Iraq and Pakistan: Shia Muslims killed while preparing for Eid and convulsions from Syria. By Jibril Khoury and Lee Jay Walker, Modern Tokyo Times


In recent days well over one hundred mainly Shia Muslims have been killed by countless numbers of terrorists attacks in Iraq and Pakistan. The massacre in Pakistan was one major incident whereby Shia Muslims were slaughtered by Sunni Islamist based on their religious beliefs. Likewise, in Iraq Sunni Islamist terrorists even targeted ice-cream places in order to kill Shia children.
The Islamist fervor to slaughter Shia Muslims in Iraq and other minorities continues today just like it did during the height of the crisis after the US led invasion of Iraq. Ironically, it took the US led invasion many years before at least quelling the rates of deaths in Iraq despite never eradicating terrorism and sectarianism. However, once the Obama administration decided to pull out of Iraq then forces connected to al-Qaeda and other lose affiliated groups were given fresh momentum.
Another major reason for the recent upsurge in Islamist terrorist attacks in Iraq is the naïve polices of Washington which tacitly supports Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey spreading sectarianism in Syria. Indeed, clearly the US is the binding theme because these nations would not have acted without Washington giving the go ahead. Therefore, the same Islamists groups in Iraq who were mainly responsible for the deaths of thousands of US troops and untold numbers of civilians; have now been welcomed to join the fray in Syria in order to destabilize this secular nation.
Turning to the recent massacre of Shia Muslims by Sunni Islamists in Pakistan, then clearly members of the Shia are deemed to be like sheep to be slaughtered by the sword of Islamist hatred. Currently the final death toll is still not fully known because latest figures say at least 25 Shia Muslims were massacred after Sunni Islamists stopped vehicles, in order to check the identity of the people travelling. Once the Islamists confirmed that they were all Shia Muslims then they were brutally massacred in cold blood. It is more than likely that the massacre will have been filmed in order to raise funds because while the outside world views this to be barbaric, this doesn’t apply to the twisted logic of Islamists. Instead, it will be used to raise further funds in order to spread sectarian hatred.
Associated Press (AP) provided information about the latest terrorist attack by providing the comments of Khalid Omarazai who is the Mansehra administration chief. He states that
“Ten to 12 people wearing army uniform stopped (and) forced some people off the buses…After checking their papers, they opened fire and at least 20 people are reported to have been killed. This is initial information and the final toll may go up. They are all Shias.”
The brutal massacre took place in northern Pakistan when Shia Muslims set out to celebrate the forthcoming holy religious festival of Eid. However, their travel to Gilgit from Rawalpindi sadly never materialized because the forces of hate brutally massacred the followers of the Shia. The attack was clearly sectarian because once their identification was known then Islamist began to slaughter them. These innocent civilians were killed by being bludgeoned to death or being shot by Islamist terrorists.
This mode of slaughtering the Shia in northern Pakistan is nothing new because two more similar attacks like this have happened in the last year, whereby Shia Muslims were ordered of buses and killed in cold blood. With so many Sunni Islamist organizations being based throughout the area and with many being either associated or reforming under new names, then it is often complex to keep tabs on which group did which massacre. In the same area of northern Pakistan you have the Taliban, al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and many others.
Turning back to Iraq, then Shia Muslims were also targeted based on preparing for the holy Eid celebration. The openness of the festival spirit in the twisted logic of Islamist terrorists meant that ice-cream places, restaurants and other vulnerable places like markets, provided ample opportunities to slaughter the Shia and add further pressure on the government of Iraq. It is difficult to understand why Islamist terrorists would target places like ice cream places knowing full well that children would suffer from the pre-planned carnage.
However, just like in Syria, whereby Sunni Islamists and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are beheading individuals and killing in other brutal ways. It is clear that Islamist clerics are inciting hatred while funding comes from wealthy networks in Saudi Arabia and Qatar when it relates notably to Syria and Iraq. In the case of Syria it is openly supported terrorism whereby Washington, London and Paris have embroiled themselves within the destabilization of Syria. Therefore, the Iraq and Syria quagmire is tainted by the blind policies of these three major Western nations who have joined forces with the brutal monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
The knock-on-effect is that Islamists in Iraq have been rejuvenated and the deaths of thousands of American soldiers have been mocked by the Obama administration. After all, it is clear that the CIA and other networks within America are on the side of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in trying to destabilize secular Syria. This means astonishingly that the same Islamists that America was fighting in Iraq are now on the same side in order to overthrow the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria. The government of Syria protects all religious faiths unlike the draconian nation of Saudi Arabia which is a nation of institutional hatred.
Overall, the recent sectarian carnage is a further indicator that this hatred is being funded and incited by Islamist clerics, powerful organizations and wealthy individuals in nations like Saudi Arabia when it comes to Iraq and Pakistan. In the case of Syria whereby many brutal FSA and Islamist massacres have taken place, then this is state sanctioned terrorism from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Sadly, the blood will continue to flow because of a host of factors and the blind hatred of Islamist ideology which deems others to be subhuman.

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