Christian Priest Killed in Syria: Gulf and Western Powers Support Takfiri and FSA Barbarity. By Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker


Political elites in America, France and the United Kingdom are helping the most barbaric Takfiri Islamists in the world and assisting the Free Syrian Army (FSA) to spread terrorism and sectarianism on a daily basis. Major Gulf powers including Qatar and Saudi Arabia are sponsoring this bloodshed in order to crush the last major secular state in the Arabic speaking world. Other nations like Turkey have turned this NATO nation into a conduit whereby terrorists, military hardware, covert operatives, mercenaries and so forth are running amok.
The Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, was killed by Takfiri Muslim fanatics belonging to either al-Nusra – or another fanatical terrorist group which takes pleasure in barbarity. In Egypt, hundreds of Sunni Muslim zealots were whipped-up by Salafi fanatics who then went on to kill 4 Shia Muslims, including a religious Shia cleric. Like usual, the same barbarians slaughter while praising Allah and this madness is happening in too many nations because of Gulf petrodollars which spread hatred. Indeed, one can only imagine how this man of God felt by being surrounded by such hatred and the same applies to the Shia Cleric in Egypt and the other innocent victims. Therefore, what does this make America, France, and the United Kingdom, for siding with the forces of unimaginable terror?
Vast numbers of international terrorists are entering Syria while utilizing the land of NATO Turkey. This should shame NATO but clearly nothing is being done to stop the infiltration of terrorists, military hardware, sectarian zealots, mercenaries and covert operatives from utilizing Turkey. On the contrary, Turkey under the leadership of Prime Minister Erdogan is participating fully in the destabilization of Syria therefore many CIA, DGSE and MI6 ratlines are involved.
Press TV states that “This is not the first time that the US-backed terrorists who are fighting against the Syrian government commit such grisly crimes against innocent civilians in the war-torn country.”
“In March, a Muslim cleric was beheaded in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo by militants, who decapitated Sheikh Hassan Saif al-Deen before dragging his lifeless body on the streets.”
In other sickening videos taken by al-Qaeda affiliated factions and FSA terrorist groups they show Muslims being beheaded, women being shot and thrown down holes and now they are taunting the families of captured soldiers by phoning them before beheading their sons. This barbaric reality which is glossed over by major Western and Gulf media agencies highlights the utter disgrace of the Obama government in America, the government in France under Hollande and the same applies to the United Kingdom under Cameron. After all, in Saudi Arabia converts to Christianity face being beheaded for merely converting to this faith which is enshrined in the legal system. Therefore, you don’t expect morality coming out of this nation and likewise Kuwait and Qatar are not known for being custodians of democracy. However, why are the leaders of America, France and the United Kingdom siding with such barbarity?
The Economist states “In testimony to the congressional hearing, Nina Shea, a religious-freedom watcher with the Hudson Institute, said that Syria’s Christians “are not simply caught in the middle, as collateral damage. They are…targets of an ethno-religious cleansing by Islamic militants and courts. In addition they have lost the protection of the Assad government, making them easy prey for criminals and fighters, whose affiliations are not always clear.” She quoted a Christian bishop as saying:
“Christians are terrified by these (Islamist) militias and fear that in the event of their victory they would be…forced to leave the country.”
If only Obama, Cameron and Hollande took note; the Christians are easy prey because they “have lost the protection of the Assad government.” In other words, three major Western democratic nations are behind overstretching the Syria armed forces in order to weaken the nation state. Then this is followed by Islamist terrorist factions entering and cleansing religious minorities and killing anyone deemed to be pro-government. It is utter barbarity and one which stains democracy and the same applies to the mass media which peddles nice words like “revolution,” “rebels” and “freedom.”
It is clearly ridiculous for leading nations to state that the FSA is a military force which can somehow be separated from sectarianism, terrorism and assisting and supporting the al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front. Once more, videos show leading FSA leaders praising al-Nusra and often the various terrorist factions work side by side depending on the situation and which part of Syria. More importantly, if leading powers in London, Paris and Washington are arming a military force which is anti-sectarian and so forth; then how come they aren’t fighting against al-Qaeda factions in Syria?
On the contrary, America, France, and the United Kingdom, are allowing Qatar and Saudi Arabia to openly support al-Qaeda affiliated groups and a whole array of different terrorist factions. Not only this, it is abundantly clear that the three nations above are major cogs within the terrorist military chain which is enabling al-Qaeda factions and others to obtain powerful military weapons. Therefore, the barbaric slaughter of religious clerics, torturing captured Syrian soldiers, killing a young teenage boy for alleged blasphemy and other brutal deeds all belong to the combined actions of leading Western and Gulf powers.
The following website comments that “Fr Franҫois Mourad had the opportunity to go away, to take shelter in a safer area, but decided to stay in order to serve his people, willing to help the local parish priest and the nuns of the Franciscan Monastery of St Anthony in the village of Al-Ghassaniyah, which had an infirmary; the only clinic in the area and a point of reference for many Christian and Muslim families.”
“Here Fr Franҫois replaced the parish priest whenever he was traveling to other convents, giving comfort to families housed in the convent and the nuns too.”
“On the day of Fr Francois’s death, the parish priest was out. When armed Islamists came, the Franciscan friar was alone in the convent with the nuns and some lay Christians. A few more hours and two priests would have been killed. “
“According to the monk, Fr Franҫois did not even have time to argue with the gunmen bent on plundering the convent. As soon as he stood in front of them, they shot him dead on the spot.”
“We found out what happened from a Rosary sister who reached our convent in tears and told us about the tragedy.”
Currently many reports state that the priest was beheaded but the above appears to be closer to the truth according to sources on the ground. Irrespective of how Fr Franҫois Mourad was murdered by forces supported by Gulf petrodollars the reality is that sectarianism is being supported. This fact is also causing mayhem for Iraq and Lebanon but Gulf and Western powers care little because they know how fragile the region is. Instead, the same destabilization measures are being taken in order to crush the Syrian government internally.
Somehow, the more atrocities that are committed by various terrorist groups in Syria then the more they obtain military funding from major Gulf and Western powers. It is time for the leaders of America, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom to be held accountable for their crimes against the people of Syria. Likewise, the same forces of darkness helped to destroy Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and fools in Pakistan have managed to destabilize themselves. How many more people must die in countless nations before something is done to stop the destabilization of entire countries? Indeed, if major Gulf and Western powers succeed in their barbarity in Syria then which nation will be next?,-a-man-of-faith-who-gave-his-life-for-Christ-and-Syrians-28310.html

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