Are Christians in Pakistan living in a healthy environment? By Olive Anees


Are Christians in Pakistan live in a healthy environment? Even a little kid can answer it. I leave answer to my readers in the light of facts and figures.
One of the facts is that, in Pakistan, our forefathers have been contributing a lot in the uplift of the community of Pakistan. Christian today forms the major part of minorities. Like other Middle Eastern developing countries, in Pakistan too, class differences and religious prejudice over rule. Unfortunately most of our people belong to middle class families. They have to work hard to maintain good living standards in life. They invest lifetime energies and finance on the careers of their kids. When the crop is ready and their dreams are near to come true, the sword of religious prejudice cut their ambitions. Low merit candidate selected and he is rejected because his name is "John Alexander" for example. Just think for a while, how this Christian Pakistani is going to handle his frustrations......suicide or drugs support or start planning to run out of his own country. The Christian community is surviving under great pressure of growing inflation and religious discriminations in Pakistan.
Today, I would like to have a look upon contributions of Christian community in building up and strengthening our country. The Christian institutes remind me names of Mission Girls and Boys Schools, St. Anthony, Cathedrals and Jesus and Mary and many more. I have been one of the Cathedrae. I remember that nice and healthy environment we use to have. I salute great principals, I personally know for their sacrifices and commitments to their goals of educating pupils in our country. Mr. Wahab, Gladwyn Dass, Miss Sunder Dass and Yousaf Bahadur are still alive in their student’s hearts. Similarly the services of our Christian Hospitals e.g. Kunri Christian Hospital, UCH Lahore, Bach Christian Hospital..... I want to question the leaders of my country, my forefathers served through these institute, Is it for today that crazy religious extremist mob come and brunt them?
Sadly, today, Christianity in Pakistan lives under lots of unknown pressures. Our kids grow in environment of discriminations. Because of these injustices in schools and among their peer circles they learned hatred and discriminations for them. Their grudges for Christians never ends, continue to make them victims by making false blasphemy cases. So far, it has been proved that our Muslims brothers using this law to take out their deadly hatred upon Christians. The fire of hate for my Christian people quench on their death penalty.
In Christianity...Jesus teaches us forgive those who hate you and pray for them. Under such pressures I really feel difficult to tell my kids pray for your enemies, especially those who plot death plans for your brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May God give us strength to pray for our enemies and give us wisdom to make them our friends? Humanity is suffering in Pakistan, and nobody generally, likes it.
How it’s going to worked out? Just praying and doing nothing. Of course, not! It is said "God help those who help themselves” I leave this challenge upon every Pakistani. Think how we can have better environment in Pakistan. We all and especially our kids need healthy Pakistan

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