Syria and Shia Massacred by al-Nusra. By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


Outside nations involved themselves in Afghanistan over forty years ago by firstly supporting the same thought patterns that they are currently trying to prevent from ruling this nation in the modern period. Gulf nations, America, the United Kingdom and Pakistan created “this nightmare” whereby the rights of women didn’t matter one jot providing communist forces would be defeated. Similarly, outside nations then crushed the military and political system of Iraq which in turn unleashed chaos, sectarianism, the cleansing of Christians and other religious minorities like the Mandaeans; the end result being daily terrorism and then America and other allies leave the scene while chaos abounds. Not content with this, then Libya became another venture whereby today you just have chaos and a failed state. Despite this, major Gulf and Western powers have no shame because they are collectively destroying the fabric of society in Syria by stealth.
It matters not that America, France and the United Kingdom are bankrupting their respective nations at home while being involved in the deaths of untold numbers in distant lands. Major Gulf powers like Saudi Arabia and Qatar also have no qualms in supporting terrorist and sectarianism forces directly or covertly when Western hands are involved. Of course, democracy, religious freedom, the rights of women and pluralism at home in Saudi Arabia is not on the agenda. However, sowing the seeds of sectarianism and enabling the dark forces of terrorism to spread untold misery is on the agenda for Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf states involved in the many ratlines against Syria.
It is now known that the Jabhat al-Nusra have just slaughtered vast numbers of Shia Muslims because they showed part of their destruction themselves on social media while celebrating. France, just like America and the United Kingdom, responds to massacres like this – and killing a young boy for “allegedly” insulting Islam – by merely issuing more threats against the Syrian government.
The BBC reports that the “French foreign ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot said the conflict in Syria was “at a turning point.”
“What should we do under these conditions to reinforce the opposition armed forces? We have had these discussions with our partners, with the Americans, the Saudis, the Turks, many others.”
“We cannot leave the opposition in the current state.”
Yet, these massacres are being done by Takfiri Islamists, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), various different terrorist and sectarian groups, and by mercenaries from all over the world. Indeed, religious minorities are being protected by the Syrian armed forces because Christians and others are not fleeing government controlled areas. On the contrary, they only feel secure in areas under the full control of the Syrian armed forces. It must be remembered that Christian bishops are being held by the allies of Gulf and Western nations. Also, when did so-called “opposition armed forces” belonging to “a mythical anti-Syrian group which is democratic” attack al-Qaeda backed terrorists? However, the illusions and lies will keep on coming by America, France and the United Kingdom.
Despite everything, America, France and the United Kingdom are pinning the blame on the central government of Syria while doing nothing to stem Gulf petrodollars from funding and supporting terrorism and sectarianism.The same Western states don’t care that Saudi Arabia supports killing all apostates to Christianity because how many decades does it take before religious apartheid nations are issued trade sanctions? This reality highlights the sham of Western nations coming up with the “democratic game” but it still doesn’t stop the mass media and senior politicians from whipping up hatred against independent Syria.
CBS News comments about the recent massacre of Shia Muslims by international Sunni Islamic terrorists. This news agency states that “With a steady drumbeat from some U.S. and European politicians calling for the West to arm Syria’s rebels, the composition of the rebel force on the ground is vital to understand, and the men who committed at least some of the killings in Hatla were not Syrian, and were not men who the West would want to arm.”
“In a video posted on YouTube, a man shows the dead bodies of several Shiite Syrians in Hatla, and angrily calls on his fellow Sunnis to “massacre” their Shiite compatriots. The man speaking is not Syrian, he is Kuwaiti, and very few of the armed “rebels” seen with him in the video sound Syrian — the accents are largely Kuwaiti and Iraqi. There were other, similar videos posted of the alleged massacre in Hatla.”
This reality makes a mockery of the “so-called civil war” because if it wasn’t for outside nations supporting terrorism, sectarianism and sedition then clearly this crisis would have petered out quickly. Syria is a nation whereby “civil war” applies despite vast numbers of international jihadists and terrorists coming from all over the world. Of course, political elites in America, France, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom know this – alongside major media agencies in the Gulf and West – however, it doesn’t stop the “tools of oppression” from open manipulation.
CBS news also states that “While leaders in Washington, Paris and London continue to suggest the option of arming “vetted” rebel groups remains on the table, there’s strong evidence to suggest that previous covert efforts to funnel arms into opposition hands through neighboring countries (efforts which were reportedly green-lighted by the Obama administration) ended up arming the extremists.”
Under the current leaders of America, France and the United Kingdom they have assisted Gulf powers and international jihadist groups from reaching further into the Levant, North Africa and West Africa. At the same time, terrorism and sectarianism is increasing in Iraq and Syria because of the evil deeds of outside nations meddling into the internal affairs of both nations. The upshot of all this is daily massacres against the Shia; the spreading of hatred towards the Alawites in Syria; the cleansing of Christians in several nations; the destruction of Sufi shrines in Libya, Mali and Somalia; the murder of pro-Syrian Sunni Muslim clerics in Syria; women are firmly being put into the shadows and honor killings are increasing; and all this is being done by Takfiri Islamist groups, the Salafists, Gulf nations and the political leaders of America, France and the United Kingdom who are cohorts in this barbarity when it suits their geopolitical agendas.
Independent and secular Syria prior to outside meddling under Bashar al-Assad was a nation that took in millions of Iraqi and Palestinian nationals which had fled past Western policy objectives. At no point did the Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad reject people on religious grounds. On the contrary, vast numbers of Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims and Christians entered Syria in order to escape troubles in their respective nations of birth. However, this mosaic is now being crushed and Gulf and Western powers alongside NATO Turkey are trying to destroy the Syrian government by spreading sectarianism, destroying the economy, forcing people to flee from terrorism and other evil methods. At no point have the leaders of America, France and the United Kingdom condemned Gulf powers for supporting sectarianism and terrorism. Therefore, the latest massacre of Shia Muslims in Syria by Takfiri Islamists and the FSA should be firmly pinned on the nations supporting the destabilization of Syria and the same applies to the entire crisis.

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