Islamic Sharia is a threat to Canadian society. Mark Harding


Last year I stood at Bay and Queen Streets in Toronto on Canada Day, to support Israel. But I also stood there in support of the Hudson Bay Stores whose head office is right there. The Hudson Bay Stores were given an ultimatum by Muslim groups in Canada that demanded the Hudson Bay Stores STOP caring products made in Israel. Thankfully, the Hudson Bay Stores chose to stand up for and with Israel.
As well, Islam teaches to kill Christians and Jews in Islamic societies and it is the main reason for my stand against Islam and its barbaric teachings.
Canada is a free country and I am so glad I live here and I intend to do all I can to keep it free.
Things have not changed since last year; in fact, it has been worsening all over the world including Canada.
Israel continues to be threatened and bombed by many Islamic nations around the world. Canadians are starting to see the extremism that many Islamic followers in Canada are forcing on us. Our schools are being forced to hold prayers for students during regular instruction time. Islamic bookstores in Toronto carry books on the correct way to beat your wife, a reporter beaten in a mall in Toronto for taking a picture of a Muslim, and just recently a Muslim school was closed because they were teaching the students to hate the Jews.
Of course there are still many retail stores in Canada that are being told to stop carrying products made in Israel or risk losing business from the Islamic community in Canada.
We also are seeing an increase in Jewish persecution all across Europe today and of course a dramatic uphill spike in Christian persecution in all Islamic societies around the world. As Canadians, we need to show that we support Israel, we support Christianity and that we will not tolerate Islamic thugs who want to destroy us or our Canadian ways and freedoms. Nor will we allow Islamic Sharia laws in Canada.
On July 1 2012, Canada Day, I will once again be standing in front of the Hudson Bay Store at Queen and Bay to support Israel as this great Canadian retailer has done, and to support Canadian freedoms, and to show Islam that I stand against the Islamic persecution of Christians and Jews everywhere.
On Canada Day, I invite you all to come and stand with me. Spend a couple of hours down town Toronto and show others that you aware of what is going on and that we care enough to stand together. Your presence there will show those who follow “Islamic fundamentalism”, that you support Canada’s Christians and Jews and of course those poor Christians and Jews who are being murdered and persecuted in Islamic societies around the world in the name of Islam and its god.
We hope to reach out to all Muslims with a message of hope and love, that there is a better way than these barbaric Islamic teachings, its called freedom.
I will be there at 12 noon on Sunday July 1st 2012 at the corners of Bay and Queen Streets. I will be the one carrying a big Israeli flag. Come and say hi.

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