Raymond Mathias Responses to " Who Were They" by Dr. Shabbir Ahmed in Urdu Time USA.


In response to your recent insert in Urdu Times January 1, 2004 referred to as Time Mag. The article was titled " Phir Who Kon Thai" (Who Were They) was the biggest piece of Islamic propaganda, I have ever read. In your article you have tried to cre

I have been reading your columns for quite sometime and have been responding to your articles very often but the Urdu Times refuses to publish them. I have noticed in your writing and attitude that you are a very anti-American person. Let me assure you Mr. Shabbir, you can be as anti-Christian as you want but the truth is fact and always prevail.
As for as my country, the great and blessed United States of America is concerned you are parasite to this great nation. I would like to ask you if there is absolutely any thing about this country that you truly like?. This country has given you all the freedom, which you enjoy and abuse by writing against it, yet you still spew hatred toward it. You are constantly criticizing our government and its policies, a freedom granted to you by the first amendment. I wish you were in a Muslim country where you would be imprisoned for the article you have written.
Let us come back to your article and remove the falsified doubts you have created. I would like to provide some examples of the truth that is apparent about Muslim terrorists around the globe.
1. What about shaikh Abdul Rehman who master minded the first attack on the world trade center in 1993? Was he not a devouted Muslim?
2. Who bombed the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania on august 7, 1998? Were they not Muslims?
3. Who tried to sink one of America's largest navy ship, USS Cole as it sat in the harbor of Aden, Yemen? Were they not Muslims?
4. What about the attacks in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, turkey, Israel and Pakistan? Were those not Muslims?
I would strongly suggest that you should read about jihad in the Koran. Let me reference some readings areas for you. Surah 47:4, 4:89, 5:51, 9:29, 2:217, 4:71-104 and 8:24 for your fellow Muslims. You may be a scholar but as for as your general knowledge of politics and reality, you are seem extremely uneducated.

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