Suspected Islamists Massacre Female Students in Pakistan: The Folly of CIA, MI6 and ISI. By Paul Joseph Nzeribe and Lee Jay Walker


Pakistan continues to be blighted by barbaric terrorist attacks against the minority Shia community and against anyone deemed to be worthy for killing in the name of Allah. In the latest suspected Sunni Islamist terrorist outrage women were killed in the region of Quetta. It is known that Sunni Islamist terrorist groups are opposed to women obtaining an education and in the past attacks have taken place against women in Afghanistan and Pakistan respectively.
The local police chief, Zubair Mahmood, commented that “It was an improvised explosive device placed in the women university bus.” Sadly, people in Pakistan are no longer shocked by such barbarity because it appears to be second nature for Sunni Islamist terrorists who just espouse hatred and kill innocents. Therefore, it is clear that Pakistan is a nation whereby religious minorities reside in fear and women can be killed for just wanting to study.
In Balochistan you also have a separatist movement and this sums-up the current situation in this country. After all, it is clear that mother India was carved up but is mainly Muslim Pakistan a nation which protects the citizens of this nation? Clearly the answer is no because Ahmadiyya Muslims and Shia Muslims are deemed apostates therefore both communities suffer untold persecution. Ironically, in mother India the Ahmadiyya and Shia don’t worry about being slaughtered and victimized by Sunni Islamist militants.
Other religious minorities including Christians, Hindus and Sikhs also suffer state institutional discrimination because many women are forced to convert to Islam but the state does little to intervene. Likewise, the dreaded blasphemy law can be used against Muslims and non-Muslims alike on a mere whim. This reality means that many people reside in fear.
In the past the government of Pakistan involved itself in Afghanistan alongside America, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and other Gulf nations. The upshot of this was that Gulf petrodollars spread Takfiri and Salafi Islam alongside supporting indigenous Sunni Islamist militant organizations. America, Pakistan and the United Kingdom utilized the CIA, ISI and MI6 respectively in order to train Islamist fanatics against the communist government of Afghanistan in the 1980s. Several decades later and the folly of this policy can be seen by the fact that so many women reside in shadows in both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Of course, you have places in both nations which are more open but the darkness of religious bigotry resides within terrorist organizations and in state institutions in both countries.
In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated that “…if we turn the clock back to the early 1980s then nations like America, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom supported radical Sunni Islamists against communist Afghanistan. This meant that special operatives from within the CIA representing America and the ISI from Pakistan, and other operatives from nations like the United Kingdom, enabled international Islamists to get a foothold in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The upshot of all this was that a nightmare was created and today the world is witnessing this ongoing nightmare.”
“It is abundantly clear that the roots of September 11 are connected with the political naivety and crassness of nations like America and the United Kingdom. After all, it is clear that Saudi Arabia and the elites within Pakistan in the 1980s were intent on spreading Islamism based on religious and political factors. Yet for America and the United Kingdom it was about
“turning the Islamist clock on and off” to when it suited.”
“Of course, the events of September 11 woke America up briefly but under the Obama administration it is clear that the
“Islamist clock is being turned on” once more. The same now applies to nations like France, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. After all, these nations are now behind many atrocities in Syria. This applies to killing religious minorities, killing pro-Sunni supporters of the government, beheading people, daily car bombings, torturing Syrian soldiers and a plethora of crimes against humanity.”
America, the United Kingdom and other allied forces are now fighting the same Islamist Sunni militant groups that they helped to train and support in the past. Likewise, the government of Pakistan managed to destabilize itself by supporting the Taliban and a host of other militant terrorist organizations. Therefore, the latest terrorist attack which killed at least 11 females can be traced to the barbaric policies of the past. This applies to unleashing Takfiri ideas, Salafi concepts and other dangerous religious ideologies.
Turning back to the attack against female students then the BBC reports that “Hospital sources say some of the wounded are in critical condition.”
“No group has said it carried out the attack.”
“Later another explosion was reported at the hospital where the victims were being treated, Police and militants exchanged fire there, according to eyewitnesses.”
It is clear that all educational institutions in Pakistan should come under the state and that religious institutions inciting sectarianism and hatred should be closed down. At the same time, Gulf petrodollars need to be stopped from spreading dangerous ideologies which are threatening the state of Pakistan. The ISI also needs to come under full control and the CIA and MI6 needs to be cleansed of using dangerous religious ideologies for short-term gains. After all, in Libya it is clear that the CIA and MI6 had links with terrorist groups in order to overthrow the Gaddafi government and the same applies to France. Now in Libya many Sufi shrines have been attacked and the small Christian population is facing more hostility. Currently it is also clear that the CIA, MI6 and their French counterparts are involved in many underhanded dealings with terrorist groups in order to defeat the government of Syria.
However, the short term geopolitical gains become long term nightmares for people who reside in the nations where outside forces are meddling. Likewise, Gulf petrodollars are inciting Sunni Islamist hatred against Muslim minorities, indigenous Islam which is more liberal and against non-Muslims.
The latest terrorist attack which killed at least 11 females (death toll may increase further) in Pakistan is further evidence that radical Sunni Islam is a threat to all and sundry. Sadly, elites within America, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and several Gulf nations are never held accountable for their respective destabilizing policies and crimes against humanity. However, innocent Muslims and non-Muslims continue to be slaughtered by forces which were unleashed in the 1980s because the “Sunni Islamist genie” can’t be forced back into its lamp.

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