Who were doing sanitary workers jobs in Pakistan before independence? By Faisal George


First of all – I am thankful to My Christian Community who shared this news, as many of us feel shy of sharing such news and talks, because of the hatred we get from the Pakistani Muslim Community.
Secondly, I am not addressing to some or any specific community – I will write as an overall community of which we call Humans. So, please – before starting to write, I apologize early of using some of the harsh words which can hurt someone’s feelings but do not imply my words upon you.
Before 1947 (Partition), the situation was different when only Hindus and Muslims were living together – all the Sanitary works or in easy words (dirty works) were done by Muslims in their densely populated lands and by Hindu Shudars in their lands, similarly in today’s KPK all the Pusthoons were doing all the dirty work before partition. But when the Missionaries (Christians) arrive in India and they conquered the whole land (India) then at that time many Hindus and Muslims converted to Christianity and those Christians started running the Churches, Cathedrals, Mission Schools, Colleges and Universities etc (I do not want to go in details, the list will be very long) with the help of the foreign Christians and after partition still these Missions are running in Pakistan and India by our local people.
Ok – now coming to the point, in India the situation is different and there constitution too. So, let us discuss only Pakistan. Even till the late 60s the situation was very different in Pakistan (East and West) in Municipal Corporation more than 90% were Muslims and 10% were Hindu, Sikh and Christians. But after 70s when the Muslim Spiritual Leaders (Maulanas and Maulwies etc) started putting hatred in Muslim Communities against Minorities and especially in General Zia-ul-haq’s regime then the Muslims started a crusade against minorities because they were taught that they are the only true people on the face of the earth the rest is rubbish, so everything changed the minorities were thrown out from their white-collar jobs, their villages and lands were burnt and many people were hanged till death. So the minorities and especially Christians left with nothing because Hindus and Sikhs went to India but us (Christians) – we were left in the middle of nowhere, so our people forced to do the Sanitary works, because all Christian Colleges, schools and many other running departments were taken by the government of that time and our children were forced to stop education, so what than left behind is to do something for the living and from there it all was started and till now the pressure (crusade) of the Muslim Community increases on us and we are still forced to do the sanitary work.
Now – I will start with my own personal experiences!
Presently, I am living in Saudi Arabia – and working as Network / System Administrator in Computer House Marat, my cell # +966 56 531 2659. Why I am writing this all – if someone has any doubt he can contact me or can check my firm on the Internet. Because I am going to tell you real figures and about my Pakistani Muslim friends who are working in Baldia (Municipal Corporation), region Riyadh. You can check on the internet that more than 50% of the Pakistani Muslims are working in Municipal Corporation in Riyadh (cleaning streets, take the dustbins in front of every home empty them in another truck twice a day and all kinds of dirty works) you can also check the pictures available on the Internet. The person who takes my dustbin was telling me that he told his family in Pakistan that he is working in some good place but basically he does everything as Municipal Corporation people do in Pakistan. So – I was amazed at his talk that a Pakistani can do anything in other countries from cleaning till …. But in Pakistan he only does corruption.
So, our Dear leader Mr. Imran Khan and Mr. Khatak Sahib please correct your statistics and have some mercy on our Minorities. We (our youth) do not need a Quota in Municipal Corporation but we need the Quota in Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Higher Government Organizations. Waiting for the comments and ready to answer any question?
To Be Continued….
And really, I was amazed - that how badly Saudis treat our Pakistani Labor, why? Everyone knows...
Saudis are thousand times better than our Pakistani Muslims, as I was also a victim of the hatred of our Pakistani Muslim Community when I was working in Islamabad and Lahore in different companies and firms on good posts. But when I compare working in Pakistan or in Saudia - the things are 100% different. My Saudi Boss (kafeel) he is just like friends - we sit together, we do lunch together - but he never mentioned any hatred sentences, as I used to hear from our community. So, why is it so - and why it happens with us only in Pakistan, I will write in more detail later
The same situation – I have seen in Russia, when I was studying there Pakistani Muslims were washing clothes, cleaning etc and when I went to Malaysia, I stayed there in a hotel for one month, all labor was Pakistani, similarly in Thailand, I went to eat in a restaurant the cleaners were Pakistani. So, it means that if in Pakistan the will increase the salary of the people working in Municipal Corporation i.e., 40,000 or 50,000Rs. Per month I assure you that in Pakistan there will not be a single Christian working in such posts, all posts will be taken by the Muslims – if you do not agree, ask our government to do this experiment just for one month and see the change, it means Pakistanis can do anything for money. This is my experience and this is what I have seen….

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