Rebuilding Christian Community in Pakistan by Poverty Alleviation Model. By Faisal George


In my 1st article, I have critically discussed the News “Sanitary Workers Job will be given to Religious Minorities in KPK Province”. But after all this discussion, does situation changed or something happened good in favor of us or the KPK Government replied and said sorry, the answer is a big NO, and it will remain like this - nothing will happen and nothing will change for us, until we as a whole community will not sit together and think and do something worthwhile for our own betterment and improvement.
We as Christian Community have our own drawbacks and obstructions which are:
• We are kind of a pothering society, which means that we are troubled and agitated from inside and outside
• We feel shy to tell others that we are Believers and Christians
• Sometimes we proudly say that, “We do not go to the church, what churches will give us…”
• Sometimes we also proudly say that, “We do not have any Christian friends and we do not want to meet them, we only have Muslim friends and relations with them”
• We had made our own classes in our community and we have our own discriminations within inside
• If, from our community someone is highly educated and gets a good job, he leaves our community at once like he was strangled by us
• But when the same person lost everything, he comes back to the church and our community
• The word “Help” does not exist in our Christian society
• To feel for others, we do not know
• To give, we forgot
• We all, run away from the word “Education” or to learn something new
• We have created our own Hatred between each other, that why he / she is better and we are not, so let us destroy him / her also
• Every family has his own denomination
• Every Pastor and Elder has his own group of religious congregations
• The Aid or Funds our Ministers (MNA), Bishops, Fathers, Pastors etc receive, there is no accountability, a common Christian has never ever knew or even have a clue about that
Likewise, there are many more drawbacks which we all know and we should eradicate them down to the roots. The only hope for us now is “We ourselves”, we should stop looking towards the Americans, Europeans, or the Pakistani Christians who are living abroad, they can never help us like the help our Pakistani Christian Community need presently and secondly why they will help us? What we are giving to Americans or Europeans? Theses foreigners only work on Give and Take system, and we - unfortunately only Take. And also, we should stop thinking that we are the same People like Americans or Europeans because they are Christians too. No, my dear Sir / Madam – we are only Pakistani Christians and we will remain like this until how many more centuries – I do not know. Where ever you will go you will be called as a Pakistani, but you can never share your feelings with other Muslim Pakistani societies in abroad because the differences remains as they are. I know most of our Christians know all these things and secondly not every Christian in Pakistan is like that which I have mentioned above in my bullet points, there are many Christians who are trying their best to help our community to stand on their feet. By sharing my above speech with you all – I want to emphasize on the Best Solutions for our community. So, I designed (or trying to design) a very simple Model (PAM) on which I was working from last 2 months, which I will share it in my Part-II section. Again I will write, how many we are now or how many we are left in Pakistan, we can change everything by working together without any external help. And I assure you that if we can understand this simple Model and start working on this – our next generations will be of the Elite Class.

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