijans therefore we should not demand special kind of right and we do not need to go hundred years back in 1909.we are living in 21 century and we need to move forward in accordance with need of time. As for as present electoral system of Pakistan is concerned , it is not up to the is joint electoral system with reserved seats for religious minorities and women. In present electoral system Christians and other non-Muslims become members of legislative assemblies through nomination by major political parties of parliament. This way of becoming member is neither political nor suitable for Christians and other non-Muslims.
Such reserved seats reveal political weakness and miserable political situation of Pakistani Christians. Such reserved seats for Christians and other non-Muslims have been kept to ensure their representation in legislative assemblies. It simply shows that Christians are not capacitated to win elections of legislative assemblies in joint electoral system which is very much is complete failure of our Christian politicians of Pakistan.
Now it is time to think whether we should be satisfied on such reserved seats? I think it is time to decide whether we are to depend on mercy of reserved seats or we are to come in a position to win elections in joint electoral system. One thing we should impress in our mind that separate electoral system will not and should not be given in future.
Joint electoral system is the best electoral system which is being practiced in the whole world. We will have to make our way for representation in legislative assemblies through joint electoral system. I know it is very difficult task but not impossible for a dedicated determined and committed nation. Brave and determined nations neither lose their wits nor change the path when they come across the obstacles and problems on their way to destination. Now Christian political parties should take the responsibility to develop at least 30 constituencies where Christians should be in dominating majority then Christians would be in position to win election in joint electoral system. Christian political parties will have to take certain steps for getting benefits from this joint electoral system.
1Christian political parties should emphasis on educating Christians about importance of votes and its cast. In this way we can increase the casting ratio of Christian votes.
2 Registration of votes needs much attention of Christian political parties. A vast majority of Christian votes needs o be registered in voting list.
3 Christians will have to discourage the politics of minority wings which are damaging unity of Christians of Pakistan.
4 One of our biggest challenges is that we are living scattered throughout Pakistan. Christian political parties should take responsibility to gather scattered vote bank in said 30 constituencies. These Christian political parties will have to start housing program and to give Christians houses to live together in said constituencies of respective districts who are living scattered. IN this way we can enhance our vote bank in said constituencies which will strengthen our political position and political strength will lead to economic prosperity.

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