Fr. Anand Muttungal,s Book on Application of Special Constitutional Provisions on Minority Schools in India


Bishops/ Provincials / Principals / Managers
Of Schools Run by the Catholic Church, India
And All Well Wishers and Media Persons
Sub: - Book on Application of Minority Rights in Educational Rights
Dear All,
Greetings to you from Vishwakalyan Ashram, Bhopal: We are pleased to inform you that we have brought out three very useful Books for all people involved in the educational apostolate. Help other people too by forwarding this E mail to all persons involved in the educational apostolate.
“Application of the Special Constitutional Provisions on Minority Schools” written by Fr. Anand Muttungal : This book is both in English and Hindi. It provides Special Constitutional Rights for Minorities in India and different Court judgments and its applications for the Minority run educational institutions. This book provides different aspects of many issues related to the Right to Education Act 2009 and the impact of the Supermen Court Judgment on the same. Issues related to collecting fees, how the educational institutions are out of the ambit of Right to Information Act etc. It is a fact that we being the owners of the minority educational institutions are not aware of the Rights and Privileges given to us through the Constitution and different orders of the High Courts and Supreme Court, then how could the leaders, officials and other general parents will know the difference between the Minority Educational Institutions and other Private Educational Institutions. So use this book to create awareness among the parents-teachers, officials, leaders and activists. In Madhya Pradesh we are offering it to all above mentioned persons as gifts. It is a hand book containing 50 pages. The cost is Rs. 50/- only.
Ms. Asmita Gaykward
In-charge of Publications,
VK Institute for Human Research and Development

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