TECHNOLOGY has shrunk the world greatly, bringing its citizens closer, like the closeness enjoyed by the inhabitants of the same village or town. This is evident from the sudden upsurge of the internationally?minded groups in recent years. Members of

In the economic and political field, many groups, such as that of aviation, telegraph, ocean and trade unions, have been functioning successfully for years without any major problem. In addition, there are many service clubs like the Lions and Kiwanis that are very cosmopolitan in their scope and aims. One reason for their success is that either they receive support from their respective governments or from big financiers, or they have funds of their own to carry on their work at the international level.
Another manifestation of the truth that the world has become a really small unit is in the domain of taste, fashion and the thinking mode. A change in any of these, in any part of the world, now affects the remaining citizens. Although the people are living thousands of miles apart, the total coverage given to every event by the newsmedia cancels the distance. People in New York, Montreal, London and Paris and in many other metropolitan cities think and behave almost alike. The Hippi movement and the pop culture have their devotees in every corner of the world.
The room in which I am sitting is a perfect example of this growing inter?dependence and internationalism. The tape recorder lying to the left of my hand came from Germany, and the calculator sitting in front of me is from Hong Kong. My stereo was made in Japan, my briefcase in England, and this computer in the United States. Books on my shelf were published in different countries, and the table on which I am writing and the chair I am sitting on are from Canada. Even their wood was grown here. We often read in the newspapers that a cyclone or other disaster in one country brought immediate help from other nations, and in many cases it has so happened that this help came much faster than it did from the government and the people of the affected area. We also know that having almost no new region to visit, the scientists are now attempting to discover other planets.
Admit it or not, the world is becoming smaller and smaller day-by-day. The countries, which were once considered distant, are now within the travelling range of a few hours. However, these changes in the physical world are occurring at a much faster speed than humans can cope with. Psychologically or emotionally, humans have failed on the whole to adjust themselves to these changes. Consequently, they still inherit this global village without being able to organize a proper government for it, and without electing its mayor and councillors. This has resulted in chaos, disharmony and many other problems, some of which have become very serious threats for their very survival.
The present decade seems to be the decade of internationalism. Never before in history have so many groups been organized around the world to work for the formation of a new world order. A casual survey of the world situation can convince any intellectual that they are right in their belief and demand. Having no alternatives, humans have to pave the way for the quick emergence of one government for the whole world. Any delay will simply worsen the prevailing chaos and anarchy.

Award-winning poet and novelist, Stephen Gill has authored over twenty books, and his prose and poetry have appeared in more than four hundred publications in Canada and abroad.

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