German Intelligence and Syria: BND in Major Rethink about Syrian Government. by Helmut Joachim Schmidt and Lee Jay Walker


The intelligence agency of Germany, the BND, appears to be realizing that the Syrian government and the armed forces are not in the process of being overpowered. This is a remarkable turn-around because previously the BND hierarchy had predicted the end of the government of Bashar al-Assad. However, times are changing because now this intelligence agency believes that the government position is stronger now than it was last year.
All articles written by a syndicate of writers from Modern Tokyo Times have repeatedly gone against the grain in terms of ignoring the propaganda against the government of Syria. This applies to never predicting the demise of the armed forces of Syria alongside highlighting the enormous spin by so-called experts and major media outlets. Therefore, futile predictions and focusing on made-up mass desertions of the Syrian armed forces and the majority of the populace being against Bashar al-Assad were totally ignored.
Indeed, if the government of Bashar al-Assad does collapse then it will be nothing to do with the so-called “revolution.” If anything, the real “revolution” is that the majority of Syrians are standing firm against the enormous array of enemies which seek to weaken independent Syria based on various different factors. Simply put, the conflict only reached this level because of untold numbers of international jihadists, mercenaries and covert operatives entering Syria and being supplied by military means by countless different nations which care little about this nation. This reality means that the so-called “revolution” is “a puppet” of the CIA, MI6, DGSE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Al-Qaeda and other outside forces which are working closely with the governments of America, France and the United Kingdom.
Spiegel Online reports that the head of the BND, Gerhard Schindler, did a major about-turn because he had predicted that the government of Bashar al-Assad would collapse by early 2013. Of course, many predictions by the leader of America and a host of others, including the BND, had stated that the government of Syria would collapse much earlier than this. Yet now Gerhard Schindler and the BND in general are rethinking such naïve forecasts.
Spiegel online states that “Since then, however, the situation has changed dramatically, the BND believes. Schindler used graphics and maps to demonstrate that Assad’s troops once again possess effective supply lines to ensure sufficient quantities of weapons and other materiel. Fuel supplies for tanks and military aircraft, which had proved troublesome, are once again available, Schindler reported. The new situation allows Assad’s troops to combat spontaneous rebel attacks and even retake positions that were previously lost. The BND does not believe that Assad’s military is strong enough to defeat the rebels, but it can do enough to improve its position in the current stalemate.”
Therefore, it is clear that powerful media agencies, foreign governments and so-called specialists have all been caught by their own propaganda. After all, many new dimensions are now taking shape internally whereby government supporters are playing a more powerful military role in unifying logistics with the national army. At the same time, the Russian Federation and Iran have refused to budge because both nations, and many others, understand that the internal situation is very complex. Political elites in Moscow and Tehran also understand the need to crush Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and other terrorist organizations and to quell sectarian forces which threaten the entire region.
It is also clear that all major religious leaders in Syria are opposed to outside meddling because hostile foreign nations are fueling terrorism, sectarianism and sedition against independent Syria. Iraq is also disillusioned with the role of major Gulf and Western nations. Likewise, Tunisia is also waking up after a major secular leader was brutally murdered by Islamists in this country. After all, many terrorists in Syria come from North African countries which include Libya and Tunisia. The Russian Federation is also deeply worried about the Chechen and Caucasus Islamist angle because Moscow fully understands that this reality will endanger the national security of this nation.
In recent weeks the armed forces of Syria are continuing to make inroads in many areas. At the same time, more brutal massacres by Islamist forces are further alienating the population. Indeed, in areas under the control of Al-Qaeda affiliated groups it is more than apparent that they are ruling by fear. This applies to openly killing people based on whimsical charges and clearly religious minorities and mainstream Sunni Muslim leaders fear the draconian Salafi militants.
The BND to the embarrassment of America, France and the United Kingdom also makes it clear that various anti-government militias don’t recognize the so-called “political leadership” outside of Syria which is meant to be on their side. This is also further evidence that it is outside nations which are pulling the strings and even Saudi Arabia and Qatar are at loggerheads. For these two feudal monarchies have different agendas and while Saudi Arabia is worried about the long-term rivalry of the Muslim Brotherhood if the Obama administration and Qatar get their way; it is clear that Qatar cares little apart from paying anyone who is willing to kill Syrians on behalf of the “outside funded revolution.”
It is hoped that Guido Westerwelle, the German Foreign Minister, will keep Germany from a distance. After all, no nation which supports morality should be caught-up in supporting terrorist and sectarian groups which behead, chop Syrian soldiers up, train children to kill Syrian soldiers, kidnap Christian bishops, kill pro-Syrian government Sunni Muslim clerics, kill journalists, do car bombings and brutally murder Alawites and Shia Muslims. Of course, this reality doesn’t concern America, France, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. However, many European nations are worried about the mass brutality of various Islamist factions in Syria alongside many barbaric forces within the so-called Free Syria Army.
Of course, danger still exists for the government of Syria because you always have the threat of future “false flags.” Indeed, this is the reality – if the Syrian government is overpowered it will only happen because of the work of multiple outside nations working in tandem with terrorists, covert operatives, mercenaries, sectarian forces and because the same ratlines will have destroyed the economy from head to foot.

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